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TIFF ActiveX SDK Development Toolkit 12.55 with

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JPEG Image Format SDK Tiff Image Activex Ocx Freeware Downloads: X360 Tiff Image Application Development Toolkit Software - Free Download TIFF ActiveX SDK Development Toolkit v.10.95 - WinSite Fax C / ActiveX SDK - fax driver development toolkit

for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95


The TIFF SDK/ActiveX is a complete set of easy to use tools that helps application developers and programmers create applications with sophisticated TIFF processing capabilities. The SDK works on every Windows operating system from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 95 and because it includes both C/C++ libraries and ActiveX controls, the functionality of the product can be accessed from most programming languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, MS FoxPro, and MS Access. TIFF SDK/ActiveX is also .NET compatible meaning that VB.NET, C#, and J# programmers can also take full advantage of the product.

The TIFF SDK was the first TIFF development tool on the market and has been successfully used by thousands of engineers worldwide since 1989.  With the TIFF SDK a developer can write applications to Read, Write, Print, Encode and decode TIFF, CALS, CCITT, IBM's MMR IOCA and user defined images without ever having to learn the complexity of Tag Image File Format.

Structurally, The TIFF SDK/ActiveX consists of a set of DLLs and ActiveX controls. Each DLL and ActiveX control implements a specific, well-defined feature set, which is designed to help developers to pinpoint specific functionality.

Based on the above structure, the TIFF SDK/ActiveX can be divided into the following main components:


The TIFF SDK/ActiveX includes a very powerful feature that makes displaying images to any display device easy. The display feature included in TIFF SDK/ActiveX provides an easy to use solution for developers. Application developers now do not have to spend expensive engineering time implementing complicated display routines. Just a few function calls and the Black Ice display routine will do the rest.

TIFF File Processing

The TIFF SDK/ActiveX includes the most sophisticated TIFF File Processing tools on the market since 1989 and TIFF processing is a pivotal part of Black Ice software development toolkits.  TIFF processing allows software developers to create applications that encode, decode and manipulate TIFF files.

TIFF File Formats

The TIFF SDK/ActiveX supports a wide variety of TIFF formats including both monochrome and color TIFF formats.


TIFF SDK/ActiveX control supports all of the popular data compression methods used in today's imaging tools.

TWAIN scanner support

Scanning support is based on the latest TWAIN 1.9 drivers. With the latest TWAIN drivers, application developers have total control over almost every aspect of the scanning process. Applications can even turn on and off the use of the document feeder that some newer scanners have in order to perform batch scanning or automated scanning. 


Black ice imaging and image processing tools provide an easy way to print images in single or multiple print jobs with a wide variety of options. When printing, today’s applications not only want to create a paper copy of an image file but also want to specify the way in which the image will be printed. The image has to be positioned on the paper according to a predefined location, printed with its original size or stretched to a specific size. Some applications even require printing more than one image on the same page so the amount of paper wasted would be minimal.  Black Ice imaging tools provide several powerful options to meet these needs.

Fax Image Processing

One very important area where image processing is commonly used is faxing. During faxing image files are being transferred from one device to another. The format, the size and the resolution of the image file that can be transferred is specified by the fax standard and by the device (i.e. fax board) that will transmit the file.


Black Ice Software’s TIFF SDK/ActiveX controls are designed to assist developers in building web-based Internet imaging applications.  You can build a server based or client based image-processing web application with quick integration using the TIFF SDK ActiveX controls.


Image transformations are important and one of the most widely used components of any imaging toolkit.  Image transforms produce results quickly without degrading the quality of the image.

Text Processing

Black Ice imaging tools include a wide variety of text processing functions that can be very helpful in many different application areas.

Sample Applications:

Additionally, the TIFF SDK contains a variety of new sample applications, which demonstrate the new document conversion capabilities and features. The product is fully .NET compatible and also provides sample source code written in C#, VB.NET, and J# to demonstrate the powerful document conversion options

Operating Systems Supported:
32-bit Windows Server 2003 family, XP, Win2000, NT 4.0 and Win95/98/ME.

Looking for more?  Check out our New Document Imaging SDK/ActiveX