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Fatal error: 'break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in ../wp-content/plugins/types/embedded/common/toolset-forms/lib/ on line 1012

this error occurs in PHP 7 but not in PHP 5.6 just an FYI to fix

Dear b747fp

This is external library, but we check this.

Thank you.


Yeah, I am running the same issue with PHP7 RC6, @Marcin can you give us an advice on this? Thanks

I have find the solution to the issue by changing break for return at /wp-content/plugins/types/embedded/common/toolset-forms/lib/, let's hope Types team will update this as an official patch

Yeah, I am running the same issue with PHP7 RC6, @Marcin can you give us an advice on this? Thanks

I'm sorry but we do not support PHP7 yet.


I can confirm this error myself. Any plans on supporting PHP7?

Just delete the word break, it is unreachable code without sense anyway.

There was an update a week ago (roughly Dec. 9).

The plugin page now says it's compatible up to version 4.4. It doesn't specify if it's now compatible with PHP7. Is it?

A reviewer on that page said the plugin uses hyphens in variable names instead of underscores, and PHP chokes on this. Is that correct? Has it been fixed?

If these issues remain, is there an intention to fix them? Is there a date?


reypm's solution seems to work.

Thank you!

Still hope the plugin developer will upgrade to PHP7.

PHP7 was released officially 15 days ago.

We are way past beta versions and a big plugin like Types should have been compatible a long time ago.

Why is this marked as resolved?

reypm's solution is a workaround, but the problem doesn't seem to be solved?

help me please!!
I have the same problem with plugins types
its happen when i install the Types and damage everything.
also should i start all over again
how to delete the word break???

Use the FTP client and delete it manually - it is simple text file.

This should be fixed by the plugin author, not by editing a file via FTP. That is not a solution. It's a workaround.

I have exactly the same problem. Would plugin developer update the plugin for php7?

This issue is solved in Types 1.9 Beta-1 which you can download from the Toolset Account > Downloads > beta

We apologize the trouble and inconvenience, the stable version will be released soon.

In case you use other Toolset components pleas follow this:

@bedas that's for users who bought the Types (I can't login and can't register either) what about the rest that uses the free version? ;)

You can register for free here:

That should also allow you to use the Types Free Forum in case you want.

And you should get access to the Beta version as well.

Thank you for pointing out the lack of information I presented in my last reply.

Let me know how it goes.