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The Pastel Society

Sponsored by Derwent

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ambrus girl from la mancha

'Girl from La Mancha'
Victor Ambrus

The Pastel Society is a registered charity, widely recognised for its success in promoting and encouraging the use of pastel within the contemporary art world.The Society was founded in 1898, and the first exhibition held in the Royal Institute in Piccadilly. Founder members and early exhibitors included Brangwyn, Degas, Rodin, Rothenstein, Whistler and G.F. Watts.There are currently over fifty-five Members who are professional artists living and working in this country and overseas. Membership is granted through a strict assessment of technical skill, originality, innovation and enthusiasm.

The Society pursues its aims through education and example. It is currently responsible for organising exhibitions, tutorial workshops, demonstrations and lectures throughout the UK. The Society's major showcase is the Annual Exhibition held at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London. This is open to entries from both Members and Non-Members. Awards are made to works of particular note. Workshops and demonstrations are also provided throughout the duration of the exhibition.


The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1
Telephone: 020 7930 6844


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