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Project Restore Toolbox 1.0 Serial number plus

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Toolbox 1.60 / LTU FILESET 1.1 Released

Today we have updated Lizard Toolbox in order to properly generate a LTU Firmware for LTUv2 Boards. We have also prepared the LTU 1.1 Fileset required for this process.
In order to update your tools you have 2 ways, the EASY WAY (TBX Check Updates) or the MANUAL WAY (step by step). Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Once updated you can go to the "LTU GENERATOR" tab to generate your LTUv2 Firmware.
- In order to generate firmware for LTUv2 you need use latest JRUNNER (2.90 or above) to generate the C-R.bin file. If you use a C-R.bin file generated with older JRUNNER the generated LTUv2 firmware WILL NOT WORK.
- At the same time if you are looking to generate LTU firmware for the LTUv1 board (if you find any on stores) you need use a C-R.bin file generated with OLDER JRUNNER (2.87), if you use newer JRUNNER the firmware WILL NOT WORK.

That is because JRUNNER 2.90 changed the C-R.bin generation for only LTUv2 hardware.
- To write the firmware to a BLANK LTUv2 board (fresh from the box) all you need to do is go to "Liteon->Enter MTK" on your Lizard, then go to "Liteon->Write" and flash the generated firmware for it.
- To write the firmware to an already flashed board you need to force Vendor Mode, that is by applying power while pressing the tiny "Vendor" button on the LTUv2 Board then release the button. With this you can now do the above Enter MTK and Write procedures.
- Make sure the "lock" Switch is on UNLOCK setting (WP# = 1 ) while writting to the board


LTU V2 Firmware Released
Congratulations to C4E for the release of LTU v2 firmware, we are working on the following hours to release a new Toolbox Version that allows the build of the LTU2 firmware (in the very same way that Jungleflasher does).
The good news: The firmware base of the LTU2 is the old DG16D2S drive so if you are willing to do a bit of butchery you can get an old drive work on your SLIM. If you open the released firmware on your current Lizard Toolbox you will see it with your own eyes:
Note: The current Lizard Toolbox does not allow to build your LTUv2 Firmware the image above is just for showing its a DG16D2S firmware. New Lizard Toolbox will be released in the following hours


Gecko 1.34 / Toolbox 1.57 / LTU Fileset 1.0 Released
Plus Valentine's day Half Tray patch by Geremia

Today we have updated all the Lizard tools in order to properly generate a LTU Firmware. We have also prepared the LTU 1.0 Fileset required for this process.
In order to update your tools you have 2 ways, the EASY WAY (TBX Check Updates) or the MANUAL WAY (step by step). Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Once updated you can follow the last steps of this guide to properly generate your LTU Firmware file.
Also Big thanks to Geremia for adding a half-tray patch MTK enable for the LTU, this will save you from having to reinsert the 0800 disc to enter MTK mode the next time you want to update (note on a TX LTU Board you will still need this disc the first time as they come preflashed with c4e original LTU). We hope c4e implement such feature in the upcoming releases as a default feature.
In order to enter on MTK mode once flashed with the Geremia patch all you need is to power up your drive with half tray open (or just in "naked board" state without mechanism attached). The patch also solves a PC23 check security issue more details in the patch file content's readme file.
In case you dont want to use Toolbox to generate your LTU firmware you can just use other tools to generate your LTU firmware, then apply the patch.


Gecko 1.33 with LTU Board MTK / Write

Today we have released Gecko 1.33b
Added: DG16D5S Menu , currently there is only 2 functions enabled - MTK Mode for LTU 1175+ PCB and other to allow Write the Firmware to LTU 1175+ PCB . Please read the following to avoid false expectations:
a) There is no way to enter MTK on a stock drive (yet...)
b) There is no way to Read or Write the FIRMWARE OR DVD KEY from a stock drive.
c) There is no way to fully write a stock drive (yet...)
So in the meantime you need a DVD drive with the Team Xecuter 1175+ LTU Board, it might also work if you get a blank MT1332E chip and replace the stock IC (we have tried and seems to work), please be aware that could be IC chips that are sold as BLANK and actually are just pulled out from stock boards so be smart when purchasing MT1332E IC from sellers, make your tests first.
The procedure to write the new LTU Board with Lizard is as follows:
a) Get your key.bin and c-r.bin files with RGH using Jrunner (286) or newer
b) Using Jungleflasher ; generate the LTU firmware ( read JF guide as key.bin and c-r.bin MUST be combined with LTU file) (we are working to implement this feature inside Lizard toolbox)
c) Enter on the new menu on Lizard "DG16D5S->MTK" (On a TX 1175+ PCB You MUST INSERT THE 0800 DL disc and leave spin a bit because those boards come pre-flashed with LTU firmware, on a blank IC you dont need this disc the first time to enter MTK mode).
d) Enter the new menu on Lizard "DG16D5S->Write" and from Lizard toolbox send the File generated on step "b".


LTU Firmware out
Today c4e has released the long awaited LTU firmware. As soon as the LTU 1175+ PCB Board is received we will implement the write functionality with 360Lizard. Please note the LTU firmware REQUIRES to get the key from the Console's Mainboard with RGH. Also you REQUIRE to use a Team Xecuter LTU 1175+ Replacement PCB at this time.
Implementing the write inside Lizard will NOT exempt you to get one of those boards and you will still need do RGH as official D5S and Slim Hitachi PCB Board cannot be read or written to by any currently released device.


GECKO 1.32 Released
We have released the Gecko 1.32 update, this includes a new feature to use the Lizard as a COM Port Monitor, this is useful in consoles with RGH as you can see the Xell Log output, grab the keys, etc. Aside of the update you will need wire your Lizard to the X360 Console, please follow the directions here.
The Update 1.32 can be downloaded and installed using the Firmware Updater on the downloads page.
The old 1.31 will still be available for a few days just in case you find some issue and want to revert. If find some issue please report on our forum


After developing the Blackjack we found out there is 2 different Kinect cables,
One cable will require trimming to fit with Blackjack Installed or optionally you can use a Kinect Extension cable. Please look at the following pictures.
We have updated the Installation Guide v1.1 (You can get it on the Downloads section also)
Thanks to Junior from Gary, Indiana for notify about the 2nd connector type


Introducing: Blackjack for Slim Consoles

A simple yet cost effective way to access your DVD Drive without opening your console again and again.
This will allow but not limited to:
- Update the Drive Firmware anytime using Maximus Lizard or a PC with Jungle Flasher (provided drive is Un-locked or Soft-locked)
- Rip ISO's using Xkey Gecko or X360usbpro v1 or v2
- Bonus Feature: Stealth Eject
It allows you to boot your games stored on HDD and remove the DVD after booting (For using on several consoles with only 1 disc). In order to use the bonus feature, one wire is required to be soldered but its totally optional
Made with simplicity in mind!
Plug and play install and never have to open your console again.
- External SATA port for your drive
- External 12pin power port to your drive
- Support External Eject if used with any xtractor / ck3 type power adapters
- Support USB self-power (for drive firmware updates only)
- Perfect plastic design so it looks like part of your console
- Current generation of digital sata switch
- 100% Compatible with the following products (but not limited to):
- Maximus 360Lizard
- Maximus Xtractor (1,2,3)
- Xkey Gecko
- CK3/CK3i
- X360USBpro, 360USBPro v2
You can check the Basic Install Guide Here and also we have a couple of videos of the device:

Video working with Lizard, USBpro 2 and JF
Video working with Lizard and Xkey Gecko


Lizard Booster Officially Launched !!
We are proud to announce the launch of the latest Lizard add-on "Lizard Booster"; this will help speed up some operations on the Lizard unit like Slim KEY Read. For those who want to check the speed please view the video posted some time ago from the prototype here .
We have posted also a small Installation Guide (thanks to squallen and vgcrepairs), you can get it from the Downloads page. The device require to be installed inside the Lizard. It does not require wiring (full quicksolder pads). We encourage you to read the Install Guide and all the warnings before attempting to install.
In order to use the features of the add-on you will need run the latest Gecko firmware 1.30 or above. At this time the only difference among units having the booster and those who does not have it is the speed but we might in the future incorporate features that might require the booster.
The MSRP of the device is USD please contact your nearest reseller for more information.

Pictures of the Device:


Small Update on Gecko 1.30 and TBX 1.55

Today we are releasing Gecko 1.30 and TBX 1.55, those versions incorporate bug fixes (Thanks to Kombine for reporting back). Also incorporate changes to support the Lizard add-on called booster. We will have more news on booster this week.
The TBX 1.55 (PC application) update can be obtained from the Downloads page and the Gecko 1.30 can be obtained using the Lizard updater application (Tutorial to update here)


Happy New Year 2012 ! C4E LT3.0 for Slim Update

Thanks to C4E for releasing LT3.0 for Slim Liteon Drives.
We have updated the whole range of Lizard software tools to work with this new Relese. We recommend follow the next guidelines to get your update working without issues:
a) Update your Lizard to Gecko 1.28. If you have doubts check the Tutorial
b) Open Lizard Toolbox, Press "Get Device Details" to read Lizard Serial
c) Go to Settings Tab then press button "Get Lizard Updates", this will first update your Lizard Toolbox Version to 1.51.
d) After the first update succed, repeat steps "b" and "c" to download an update the new Fileset (LTPLUS 3.00 b)
d) If you use the Standalone feature on Lizard you need also download the new SD File Pack LT 3.00b and extract on your Micro SD Card, you can grab it from the blog.

Note: if you dont see the button "Check Lizard Update" on Lizard Toolbox, then it means your Lizard Toolbox version is too old, if thats the case then grab the latest Toolbox from the Downloads page)
Alternatively if you prefer do updates manually then grab the Toolbox 1.51 from our Downloads Page and the Fileset and the SD File Pack from the blog


New Custom Fileset 3.0 with c4e LTplus 3.0 release for Phat Liteon and Benq is available

First of all we want to say Merry Christmas and thanks for all the support we got this year for this Lizard project. We placed many more units in the market than we originally expected and the number of users is growing every day.
We uploaded today our Fileset for LT 3.0a that includes the c4e Release of LTPlus 3.0 for phat Liteon and benqs. You can update this fileset downloading from our blog or with the online update feature inside (Settings->Check Updates) Lizard Toolbox. All the credit on LT 3.0 is to c4e.

This week we will start receiving fresh stocks from Lizard accesories and main units, it have been hard days after the fire but we are on ways of full recovery, thanks for your patience.

New Custom Fileset 2.0f with c4e fix for phat Hitachi 79's
And Fire News
We uploaded today our Fileset for LT 2.0 (Fileset 2.0f) that includes the fix for Hitachi 79's (2.0b) drives that caused problems booting xgd3 on them. You can update this fileset downloading from our blog or with the online update feature inside (Settings->Check Updates) Lizard Toolbox.
Also as some people might already know, a key member of Team Maximus suffered a fire on his office and the fire spreaded to his house causing total loss. Luckly all that is lost is material and nobody got hurt on the fire. We have lost some components of our stock that we are working actively to replenish. This might cause a small delay on the shipments to retailers, we are hoping re-establish the supply chain in the following days.
Also we want to thank to the customers and suppliers that are supporting Team Maximus on this dificult times either with their patience on their order supply or by offering discounts on the parts/components to restore our stock.
Thanks to everyone you know who you are. !!


New Custom Fileset 2.0e supporting Hitachi LTPlus 2.0 w XGD3
Thanks to c4e for releasing Hitachi LT2.0 files with XGD3, we have now updated our Fileset for using in Lizard Toolbox. You can update this fileset downloading from our blog or with the online update feature inside (Settings->Check Updates) Lizard Toolbox.
Also we have been working on a small device for hardware acceleration on Lizard, this week will be send to beta testers and according to people's interest we might produce the add on.
Here you have a small video of the Lizard using the accelerator on a Slim Liteon Getkey function. At this moment we call it Lizard Booster, the name might change later.


Rollback on XGD3 Burner Support / DG16D5 Update / Kamikaze Template

We found a problem on the current Lizard-TBX Burner flashing method, we overlooked the EEPROM update on the drives, we will review in depth the whole Burner flashing code and we might end up releasing Custom Fileset for them.
Meanwhile we recommend use the Includes PC utilities to flash your burners firmware.

We have issued gecko 1.27 and TBX 1.46 with write options removed on the drives to prevent problems to users
On another topic, Some good findings have been done on DG16D5S drives but in order to continue we need more retail units, if you have one DG-16D5S drive please contact us by email:
Also we have officially released the Winbond Kamikaze Template, we have done lots of testing and changes to find the most accurate location. Please note that on some boards the exact location can still be offset. We encourage you to take your time, after marking the spot if you don’t find unlocked after few drilling check the coordinates manually. Please check below pictures to see how precise is the template is.
We are including a handle tool with 1mm drill bit so you can mark the spot and even (if you have the patience for slow unlock use it to continue till unlock). This template has given good results using the IRON method and drill method.
The suggested method of use is:
a) Align the template with plastic posts on the drive
b) With the handle tool drill thru the marking hole to mark it on the IC
c) Remove the template and then you have the option to manually drilling till unlock or use Dremmel © or Iron.
d) If after some drilling it does not unlock check location manually to ensure there is no too much offset
Please remember its recommended use a resistor tied to 3.3v if you using Dremmel or handle tool
Here you have one Tutorial links made by sQuallen using Handle tool till Unlock:
Use common sense, this tool is just a guide, we take no responsibility for what you do with it. We have tested and its as precise as it can be


New Lizard Toolbox 1.44/Gecko 1.26 with XGD3 Burners support

EDIT: We found a problem on the current Lizard-TBX Burner flashing method, we overlook the eeprom update on the drives, we will review indeep the whole Burner flashing code and we might end releasing Custom Fileset for them in order to work.
Meanwhile we recommend use the Includes PC utilities to flash your burners firmware.

EDIT: Just raised to Toolbox version to 1.45 to avoid silly error message after reading your Burner original firmware.
Busy weekend, we have updated several tools for the wonderful releases of this weekend. There was an update for Samsung LT Plus (LTPlus 2.01) and also the LT-MAX firmware was released by c43, this LT-MAX firmware is for selected Liteon DVD Burners and now will allow full area write, even with verify, that will generate the most accurate 1:1 XGD3 copy ever thanks to c4e ! (Please note it require also selected dvd-r dl brands)
Also we spotted a bug affecting only Standalone users of previous release, please visit our blog to read more of the bug and how stay safe of it. This has been fixed on new release.
Below is a resume of what you need to update:
a) Update the Custom Fileset to 2.0c to get the Samsung LT 2.01 update (you can update from our blog or from the TBX check updates feature)
b) Update the SD Card Files if you use Standalone mode to get rid of the bug of previous release (download from our blog)
c) Update your Lizard to Gecko 1.26, this will add a new menu AFTER HITACHI menu called "XGD3 Burners" that will allow you read and write the firmware
d) Update Lizard Toolbox to version 1.45 that will allow you to send and receive (write/read) the 2MB files of the LT-MAX firmware binaries. (this update can be obtained from our download page or inside the TBX check updates feature)
Aside of all this updates you also need download the LT-MAX firmware package containing all firmwares for the selected liteon dvd burners in order to write to your burner. Please make sure you send the proper one to the burner.


New Lizard Toolbox 1.43 with XKEY TOOLS tab
We have got lots of questions of people installing their xkey devices and we have chosen to add a temporary tab on Lizard Toolbox (New 1.43 version) with those tasks needed for setup the xkey device in no time. The whole procedure of setup is not hard but will confuse some beginners thats the reason we have added that Tab on the software.
Currently we have added 2 options mainly (so far):
a) Generate the xkey.cfg file
b) Generate a dummy.bin file from a fulldump (since xkey require dummy for slim consoles)
More functions will be added per common requests. The Toolbox update (1.43) can be obtained on our Download page or using the embeded Check for Updates feature (Settings->Check Lizard Updates).


New Lizard Toolbox 1.40 with online check and auto-update

EDIT: For those who had issues at startup on the TBX 1.40 please grab the latest 1.42 from our download page. The problem on 1.40 was a bug on number format convertion dependency.
We have implemented online check and auto-update features on Lizard Toolbox this will allow you keep your Lizard related stuff up to date. To get the update the first time please go to the Download page and grab the TBX application 1.40
The online check is easy to use, just go to "Settings Tab" and then the "Check Lizard Updates" button. It will inform you if your files need update and will update them. This include updates to the Lizard Toolbox application itself and also updates the Fileset Templates. Currently will not download the SD Card files, for update those you still need visit the blog
We plan keep posting the Fileset updates on the Blog for those who choose do manual updates. We also will continue posting the latest TBX version on the download page for those who need it manually.
We have currently setup a fake 1.41 versioin so everybody can test the update feature as the following Video, so if you end having 1.40 or 1.41 dont worry it still the same version relabeled.

The following videos shows the update functionality.


LTPlus 2.0b Filesets Available (Include LT 2.0 for Slim and Phat)!

Yesterday c4e released the new LTPlus 2.0 for Slim Liteon, again all credit and good work is from c4e !
Among other stuff this new LTPlus 2.0 features support for XGD3 backups (require special burning method).

We have released Lizard Toolbox fileset containing the LTplus 2.0 firmware for sammy, benq and phat Liteon and also new SD file pack for Standalone mode. We have relabeled this release as CFW template LT 2.0b (note the "b" at end), this is to diferentiate from last week release, this new "b" has all previous LT 2.0 for phat drives and for the Slims.
Both the CFW Template and the SDFile pack can be downloaded from our Fileset Blog
Also just to note there is no need to update gecko firmware (just ensure you use the latest 1.23) and also the Lizard Toolbox application remains same (1.0.36).
On this next week we will update Lizard TBX to have version checking on the CFW templates, that will easy the job to keep updated. We will post again when its done.


LTPlus 2.0 Filesets Available !

Over the weekend c4e released the new LTPlus 2.0 for Sammy, Benq, and Phat Liteon, great work c4e !
Among other stuff this new LTPlus 2.0 features support for XGD3 backups (require special burning method). Full note on XBOX-SCENE here

We have released Lizard Toolbox fileset containing the LTplus 2.0 firmware for sammy, benq and phat Liteon and also new SD file pack for Standalone mode.
Both the CFW Template and the SDFile pack can be downloaded from our Fileset Blog
Also just to note there is no need to update gecko firmware (just ensure you use the latest 1.23) and also the Lizard Toolbox application remains same (1.0.36).
We are anxious to get the Slim fw out, keep the good work c4e !


Lizard Buzzer Add-on arrived !
Finally the Lizard buzzer add-on has arrived, just as remainder of the purpose of this add-on is to give you audible feedback (in a form of beep or annoying sound). This is particularly useful if you are using the Lizard to perform the Winbond Kamikaze unlock by Geremia.
Please note, even when though the install is simple, it requires you to open the Lizard case and also do a bit of soldering. We strongly recommend you read to the Install guide to evaluate the complexity before purchasing. The install guide will be permanently added in the Download section.
The Add-on is in stores now and the RRP is usd, some resellers may or may not offer the option to sell pre-installed on your Lizard but officially the Add-on is just sold as separate item and doesn’t come installed on the Lizard by default


Gecko 1.22 Released to Support Slim LTPlus 1.92 from C4E

We have released Gecko 1.22 with support to the LTPlus 1.92 for slims (thanks to c4e). It also features full support for Slim Key and Full read for 1071 Firmwares. (Including standalone):
As always that a new LTPlus Variant arises you will need to update:

a) Gecko 1.22 on your lizard (both application and flash)
b) Get Toolbox 1.35 from our download page
c) Get Latest Filesets from the Fileset Blog
d) Get Latest SD Card files (for standalone) from the Fileset Blog
Also we have news on our Buzzer addon, we expect the full production ends this week and we will have it ready for ship to resellers. Expected retail price: usd
Also we have GOOD NEWS for all portuguese speaking people, the people at Cursos Games has released the Oficial Lizard website for Brazil: . Many thanks to Cursos Game people for his effort, we soon will have menu translated to portuguese


Gecko 1.20 Released

EDIT: Over the weekend we spotted a bug (thanks to kombat for pointing it). We have released gecko 1.20 now, please update to it. Toolbox remains 1.34.

We have worked hard this last week preparing the new Gecko 1.19, we have fixed lots of issues with past versions that our beta tester team reported. (Many thanks to beta tester crew, you know who you are).
Another Important changes on this Gecko release are:
- Improved Winbond Unlock detection, now its instant notification, allowing you stop drilling even faster after successful unlock
- Unlock Notification of Winbond now will perform a Flashing Screen and Audible Beep sound to notify user. (Sound requires buzzer add-on, details at bottom of the note).
- Added support for many variants of firmware (no more FW unknown messages).
- Support for add-in code for the Upcoming Buzzer for Lizard (details at bottom).
- Unlock Sound on PC on Toolbox 1.34
- Some Bugs killed.
Please Note you need get the Gecko 1.19 and also the Toolbox 1.34 or above from our Downloads page. Remember also check if you have latest Filesets from our blog.
Also we got reports of people now doing a variant of the original Geremia's Kamikaze unlock, they are using a Soldering Iron for drilling the hole on the IC. Somebody calls the method "thermal nuclear unlock" but we feel it’s un-proper since the heat does nothing to do with the unlock itself. Anyways it’s a good method that may work for some users. We received this small video tutorial of it using our Lizard hardware. (Thanks to intensify906 for the video)
It’s also a good method to try, especially with our upcoming buzzer add-on for Lizard. (Sound notification at unlock). Please note we DO NOT RECOMMEND to lock the board again as its shown in the following video, its not required.

Lizard Buzzer add-on:
We have had requests for many users (Russians mainly) to make an audible notification on the Lizard hardware, so we designed a simple buzzer add-on. This will open some possibilities like audio-visual unlock notification already implemented on code on Gecko 1.19.
The following picture shows a hand soldered buzzer, the final add-on will be only 1 wire install (yes it will require open the Lizard case and solder 1 wire).
This add-on will be available in 1-2 weeks, we will post final pictures of the board in a few days.


Gecko 1.17 Released, Winbond Unlock Support

Gecko 1.17 has been released along with Winbond Unlock Support A man built it... a man cracked it... after months of trial and error and several weird methods; a Huge and Impressive effort in the tests. Geremia has made public the Kamikaze Winbond Unlock.

We will not lie, this is not for noobz! Many drives have died in these tests which arrived at the method you will see in the video. But with all that, it’s the easiest method we can provide now. We delayed the (by now old) Macronix trick while we worked on this WINBOND trick to make as easy as possible. Full notes and comments of Geremia can be found here.

We released Gecko 1.17 which can handle The Winbond Unlock method, you will appreciate the possibilities put into the unlock on your Workbench with a small standalone device like Lizard powered from usb-ac adapter instead of having to have a PC near for this particular job. :)

Full tutorials are being written and will be posted with-in the next 24 hours, but meanwhile we have prepared a small video of how to unlock the Winbond with the Kamikaze method using Lizard (Require Gecko 1.17)



Gecko 1.16 Released, New Tool Trident MX and Slim Liteon Full Firmware dumper !
  • We are proud to announce the release of Gecko 1.16 we have done tons of internal changes on it but the most important are 2 new features:

Support for a new Tool in the Maximus product range: Trident MX. This small tool will make a unlocking of the Slim Liteon with Macronix SPI a breeze. (Compatible with Lizard and JungleFlasher)

Also included is a new awesome feature: The Full Dump of Slim Lite-on DG-16D4S. (Full credit of this goes to Geremia for the tarablinda application). Due to the new 0225 variants discovered, we strongly recommend get a full dump of your drive before flashing it whenever you can (in order to be able to full dump you require the board has its SPI Flash Unlocked)..

Full Specification of Trident MX:
rident MX by Team-maximus (AVAILABLE TODAY !!!)
We have this design produced long time ago, we were waiting to release in package with Winbond solution but due to the the latest leaks on the Macronix method we have choosen to release as is. It is Based on the Macronix Power trick , we have created a professional, safe, simple to use, and reusable tool.
The Trident MX tool will Unlock the Write-protected Lite-on Slim drives DG-16D4S that comes with a Macronix internal SPI Flash. Until recently locked drives where only found in the firmware’s 0225, 0401 and 1071, but the latest dashboard update (2.0.13599) has locked the 9504 drives with 0272 firmware, The Trident MX is a MUST have in your arsenal of weapons.
Combined with the POWER of Maximus Lizard (Gecko 1.16 and above) and in a few days supported by Jungleflasher, this is the perfect tool to do the job professionally and without hassle.

Forget about tricking the drive with unsafe methods of picking and choosing different resistors; We have an adjustable trimmer installed (Ships pre-set to proper value for optimum performance). There is no need to run a complex application to do the Macronix Unlock - Maximus Lizard does the magic for you.
The Trident MX is a tool designed for pro-modders but will be loved be even by the newest Modder !!
a) Designed to work with Macronix Power trick (requiring only 1 cut)
b) Precision controlled Shoot time; will not cause overheating of the Voltage Regulators
c) Automatic Control - "just push down” operation
d) Also support’s a manual mode with a simple button press
e) Retry system with automatic safe-tested time increments.
f) Adjustable resistor values (shipped pre-set to optimum performance)
g) The perfect companion tool for Lizard and Jungleflasher g) Shipped in a protective case for storage between uses
Note: This tool works only with Macronix SPI Flash.  (For Winbond we are still developing a proper and safe solution to be announced at another time.)
Download Manual in our Downloads section
Other pictures of the device: here and here
Video of Trident in Use here...



Gecko 1.14 Released

Have been a long day but finally we can approve Gecko 1.14 to public release. Since this is a Major Update we encourage you to update all the following:
a) Gecko 1.14 on your lizard (both application and flash)
b) Get Toolbox 1.30 from our download page
c) Get Latest Filesets from the Fileset Blog
d) Get Latest SD Card files (for standalone) from the Fileset Blog
We have implemented support for flashing the T-X pcbs but you can also use any unlocked SPI board to flash your custom firmware. We also have incorporated a Lock/Unlock option but currently works only on boards with switch (T-X boards at this moment).
As we anticipate if you already have a 0225 dummy file there YOU NEED REDUMP with this gecko 1.14, if you dont do that your drive hack will not likely work.
There is a reported bug about 0272 LTPlus 1.9 not replying back the proper real time checks, as soon as c4e fixes it we will just update the Filesets and SD card files, but meanwhile we have what is available.
Another important recomendation is to update the console Dashboard to latest 13599 before proceeding with custom hack. Be careful this update locks the 9504->0272 drives spi flash, so a good recomendation is to flash the original firmware over a board with switch (aka Team Xecuter) so once your dash is updated the board will be locked but since this board has switch you can unlock it easily and reuse on later job. To know what you need to do to update to latest dash read the following guide.
About the Russian Unlock Hack, we have seen it and we are looking to incorporate a safe and tested version on the very next Gecko update among other well appreciated goodies :)


Upcoming 0272/0225/0401 LT Plus 1.9 by C4E tonight


It has been announced a possible release of the 0272/0225/0401 LT plus 1.9 release tonight, in order to be able to use that updates on Lizard we ask you to wait till we Push official Gecko 1.14 and also Updated TBX (1.30) and new filesets.
Please allow us 12-24 hours after the release to have all our files updated. Also we anticipate that ANY 0225 KEY DUMP (DUMMY FILE) you have done with past gecko (1.12 or earlier) NEED TO BE RE-DONE with Gecko 1.14 as soon as we release.
Full note on Team Xecuter website
UPDATE : The tests are going very well with our betatester team, we will release Gecko 1.14 to public in 8-12 hours
Also we have got our IRC flooded with people asking how to flash their drives in order to avoid a failure on updating to the lastest dash, so we write this small text guide, maybe somebody can improve it with Pictures etc.


Upcoming Gecko update and Xtractor 3 Release !
In anticipation to the upcoming release from c4e about 0225 we have added features to the Lizard firmware, as you might be aware currently you can read keys from 0225 drives but by security reasons the Toolbox dont create the dummy file. All this will be sorted with the upcoming release for both, the Gecko and the Toolbox.
Also we are proud to announce the official release of the 3rd Generation of Xtractor 3 power unit, simply its the best Xtractor ever, join us and discover why Maximus tools are the tool of choice of the professionals.
Visit the official Website here:


Support for LT+ 1.9 Released

We have released the OFW and CFW filesets for Lizard to support LT+ 1.9. Gecko and Toolbox remain unchanged.
LT+ 1.9 was released for Samsung, Ben-Q and Phat Lite-On drives.  Slim drive firmware has not yet been released from C4Eva.
The latest files can be downloaded from the blog page.
You must update to latest Dash 13146 prior to updating drive to LT+ 1.9.
Many thanks to those involved in testing and supporting Maximus Lizard.


Support for Phat-02510,Benq-04421, Slim-0272

We are back !. We are publishing New Gecko 1.12 and TBX 1.0.25 to support reading keys of the dashboard-flashed drives. Take note, even when you can read your key and flash back a custom firmware this situation can be flagged by the console and could lead you to a Bann. So its better wait for proper CFW for those updated drives.
For those that cant wait and dont care online then you can go ahead, remember it require also update the latest CFW Filesets and the latest SD card files, both of them found on the blog page.
The way it works is easy, by example: you can with Gecko 1.12 read the keys (scorpion) of the 02510C and then flash a cfw over it, (using standalone or TBX), at this stage the CFW for the 02510C, and 04421 and the 0272 are SPOOFED versions of them so again use this only if you cant wait for oficial CFW releases.
Many thanks for all the friends that were worried about my hospitalization, I am back and I hope to be 100% recovered soon.


Updated News on Maximus

Updated News on Maximus
As many users have heard: Maximus has fallen very ill and has been hospitilaized. We want to ensure you that Lizard is not dead and has not been abandoned.

Once Maximus has been released from the hospital work will again progress.

Our competitor has been spreading untruths that Maximus has abandoned the lizard, rest assured these are lies !!

VGC Repairs


We awake with a surprise !

Today we awake with the surprise of our website and being hijacked and pointed to other product. No need to be scientist to know who is behind. Does the other product need to go this kind of dirty game?

Yes of course was a mistake of us having those domains purchased by other people that says "a friend". We usually don't ask nothing to the scene people but this time we got attacked without any reason and this deserve payback. We call to all people to STAY AWAY from purchasing on and go to other options instead. Every time you stop yourself from buying on foundmy store you are teaching him a lesson.

Want more reasons other than my personal rage: Well we will refresh your memory about the foundmy affair. Don't get bored with that just read the first pages and the very last one, that is how the greedy and arrogant people must end.
If you live in the USA go and order from other places like instead. Wich has fast and friendly response.
We are working on a global site for our products and we will launch in the following weeks.



Lizard Standalone Video Competition
As we announced earlier, today we are starting the Lizard Standalone Video Competition. All its required is you create and upload a video showing some of the Standalone features of Lizard, the video can be a tutorial, a fun place, etc. Be creative !
The date limit to upload your video for acceptance is May 17, the winner will be determined according to the video with more "like" votes by May 31. We will announce the winner here.
We have setup a blog where you can follow the official list of videos that are in competition. If you interested in participate in the competition please read the blog guidelines for acceptance. Only the videos listed on the blog will be elegible for win.
Official Competition Blog:


Standalone Mode: GECKO 1.11 Available,
Ipad 2™ Contest and Lizard Breast Cancer Special Edition Case
We are releasing the GECKO OS version 1.11 and Toolbox 1.23 today with Standalone Mode. Currently 1.11 supports Phat and Slim Liteons, we want to thank all the beta testers for their support and input.
We are working hard on adding support for the rest of the drives, luckily the basics are set and the other drives will not take long to be incorporated into Standalone.
In order to start using the Standalone Mode we have prepared this PDF Guide that covers the setup and the usage of the Standalone features. We strongly encourge you to read it.
Ipad 2™ Contest:
We are inviting you to a contest with the prize being a 16GB BLACK IPAD 2 WIFI edition, all you need to do is make a video and upload to using your Lizard in Standalone Mode. The most creative video will win the IPAD 2, the details and rules for what the video must include and the time limit for the competition will be posted as a separate note in a couple of days.
Flashing for Breast Cancer:
We are launching a special edition case and Lizard to support the fight against Breast Cancer. These cases can be obtained by purchasing the Special Edition Lizard or if your already a 360 Lizard owner we will also be offering case by itself, a donation for each Lizard or Case sold will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation INC. Please contact your reseller for availability. Download our Breast Cancer Logo Here


Standalone Mode Preview Part 3 and SD/SDHC Support
Here you have another Small vid of the Standalone Mode, this video shows how to backup your Jobs done "on the road" with Lizard to your PC for permanent Storage. With all the Standalone features added you can now enjoy "on the road" flashing without losing compatibility with the regular "on office" jobs.
Also we have added support for SDHC cards (last beta just supported standard MicroSD). This will wide the range of brands and model of SD cards that you can use with Lizard.


Standalone Mode Preview Part 2 and new Basic Kit
We have recently posted the 2nd preview video of Standalone Mode. The Standalone Mode will be undergoing rigorous testing throughout the week and we anticipate releasing to the public by end of next week (if no major issues arise).

As many users are aware the UPDATE server has down the last days; we have fixed the problem and have restored the full functionality.
On another note we have posted Links in the download section for the FTDI USB drivers because some of the links in the manual’s where no longer valid, if you have problems getting the drivers please go to our download page by clicking the link above.
Lastly, there has been some claim’s about Lizard has been "way overpriced", the competitor’s are trying to compare against other tool around that "claim" to be cheaper, but when you do the math you end paying more by individually purchasing all the parts that are already included with a FULL Lizard kit. In order to have clear view on the price of both items on the market we are now offering a BASIC KIT; which consists on the Lizard unit, a USB cable and a SATA cable for a bargain price of .99 USD. The rest of the items can be purchased separately if desired BUT we are still offering the full 360 Lizard Kit (which includes the Scorpion Tool and the DVD Drive power adapter) for .99 USD.
Note: The above prices are MSRP and may vary from reseller to reseller. Please contact your nearest reseller to see if they have basic kit available using the reseller link above.


Standalone Mode Preview
We are proud to announce a sneak preview of the 360 Lizard Standalone Mode. This is truly the results of a long development and research road and will serve to set the difference against other tools wanting to be considered as competitors.

This update will be available for beta testing shortly then in a few days we will release to the public. The battery pack shown on the video is a prototype; the final version is near completion and we will also give out simple schematic for it for DIY (do it yourself) Kit.
Many thanks to the many beta testers who will be very busy testing this new gecko OS.


Gecko 1.07 and TBX B016, to support C4E 9504 LT release
We are releasing an update to Gecko OS (1.07) and Lizard Toolbox (B016) to support the C4E 9504 Slim LT release. You can get the Toolbox on our download page and the Gecko update using the Lizard FW Updater application.
In order to be able to generate the CFW files it is MANDATORY to update your Fileset Templates (those file need to be placed in the "CFW_Templates" folder). Visit the Official Fileset blog to download them as they are not included with the Lizard Toolbox Software Releases.
Please NOTE in order to successfully flash your 9504 Drive you need to go to the "Read Key from Slim Drive" option under Slim Liteon Menu on lizard, this will dump a full serial and key area.

The Procedure to Flash your drive is as follows (We are doing a proper tutorial)
a) Get the Key using the Read Key from Slim Drive option on the Slim Liteon Menu on Lizard (this will generate all required files and will send to PC)
b) On the Lizard Toolbox application go to CFW Generator tab and then to the Easy view and load the source_dummy.bin file just created.
c) Select the type of firmware to make (original or CFW) and Save As.
d) On Lizard enter on MTK icon follow onscreen instructions
e) Go to Write option on Lizard and when prompted send the Generated File (default Liteon_CFW.bin) in the Toolbox.

Currently the Lizard toolbox will not allow you to open the generated firmware on the Advanced Tab, only on the easy view tab, the main reason is because Advanced tab is mainly for spoofing and 9504 release don't allow spoofing. We will work on a fix on the couple of days to enable opening the file on the Advanced tab; but for now it’s not really needed.
Also we have got reports of people that have Drive’s labeled as 9504 but that are reported as 0225, well this is a known issue and it just happen that are 0225 drives that were not re-labeled by the factory, it’s not a TBX, nor Lizard nor Jungle flasher problem.
Also we had a support request from a guy who just did his first bad flash (he accidentally lost power on the drive while flashing). Since the flashing had gotten to the 2nd bank the drive was no long detected nor being able to enter on MTK mode again (he used all tools available, dosflash, JF and lizard). So we just did a Quick Tutorial for Recovery from a bad flash using our friend The Scorpion. It’s not required every time, its similar to Benq Brick and is only required when the flash pass certain stage of flashing and it can happen with any flashing tool.
Last but not least, we want to express many thanks to c4e for his fair play of this release and keeping his word about not locking the release to any specific hardware, that means allot to us and all our customers. Full credit on the Slim LT firmware goes to c4e.


Lizard and new 9504 LT Firmware

Congratulations to C4E for the 9504 LT Slim Firmware release, we are working now on to release a new TBX and files so you can flash those using Lizard.

Lizard come already with 9504 Firmware write capability, but its strongly recommended you dont flash your drive using lizard till we release an updated Toolbox. It will also require you redump specific data from the Drive (drive serials and keyarea). So we will be releasing also a gecko 1.07

We are working now on those releases we expect to have them ready on the following hours
UPDATE: We have positive results from Beta Testers, we should be releasing gecko 1.07 and TBX B016 to public by 9:30 PM on (GMT-6) (Click here)



Gecko 1.06 with 2x Read Speed

We are releasing Gecko 1.06 with an improvement on Firmware Read Speed, we have reached 2X reading speed, that means half of the time of Firmware Dumping. The update require you download the latest TBX B015 as by default the Gecko 1.06 will still boot on standard speed, when you do click on Get Device Details will negotiate with Lizard and will set it for 2x speed.
Also we added a function on TBX to rename your Lizard, this will allow you some personalization, the name will be shown on the boot screen of Gecko 1.06.

Many Thanks to all beta testers for his help testing this new Gecko 1.06, we will keep working on this Device upcoming features.



Small Changes on Batch 2

At this time you should be getting your Lizard Units from batch 2, we have made some small changes on the kit contents that we want to comment on.
Changes on the Scorpion 2: We included a plastic case with it, this will help you to do a more safe job and to preserve the probe tip of the unit. Also we have changed the grabbers for a new type "jaw" that allow a stronger and easier connection as now the Grabbers can be placed side by side (check picture bellow). We will update the tutorials to include reference to this new grabbers but meanwhile here you have them for fast reference.

Changes on the Kit: We have removed the minispear from the main kit as the scorpion covers the key read functionallity of all phat liteon drives. The Minispear will be still available as separate item on stores for those who might need them.



Gecko 1.05 Update available (With Phat Hitachi Write)
We are releasing today the Gecko 1.05 Firmware update for Lizard and also Lizard Toolbox B013, both with Write support for Phat Hitachi Drives. It taked longer than we expected and we apologize for the delay, in the meantime we worked ahead on some new features that we will unveil soon.
In order to start writting on Hitachi Drives make sure you get the Gecko 1.05 using the Fw Updater application. And also download the Toolbox B013 from our Downloads page.
Also we have created a Video Tutorial so you can start using the Updates right now, here you have the Video Tutorial with English Subtitles:
Alternatively you can get the Video in Spanish Here


Small Delay on Batch 2
We had a small delay with case factory for 2nd batch the cases are on its way but will not make it for today as we expected. We will start shipping to resellers in March Wed 16. We apologize for this delay.


Slim Liteon KEY READ tutorial and BENQ UNBRICK tutorials
We have had a few requests from users to provide them with a way to solve their software bricked BENQ drives. We have arrived at a simple solution to Unbrick with with the help of the Maximus Scorpion tool. As you may have remembered in the past we showed you how to use the Maximus Scorpion tool to Unbrick Samsung Drives. This combination its becoming the number one tool for software unbricks; and yes we are sure the "other" team will just copy the method as a feature of their product soon, just remember where you saw it first. Below is a video showing you this simple solution.
Also we have posted a video tutorial to retrieve the keys from the Lite-on SLIM DVD drives, its a feature that has been built into the Maximus 360lizard since launch. Video is listed below:





Gecko Beta 1.04 UP - PHAT Hitachi Full Dump

We have been very busy preparing new features for Lizard and also working hard on Phat Hitachi full support, we are still testing the write feature but meanwhile we choose to do a intherim release for the full read of Phat Hitachi. The write feature is being tested in deep as we want to be rock solid, it will require some days more to release.
You can find the Gecko 1.04 using the Firmware updater application, please read the Setup Manual for directions on how to get the Update.

Also Thanks to Javi, Candojo and Victor for new tranlations of the Tutorials in Spanish and Portuguese (available in the Forum/Help) Tab.
We will keep working we are working on some new features for the next gecko release.


Gecko Beta 1.03 UP - Improved validations on BENQ, and overall tune-up.

We are Launching today GECKO 1.03 to beta stage and we are moving last 1.02 to release stage. You can find the new 1.03 using the Firmware Updater application, please read Setup Manual for directions how to get the update on your Lizard. Remember every update is specific for your Lizard

Changes on GECKO 1.03:
- Overall Tune-up
- More validations to prevent common procedure mistakes
- Screen at boot shows the FW version of the GECKO
- New screensaver (Thanks Daniel Barham)
- French Language added to the Menu Options (Thanks Sephirothff)
New Tutorials:
We have uploaded New tutorials for Firmware Upgrade, also we build a new version of the FW Updater to solve connection problems to the bootloader. Please download this application from the Downloads section
Also we added User translations to French (Sephirothff and Xavbox versions) and to portuguese (Victor of cursosgames).
Credits and Kudos to who deserve them, to those who work hard and love what they do, to those people that has the potential to create new stuff. Disrespect to those who only know how to copy other people's job and pretend to take the credit for it.



Gecko Beta 1.02 UP - Fixes issues with Samsung Drives also Scorpion 2 New use !!

We have been working hard this days fixing issues with Samsung Drives as some users reporting not being as Friendly as was the Liteon part. And we are releasing now the Gecko Firmware 1.02, check the Setup Manual in downloads page to learn how to download and apply the udpate to your Lizard device. Also note you need update both files this time, the firmware update and the flash update.

We have improved the validations on the code to show the user proper error messages and prevent most common mistakes. Also we have added a new method to Unlock Samsung Drives (Fresh Trick);. The new trick we call it Hardware Unlock an its done with the help of the very same SCORPION 2 !!.

The full details of this trick can be found on the New Full Tutorial for All Samsung drives (ver 1.0). It contains all the possible Unlock Variations and covers full procedure until flashing. We hope this serve to solve all issues the people have reported. You can find the tutorial in the Help/Forum Tab of the website.

We also have updated the FW updater application to fix the speed to 115200 when updating, this is because some people got confused about what speed to choose.

Hitachi FULL support coming in 2 weeks or less. We will be reporting on our twitter account: #maximus_lizard please follow us there.
Lastly we want to announce our Official support Channel in Efnet: #maximuslizard, join us there and we will do our best to solve all your issues. This channel can be accessed inside the Lizard Toolbox application or also on our Help/Forum Section.


More Vids
Many people asking us to put the video in english (the old one had CC enabled but most people missed it) So here you have Scorpion Vids with english voice over
Also Many thanks to the people posting videos on as tutorials, here you have some as example (many thanks MrChatt360). We are working on full written tutorials
Benq Flashing tutorial Samsung Flashing Tutorial
All Liteon Flashing Tutorial    


Just an update and an announcement on the status of the guide for the Maximus Lizard. As you all know we have been very hard at work before the Lizard launch with preparing & testing the hardware and testing the Lizard Toolbox to make sure everything was working perfectly. Now we are working extremely hard on a full manual / tutorial database for the Lizard.
At this stage we have completed the first section of the manual which shows you how to install the drivers and Lizard Toolbox software on the PC and show you how to make sure the PC & Lizard Toolbox is setup correctly to communicate with the Lizard, we have uploaded v1.1 of the manual to our downloads section. The current manual does also contain information on the flashing process using the Lizard & Lizard Toolbox but has been written briefly and intended for people currently familiar with the flashing process, we intend to re-write this and also have some other plans as we start to talk about below.
We have now just started work on doing individual guides for each drive type and will supply them in single PDF format for each drive type, for example once you have followed our main manual and have the Lizard successfully connecting to your PC through the Lizard toolbox you will be able to download a guide for which ever drive type you are about to flash. Let’s say for the 93 drive, this PDF document will guide you through the steps to take on the Lizard device itself along with images of the process you need to take with the Scorpion on the drive and of course images and explanations of what needs to be done in the Lizard Toolbox itself. We plan to prioritize the Lite-On 74, 83, 83 v2 & 93 guides at first; once they have been completed and released we will move onto guides for the older drive types such as the BenQ, Samsung & Hitachi.
While the current manual does cover most of basics needed and most people that know the flashing procedure will be able to use the information covered in the main manual, we are committed to producing individual manuals for each drive type to make it even more clear for new users and to just simplify it even for the professionals.
We here at Maximus wish to thank you all for your support and to let you know we are committed to building an extensive manual / tutorial database for the Maximus Lizard, we just ask that you be patient with us while we work very hard to get all this information documented and published for you all to use.
Finally the video of the scorpion in action will be listed up later today, this will show the professionals exactly what needs to be done for a no cut no solder solution on the 83 v2 & 93 drives. As mentioned above we are working around the clock to have complete PDF manuals for these and the other Lite-On drive types listed on our site ASAP.

Now as promised here is it the Video Tutorial for using Scorpion, and get the keys of the drives without cuts, nor solder nor glue.
To use the Scorpion you will require to apply the GECKO 1.01 fw update on your Lizard, please go to our downloads page go get the FW updater application and read the first sections on the Manual to understand how to update
Please note every Lizard must connect to download its own update.

Part 1

Part 2




Since the early arrive of Lizards to some customers we are forced to release the manual in beta stage. Also with updated Lizard Toolbox B005 to be able to connect to device. Please comeback later for more updates on the Manual, we will be posting as soon as any section completes.

Also to use the Scorpion, a FW update on your lizard is required, we are setting up the server and will post the tool to update in some hours.

Get the beta manual and the updated Lizard TBX on the Downloads Page


The Wait is almost Over !!

The 360 Lizard device is in its last stage of completion, we have the production completed and all materials have been received. We are currently setting up the inital firmware and testing every unit to ensure the end user receives a top quality item. The reseller shipments will start early next week.
We also are proud to announce a major break-through, The NO-CUT/NO-SOLDER solution for (phat) lite-ons is here and built into the 360lizard device. This is the real deal, NO CUTS, NO SOLDER, NO GLUE-SCAM, this is a complete and tested solution, we will be posting full details really soon. (you know the copycat and mouse game) is why we will not give details until resellers have stock.
This feature will require an extra accesory that will interact with the 360Lizard , please contact your reseller to find out their plan on providing this tool. Since the accessory was not originally part of the standard 360Lizard kit some resellers may or may not include it while others will charge an additional fee for the add-on tool.

Thank you for your patience, we apologize for all the delays. Many thanks to the people who chose to support us.

Thanks to all people involved on this project, such as the research team, factory, the production team amd the many helpers we had to assit in the setup and testing. This is been a very long week spending several hours to ensure you get a perfectly working 360Lizard.



Lizard Toolbox Beta Release !!

We are glad to anticipate the release of the Lizard Toolbox, the PC application that will be the companion of Maximus Lizard when used attached to a PC. The functionality of this application is to receive the files that are read with lizard and also serve the patched files (custom FW) to lizard for drive writes.

We have added a tab "CFW Generator" whose function is to generate the patched firmware from the file you read with the device, pretty much all that is needed for a really quick job. Please read the attached readme.txt file for general information on how to use it. We will post proper tutorials really soon.

Lizard Toolbox (from now on TBX) will be very useful in the meantime while the Stand-alone mode is released. Its important to consider the Stand-alone mode will be releasing in stages after launch date. We will go 1 drive and 1 feature at a time, we will start with the most popular drives at the moment. Remember lizard will have the possibility to upgrade anytime its firmware so your investment is protected. People worried about 0225 key reading, I guess they missed our launch video long time ago :)

Consider the TBX application as Beta and even when you don't have a lizard yet you can help us testing the CFW Generator, we will appreciate your feedback and suggestions, error reporting, etc.
Last but not the least we want to make clear we are not taking credit for custom firmware at all, all credit its and remains to c4e.

Download the TBX on our downloads page


Accesories Arrived !!

We have received the full first batch of accesories for lizard, those will be included in the launching kit. The accesories are:

a) Mini-spear probe
b) Power Extension Adapter
c) Long Power cable

The combination of the Power Extension Adapter and also the long cable will allow you lots of freedom on your configuration, you can use your current drive power solution and use the "b" and "c" accesories like extension. Or you can use them also to make easy to power the drive directly from the console while flashing (even when this kind of use is polemic, remember some competitor's product use that method)
On the plastic case topic, we will get factory samples this week and we will show you once we have them. Its looking very sexy !
On the Mainboard of lizard, we are assembling this week, we have had some delays mainly for a feature we are adding to it. Pictures will be ready of the assembled board in a couple of days. Good things are coming !

More Pictures of the accesories:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5


Happy New Year !!.

Just to confirm we are forced to move the release date to first week of February, the main reasons of this delay are the case manufacturing and also another feature we are implementing to be available at launch. More information on this feature will be published in a few days. This small lizard is getting more tech.

We want to say thank you to every pre-order owner, we can ensure you will be happy with the final unit features, thanks for the patience. We will post pictures of the accessory set that we will include on every preordered unit in a couple of days. Also pictures of the assembled boards will be available by next week.

Lastly we have set up a twitter account: @maximus_lizard so from now on we will be posting small daily (hopefully) updates of the Lizard project via twitter. Remember for Major Official News we still be using this website page.



We are having some issues with Case manufacturing, we are doing our best to keep it on time for January 14, if there are a few days delay we will inform on next week (after christmas). Here is a preview of what its being done there.
Also we can Confirm the lizard will have Micro SD Slot for file storage, the slot will be functional with firmware update when the standalone mode is being released


The last touches on the Maximus Lizard took a lot of hard work and many days to ensure that our exciting add on features will be compatible with what you order today. Available in just a few days will be the list of features the Lizard will sport at launch.
Meanwhile, we can confirm the following facts:
a) Launch date: January 14!! That gives us time to implement some awesome hardware changes and, believe us, it will be worth the wait!
b) Lizard Suggested Price: .90 if you preorder, giving you savings on the regular 0 price.
c) Lizard will be bundled with cables and goodies -- details coming soon.

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