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IMPORTANT: please ask coding questions in the Ask For Help forum


Purpose: to create a basic reference for commonly used COM objects.


AutoHotkey v1.1+ supports COM natively (thank you Lexikos, Sean, & fincs smile.png ). However, if users don't know or understand any COM objects, this Native COM support is less appealing/useful. Therefore, I am creating this thread as somewhat of a basic COM object reference. Forum members can add a COM object "profile", and I will link it to the original post. Questions are also welcome. Here is the suggested format for the COM Object profile:

COM Object: Purpose: System Requirements: Documentation Link: Other Links: Basic Code Example:

NOTE - for the Documentation Link, please provide a link to the method/properties documentation.

See Also: CLSID Registry Scanner - view information about COM/ActiveX components installed on your computer.

COM Object List:

HTML File - Represents an HTML document. Can be used to read, write, & interact with HTML.

InternetExplorer Application - Explore Websites.

MSXML2 DOMDocument 6.0 - XML parser (v6.0 requires XP SP3 or newer - see here for compatability with older XP).

ScriptControl - Dynamically execute VBScript or JScript.

Scripting Dictionary - Object that stores data key, item pairs.

Scripting FileSystemObject - Access Files & Folders

Shell Application - Access Explorer & IE Windows/Tabs; Open & Manipulate Windows.
  Get File Properties - Rename Files/Folders - Unzip a Zip File

Shell Explorer - Embed an Explorer/Browser Control in a Gui (Internet Explorer - Trident Browser)

Speech API: SpVoice - Text-to-Speech (TTS)

VBScript RegExp - VBS Regular Expressions (including global match)

Windows Media Player - Play Media Files; Embed WMPlayer Control in a GUI.

WinHttpRequest - Provides simple HTTP client functionality, allowing much more control than UrlDownloadToFile.

Winmgmt - Get System Information; Manage Windows Services
  Retrieves file & folder properties - Manipulating Services

WScript Shell - Various Administration Tasks (many native AHK tasks)
  Set Volatile Env Variable


MS Office Applications

MS Excel - Perform calculations, analyse information and visualize data in spreadsheets
  Range.Value: SafeArray

Excel Workbook - Hold MS Excel Data

MS Outlook - Personal Information Manager
  Read/Write Appt - Create New Items - Access Folders/Items - Send Email w/ Attachments

MS PowerPoint - Create powerpoint presentations

MS Word - Word Processor - create and edit various documents


Objects Requiring Additional Files/Installation (see also - Register ActiveX Component)

Ahk.ComSurrogate.32/64 - Create COM objects of a specified bitness.

CAPICOM Series [capicom_dc_sdk.msi] - digitally sign data, sign code, verify digital signatures, envelop data for privacy, hash data, encrypt/decrypt data and more ( 32-bit OS only ).

FooBar2000 [COM Automation Server] - Manipulate the foobar2000 scanner SDK ActiveX 5.5 License Key Code media player.

GFLAx [GflAx.dll - 1.11 MB] - Library to load images and photos easily ( read/write/create/manipulate... images ).

Google Desktop [Install] - Add Gadgets your desktop, & easily search your computer ( like Google ).
  kongulo plugin

ImageMagick [Install] - Software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. (See here for notes on installation)

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Automation [WIAAut.dll - 316 KB] - acquire images on digital cameras/scanners/Web cameras, and rotate/scale/annotate image files.
  (See note regarding WPD Automation Object Model)

XStandard.Zip [XZip.dll - 137 KB] - Zip & Unzip with many features