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I’m a perfectionist who continually develops and researches techniques that will enhance my abilities to perform tasks more quickly and with better results. Many times I receive objects that will be so time-consuming to repair, the customer opts out because of the cost. Because of this, I had decided a couple of years ago to try a friend’s laser welder which would hopefully cut down on the time it took to perform certain repairs. The running back and forth from my shop to his became very time-consuming. In addition, the containment area of this laser welder (as with all laser welders), didn’t allow me to repair larger objects.

This same individual had a PUK 2. He allowed me to borrow it as I knew a laser welder would be too costly to purchase. I immediately found customer jobs that would allow me to put the PUK through its paces. The very first piece I attempted with the welder was a piece of Judaica that had its glass finial broken off. This very thin, coin size piece of glass was surrounded by a saw tooth bezel. Normally, I would have had to unset the glass (very risky because of possible breakage), reattach the finial through brazing, and then reset the glass. This process would have been time-consuming.

Thankfully, the PUK came to the rescue. I was able to weld the finial and add sterling to one of the partially missing bezel teeth touching the glass.

This, of course, would have been unthinkable using a torch, regardless of its size. Using this new technique was very exciting.

A more substantial repair was attempted on a 19th century silver creamer.

The problem was that three of its four legs had been detached and reattached with lead solder. This was an inane act. I was able to remove the lead from the legs, but couldn’t visually inspect the leg support interiors for assurance that I could silver solder the legs back on. Normally, I would have been forced to use a low-temperature tin/silver solder to reattach the legs, for high-temperature silver soldering would have allowed any remaining lead to “eat” the silver. This is where the PUK’s pulse arc technology allowed me to successfully weld with solid sterling wire, giving an invisible and substantially stronger attachment.

Suffice to say, I was impressed with the PUK. Since I work primarily in silver, which is the most difficult metal to weld because of its lack of resistance, I was ready to purchase a more advanced piece of equipment: The PUK 3s Professional. This welder was developed specifically to deal with the idiosyncrasies of silver. But before making the purchase, I wanted to contact tech support, as I had numerous questions. This was going to be the most expensive pieces of equipment I had ever bought, so I wanted to make absolutely certain this was the right decision. I was so impressed with the friendly and helpful support team, both in the US and in Germany, that I was absolutely convinced that this was the machine and company I wanted to be associated with. The three-year warranty also caught my attention!

Naturally when the PUK arrived, I immediately tore into the box and set it up along with the optional pivoting arm that would allow me to work on those larger pieces. It’s a beautiful machine, more like a piece of stereo equipment than a tool for a silversmith. The PUK is easy to use and understand, and I quickly realized how significantly it would enhance my advanced technical arsenal. I know when the next snuff box arrives with a cracked hinge knuckle that I won’t have to disassemble it to perform the repair. Just a few zaps with the electrode will put it back in working order. Isn’t that amazing? Tacking long seams together to be hard silver soldered will save the enormous amount of time it used to take to "wire-up."

Today, it’s extremely rare to find a company that builds a product to last, that looks great, and provides technical support from individuals who actually use what they sell. And yes, that’s amazing, too!

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