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Internet Explorer 11 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dentiste et Clinique Dentaire Carrefour dentaire de Montr al

  • Our daughter has also danced there since she was 3. She has developed a rapport with both her teachers and peers. She is very happy and is a confident dancer. The studio is very strong in Ballet and this year has implemented new programs to further develop the childrens Jazz skills. The studio does compete but without spending every weekend away at competitions, limiting them to 3 or 4 per year in the spring…

    L Perston
  • The studio is amazing and every child is encouraged to improve in a positive way. I’ve been dancing there for 7 years and in the past couple of months I have improved a lot. Many times, my teacher has spoken to the class about caring for your body and loving yourself. Everyone is incredibly nice there and I wouldn’t want to dance anywhere else. I feel very welcome there and I hope everyone who wants to dance either recreationally or competitively considers CDC

    A Radley
  • CDC is a great school.  I have learned so much during my time here in such a caring and positive environment.   I came to this school specifically because of it’s focus on ballet and have not been disappointed.  I look forward to every class and could not imagine myself anywhere else.

    M Bowen

Internet Explorer 11 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dentiste et Clinique Dentaire Carrefour dentaire de Montr al