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SmartDraw CI Activation and Crack

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Some program runs fully functional for a limited period of time say- 30 or 45 days. These are called as Sharewares ans stops executing after that period of time and asks you to purchase the program. Well, you can by pass trial period restriction extend it by running a program in the date and time that you specify without changing System’s Date and Time.

Unfortunately, you only get 30 to 90 days of time to use any product on demo trial basis then, you need to upgrade it to full version or say purchase it. But Now, you can save your money by using the same software forever without paying any cost.

Good thing about this program is that it doesn’t requires installation and you can run multiple trial software at different timings and date. It intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify.


TimeStopper is a small program which stops the time for any software executable file and hence facilitates you to use extended trial version of the program. After downloading, Just browse the EXE file of that program generally located in C:\Program Files and select the new installation date. Your program is now extended to another 30 / 90 days depending on the software.

Time Stopper Working demo

Now that you are ready with time stopper, You must remember that the new date will be the date you installed the trial software. This will maximize the Trial period, so just keep the installation dates of trial software noted in a text file.

Download: Time Stopper

Run As Date

Download and install Run as date. Target the location of the EXE application of the trial software you want to run which is generally in ( C:\Program Files \ Program Folder ) Specify the desired time and date at which you want the software to run. This should be in the past like Yesterday or 5-6 days before. Please note that- You should not take this date before the installation date as some programmers are clever enough to block software and end your trial period.

Extend run trial software forever

Then, You can either run program directly or create a custom shortcut for the modified program. In this way, you will be able to use  fully functional version of that software forever by repeating the same procedure.

Extend run trial software forever

Above window shows expired trial of a program which is asking me to enter License key to unlock. I tried it opening at a specific date using Run as Date and full 45 Days of Trial period was retained.

Extend run trial software forever

So, I can run this software for next 45 days more without any interruption and actually purchasing license.

Extend run trial software forever

Here is another program on which I tried extending its trial period of 30 days. I cannot guarantee that this software will be able to crack and extend trial period of any software but most of them can be done. This may not be able to crack Antivirus or Internet Security programs which generally stores this data on Web servers which cannot be hacked. This tutorial should be taken for education and testing purpose only and not for any illegal usage.

Note : This program just extends the trial limit of any software by changing the installation date. It doesn’t mean that you get the Full version of that produce. It means that the demo software (with limitation if present) will be available forever.

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