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How to get noticed by Image-Line. Discover FL Studio and spend the next 4 years making banging Dubstep tracks. Get signed and have your managment contact us about your work. Job done we are impressed! :)


How did you get into music?


I had just started listening to techno about 4 and a half years ago, well dancier stuff like Basshunter. I was chatting with an online friend back then (I was 13) and I asked him what he was doing... "Making techno!" he responded. He then introduced me to Fruity loops studio 8. I was AMAZED, I never knew that it would be possible for a kid like me to make this kind of music in his basement.. I was hooked... It was a cracked version... But as soon as 9 came out I bought it, never looked back.



Why do you use FL Studio?


I use Fl studio because of how its oriented, I like how tracks arn't necessarily separated by instruments. The pattern/clip set up is amazing, I mean 'make unique' is just bliss! I like how they are all saved and you don't necessarily loose them by deleting them. But what has kept me faithful all these years is definatly the piano roll. Its sooooo easy to use and well organised and it just looks so good. FL studio is just a really user friendly software :)









Tell us about your production toys?


Well until I get high-end hardware compressors and limiters, my hardware set of tools will stay fairly limited. I've been using Krk Rk 5 studio monitor for 2 years and I'm looking to get some Adam ax7, I use Beyer dynamics dt-1350 for headphones. I have a copy of Komplete 8 and I use a few other Vst's, 3x osc counting ;) I like to keep it fairly software based since its also easier for travelling. It's really what you make of it.



Do you have any tips for new users?


Keep at it... unfortunately there is no other way than to putting in thousands of hours....



Any links you would like to share?


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