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5.0.24 (2016.05.13)
ADD CPP-74 The Fluke 2271A is now supported by the Auto-Detect setup function within COMPASS. The instrument can be used as a DUT, Reference and/or to measure the output of an analog or HART DUT connected to the front panel of the instrument.
ADD CPP-62 Manual piston gauges will now use a pressure resolution that is one digit more than the resolution of the active DUT. Changing the Pressure Resolution selection on the Piston Gauge calculator will now cause data to be logged in the selected resolution when running a manual test. Note that the resolution active when the data file is created is used until a new data file is created.
ADD CPP-3 An example setup for the Mensor CPC6000 is now available in the default database.
ADD CPP-73 The serial number of the active PMM is logged in the data file when a Fluke 2271A or 6270A is used as the test pressure reference. The value is available for reports in both the External Serial Number 1,2 fields of the device header and in the Reference Operation column logged for each point in the data file.
ADD CPP-54 A new test macro that provides ISO17025 compliant uncertainty calculations is available in the default database. The macro can be used in an existing Test Definition by ensuring first that the test is setup as an Advanced Test, then selecting the macro "UncCalc" as the Test Event Macro. In [Tools][Options][Data in File] ensure that the columns User Defined 1,2 and string Data 1 are selected for logging to the data file. See the UncCalc test macro for additional details.
CHANGE CPP-83 The front panel pressure unit of legacy Ruska controllers, the Fluke 6270A and the Fluke 2271A will automatically change to inHg when a test is executed in inHg. Previously, the controllers would remain in their current unit of measure and COMPASS would convert and display the pressure in inHg.
FIX CPP-85 Commands sent in a Macro with the ioSendCommand function would never actually be sent to the instrument. The issue is now resolved.
FIX CPP-69 The 2456 PG monitor would not properly updated ambient pressure, temperature and humidity. This issue is now resolved.
FIX CPP-72 The 6270A will no longer generate a front panel error message when setting ATM test points in a pressure exercise or a Test Definition.
FIX CPP-77 The upper and lower limit settings of the 6270A are updated based on the range requirements of the selected DUT and/or Test Definition.
FIX CPP-68 The COMPASS Database Data Viewer can now consistently import and export .dat files. Previously there were cases in which some files could not be imported or exported properly.
FIX CPP-82 Viewing the Setup picture associated with a Test Definition during Test Initialization would close COMPASS if the picture file type is PNG or a UNC path is selected. An appropriate warning message now displays and incompatible paths and file types are restricted from being used in the Test Definition.
FIX CPP-71 When editing a Test Definition, the Rt-Click option to add an ATM point in the pressure exercise would generate a run-time error in COMPASS. This issue is now resolved and ATM points are fully supported in the pressure exercise.
FIX CPP-44 Using an RPM4 as the ambient pressure source with a Ruska 2465 or 2456 would generate a run time error in COMPASS. This issue is now resolved.
FIX CPP-76 COMPASS 5.0 did not properly support binary RS232 communication. This prevented HART communications from functioning properly. The issue is now resolved.
FIX CPP-75 When creating a set command the label next to the list of set application types now displays "Apply Set".
FIX CPP-59 Resolved a misspelling in the Tools menu.
4.2 (2012.07.27)
ADD CP-1334 COMPASS for Pressure now supports the calibration functions of CalTool for RPTs. This functionality allows users to fully adjust and report calibration results for supported Fluke products. Sample tests are included with COMPASS that support automated collection of as received data and as left data with an adjustment in between. Review the CalTool for RPTs application note for details. The COMPASS CalTool implementation supports the following instruments: PPC2+, PPC2AF, PPCK+, PPCH, PPCH-G, PPC3, PPC4, PPC4E,RPM3, RPM4, E-DWT, molbox1, molbox1+, and molbox RFM. When Demo versions of COMPASS for Pressure expire, COMPASS will function but limit activity to the calibration of supported Fluke products.
ADD CP-1338 The installation of COMPASS 4.2 supports the export of data into MET/TRACK 8.X. A separate downloadable patch was created to support the export of data into MET/TRACK 7.3. MET/CAL 7.3 users must download and apply the patch to support the COMPASS to MET/TRACK data export.
ADD CP-1303 A new [Data][Show Calibration Coefficients] menu choice was added to read and display the active RPT calibration coefficients. This menu option is part of the CalTool support and only applies to the following products: PPC2+, PPC2AF, PPCK+, PPCH, PPCH-G, PPC3, PPC4, PPC4E,RPM3, RPM4, E-DWT, molbox1, molbox1+, and molbox RFM.
ADD CP-1226 There are two new report templates used to adjust calibration coefficients for supported products run using the new CalTool features.
ADD CP-1224 Application Note on how to calibrate RPTs with COMPASS for Pressure
FIX CP-1176 When using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, there may be large delays polling the output of instruments.  The problem was exaggerated when using a multiplexer as part of the data acquisition.  The problems did not occur on older operating systems.  The problem is now resolved by using a new COMPASS Remote Interface tool (DHIIO.exe).
FIX CP-1337 Fixed the example setup for Ruska 2455 in default.mdb.
FIX CP-1335 The 2465 Autofloat prompt window to "Open bell jar to vent" was unavailable behind the COMPASS Test Complete dialog when completing tests in absolute mode.  As a result, the vacuum pump would not properly shut down at the end of a test.  The dialog no longer displays at the end of the test and the vacuum pump is shut down without a prompt.
FIX CP-1327 The molbox "Upstream Pressure" or "Downstream Pressure" selected as DUT in the test would display incorrectly when repeating a test.  The last used molbox output now displays correctly between repeated tests. 
FIX CP-1306 Checking "Use remote options" from the [Database][Remote Options] menu would incorrectly overwrite the options in the remote configuration file.  The function now works as documented.  The settings in the remote file are now used locally. 
FIX CP-1305 There was difficulty entering data in the ambient fields of the PG Calculator.  The cursor went back to the beginning of the field after entering any number. This behavior happened only during test not when using the PG Calculator from the [Tools] menu.  The problem is now resolved
FIX CP-1296 An ATM point in a test definition could generate an incorrect warning message when initializing a test.  The warning indicated that the test defined pressure exceeded the limits of the active controller.  The warning no longer displays incorrectly. 
FIX CP-1281 During test initialization, the Head Medium would be empty when loading the FPG. Now the field will show the active head medium that is selected in FPG Tools.
FIX CP-1209 The Ruska 7615 was not automatically set to Gauge measurement mode during test initialization.  The issue is now resolved.  The 7615 is now properly initialized for a test regardless of its current state.
FIX CP-1336 The test pressure would time out without getting ready if an ATM point was used as the first pressure point of a test that used a non-autodetect controller that was setup to use Ready commands.  The problem is now resolved by ensuring that the Ready commands are polled whenever a vent command is issued.  
FIX CP-1181 The lower limit of a  Ruska 7250 was not properly set during test initialization.  This could cause the test error message: "error 502 - low limit exceeded".  The lower limit is not set correctly.
4.1 (2012.02.17)
ADD CP-1112 The Ruska 7252 controller is now supported in a combined test port configuration. This allows a target pressure to auto select the proper channel and set the test pressure. Previously this configuration was not supported.
ADD CP-1122 MET/TRACK reference devices now include environmental monitors, 100011 - Ambient Pressure, 100012 - Ambient Temperature and 100013 - Ambient Humidity.  These devices are now imported as standards along with te COMPASS calibration data.
ADD CP-1144 Additional examples are now included in the default database (default.mdb). The examples are automatically added to the current COMPASS setup database upon upgrade when the [Database], [Setup] menu, Auto update examples option is enabled in COMPASS.
ADD CP-1205 To bypass the 500 limit on the MET/TRACK asset selector, place a file called AssetLimit.dat into c:\. Specify the new limit inside the file, blank for no limit.  The 500 limit exists to improve performance of asset selection on large databases.  The list is auto refined based on manufacturer, model and serial number information entered for the specific device.
ADD CP-1242 The export prompt file entry allows overriding values exported from COMPASS. The DEFAULT entry in the prompt file line is used to populate the field in MET/BASE.
FIX CP-1110 Specific models of Ruska controllers would set and control zero gauge instead of venting the system pressure.
FIX CP-1111 The Ruska controller run time display did not always indicate the unit of measure selected in COMPASS. Now the test defined unit of measure always displays on the Ruska run time display.
FIX CP-1114 A Ruska controller venting test pressure could incorrectly indicate a "Ready" state prior to completing the vent process.
FIX CP-1117 During Test Initialization, an extra "B" displayed in the range text for a PPC or RPM4 configured to use a BG range RPT.
FIX CP-1118 Setting pressure on Ruska controller would show "Out of Range" after changing units from psi to kPa for devices with two channels such as 7052,7252 and 7750.
FIX CP-1119 Seat-based license could not be added or upgraded from version before 4.0 in some regional settings of Europe.
FIX CP-1120 The asset calibration Due Date was calculated by COMPASS when test data was exported to MET/TRACK. The Due date is now based on Asset fields I4228, I4229 and the cal date. It is not exported from COMPASS.
FIX CP-1121 Out of tolerance (T) was only recognized by the export to MET/TRACK when not comingled with other status flags.
FIX CP-1126 During test initialization, "Customize Output" would not show for Fluke 700 module, which is desired by customers. Now COMPASS allows all devices other than non-DHI PG to customize output during test initialization.
FIX CP-1137 Ruska 7215 came up with autodetect option but would not run. No 7215 is added to the list of supported AutoDetect device.
FIX CP-1139 Ruska 7252i would not change units other than psi.
FIX CP-1208 Fixed an issue where required fields without defaults would prevent the export to MET/TRACK from completing.
FIX CP-1149 Ruska controller resolution will be preserved in COMPASS now.
FIX CP-1150 Could not change unit during test initialization for Ruska 7010
FIX CP-1154 May receive unhandled exception error when sorting MET/TRACK asset grid in COMPASS during Test Initialization.
FIX CP-1155 The MET/TRACK Asset selection screen no longer displays the "mtag" value.
FIX CP-1159 2465A would show ready instantly after COMPASS step "waiting for stability" in absolute mode.
FIX CP-1160 The hold and stability limits shown on FPG run scheen were divided by 1000 from what were on [Pressure][Set] tab of COMPASS, which would cause the wrong indication of ready status. Now these limits are consistent.
FIX CP-1162 The first negative gauge mode target pressure entry for a Piston Gauge would result in zero for the mass to be loaded.  All subsequent negative gauge pressure points would select the correct masses.  The issue is now resolved
FIX CP-1165 Default Mass Loading Resolution in Tools/Options would not be enforced on PG Calculator. Now the Mass Loading Resolution in Tools/Options and on PG Calculator are consistent.
FIX CP-1172 Data file header information, including model and serial number, were not properly updated when using a Ruska 2465A.
FIX CP-1177 "Clean up" database option in the  [Database Maintenance Tool] could sometimes fail with invalid password error message.  The issue is now resolved.
FIX CP-1178 The mode of Ruska controllers such as the 7250 is now changed to "Measure" at the beginning of a test.  Previously if the controller were in a vent state, a user was required to manually change the mode in order to user the controller as a DUT.
FIX CP-1184 During test initialization, Head Medium would show blank for PPCs. Now the field will show the head medium that is selected on the PPC front panel.
FIX CP-1192 The example setups in Default.mdb would not get automatically imported to the active setup database.
FIX CP-1193 "Over Flow" error would show when importing certain Ruska .ms files into COMPASS. The problem has been fixed by examining the file for legatimacy before importing.
FIX CP-1194 Letter designated "mass ID" values from Ruska .ms files could not be imported into COMPASS.  Now COMPASS supports "mass ID" values with both numbers and letters.
FIX CP-1201 Could not run Negative Gauge mode for Ruska 2456 PG Monitor. Now "Negative Gauge" mode shows in mode selection during test initialization.
FIX CP-1209 Ruska 7615 could not be set to gauge mode
FIX CP-1245 When MET/TRACK export is active in Tools, Options, MET/TRACK; Asset information entered into COMPASS was required to be entered in the same case as listed in MET/TRACK. Failure to use the same case would prevent the test initialization from completing.
FIX CP-1246 Asset selection dialog may return wrong record after resorting the grid by clicking on the column header.

1 million serial numbers of different softwares - SlideShare VoIP Integration - Software Solutions for Unified Communications