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Serial Port Splitter


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Download Serial Port Splitter (FR)

Download Serial Port Splitter

Windows XP, Windows 2000, English

Download (4.53 MB)

Serial Port Splitter is a program in which the user can transfer data simultaneously from many communications applications to one COM port. It is to avoid data transfer errors.

Key features

Virtual serial ports: The software allows the splitting of one physical COM port into various virtual serial ports. Even though it is virtual, it works the same as the physical COM port. It is a full hardware serial ports emulation.
Reversible: The action is reversible with Serial Port Splitter. That is to say, data which comes from communication applications in a virtual COM port can be sent to a physical one.
Remote serial port: Serial Port Splitter enables the access of a local serial port to a remote one. For that, the user has to split first. Then share with the virtual serial port by entering the IP address of the remote serial port.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 2000
File size: 4.53MB


After the installation, there is no need for system reboot for it to work properly.


The proposed version of the program is a shareware one.

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Alternative spelling: serial-port-splitter-4.3.6.msi, serial-port-splitter.msi

Latest update on Tuesday June 9, 2015 04:31:24 AM

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