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Replies Web page scrolling becomes slow (1 reply Windows 10 Wont shutdown or. Porblema with activation Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi-. Device (4 replies). after windows 10 anniversary update (45 replies safe money key board is not. Encrypted Connections Scanning Popup Not user- friendly...
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Log Parser is wonderful because it effectively lets you run SQL queries against text files: SELECT DISTINCT src-ip FROM pfirewall.log WHERE action='DROP' SELECT cs-uri-stem FROM c:\InetPub\Logs\ex.log GROUP BY cs-uri-stem HAVING COUNT() 50 SELECT to_lowercase(extract_extension(cs-uri-stem)) AS PageType, SUM(sc-bytes) FROM ex131118.log, ex131119.log GROUP BY PageType and...
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Word Counter XP 1 license number and patch

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The Halo Forge Experience Comes to Windows 10 PC

28 points · 6 comments

Windows is asking me to enter my sign in information, but I can't do anything

128 points · 24 comments

Multiple "Documents" links under My PC. How do I fix this?


PSA: Closing the upgrade notification counts as saying "OK".

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Why exactly was I forced to update to Windows 10 today?

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Twitter app won't open for me on any Windows 10 device

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PSA: Onedrive now allows you to throttle upload/download speeds!

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New (from scratch) install of Windows 10 - unable to open from File Explorer taskbar shortcut

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If Windows 10 can sync text messages from an Android phone to PC and allow you to reply from them, why not integrate that with the Messaging app?

Use mintty with Windows Subsystem for Linux?

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