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Download source Contents Introduction AzureMessagingActivityPack Usage and Test Conclusion The Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus September 2011 (version 1.5) release introduces enhancements to the Service Bus such as "brokered" messaging capabilities, through namespace entities represented by queues, topics and subscriptions. The Brokered Messaging infrastructure...
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Pronunciation Class: Pituitary ATC Class: H01BA02 VA Class: HS702 CAS Number: 62357-86-2 Brands: DDAVP, Minirin, Stimate Introduction Synthetic polypeptide analog of arginine vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone [ADH]);101 102 111 112 114 116 117 a reduces urinary output and plasma osmolality and increases urine osmolality, as...
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FindGraph is comprehensive graphing, curve fitting, and digitizing tool. FindGraph offers 12 generic fits, including linear regression, logistic functions, fourier approximation, neural networks, B-splines and parametric curves least square... more info...