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(Greyed out items are in the US for repair)

Europe Tower: 100 ft Rohn 55: 2 el 40 yagi at 105 (rotatable); 5 el 20 yagi at 95; fixed Eur; 5 el 15 yagi at 85, fixed Eur; 5 el 10 yagi at 75, fixed Eur; A-3S tribander at 45, fixed South America. Click here for photo.
US/JA Tower: 80 ft Rohn 45: 5 el six meter yagi at 85 ft; 3 el CL-33 tribander at 85 ft; rotatable; 5 el 205CAS at 67 ft fixed US/JA; 80 inverted vee; XM-510 at 58 ft fixed US/JA; XM-510 ar 36 ft fixed US/JA. Click here for photo of this tower.
WARC Tower: 54 ft aluminum: 30 inv vee at 50 ft
Other Antennas: 160 inv vee at 100 ft; 540 ft US/JA Beverage, 3 el 80 meter delta loop with top at 80 ft favoring Europe, 30 meter inv vee, 75 meter inv vee at 85 ft

Station 1: FT-1000MP, AL-1200 linear, W5XD Multikeyer, full switchable set of W3NQN bandpass filters, Pentium desktop on Ethernet network, Bencher paddle, Heil Proset
Station 2: FT-1000 Mark V Field,
Ten-Tec Titan II linear, Bencher paddle, Heil proset, IBM Pentium desktop on Ethernet network
Station 3: Omni VI
(computer controlled),
Amp Supply LK-800 linear, Bencher paddle, Heil proset, Pentium desktop on Ethernet network
Station 4: TS-930, Alpha 76 linear, Compaq Pentium desktop on Ethernet with flat screen monitor;
Bencher paddle, IC-505 6 meter all mode transceiver

Internet: Available on Pentium at Stations # 1 and # 3.

2 Meter FM: Yaesu FT-211 RH FM rig and Ringo Ranger at about 20 feet.

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PJ2T Run Station Filter Panel and Coax Entry Bulkheads