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PageFour home

Because it's NOT a business product. Because it doesn't dazzle you with 1001 features that you'll never use. Because you can't insert a graph, or embed a table within a table. PageFour was designed creatively for creative writers.

  • Organize your work in a way that suits you.
  • Place your character summaries and plot outlines wherever you wish.
  • Chapters and notes, all at your fingertips.
  • PageFour's powerful Search tool helps you quickly find that paragraph you wrote last week. No more Windows Search, or frantically opening document after document.
  • Password protect those sensitive Pages or chapters.
  • Spell checker dictionaries available in many languages - German, French, Spanish, etc.
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Notebook View

PageFour is a tabbed word processor, outliner, and organizer for writers. It has a simple structure based around Notebooks. Each Notebook contains as many Folders and Pages as you wish, and is structured in whichever manner best fits YOUR needs. Every writer works differently, and PageFour recognizes this.

Create a separate Notebook for each novel and another for your Blog or Journal. With PageFour, YOU build your working environment, you do not adapt to suit the software.

Editing Software for Writers

New in 2013! First-pass editing software for writers. Make a start at editing your novel or short story with SmartEdit, and join a growing number or published authors who benefit from its many checks. Work directly with Microsoft Word or Open Office documents within SmartEdit, or use SmartEdit's reports to polish your work in your word processor of choice. Over 20 different checks are run on your novel, highlighting a host of potential problems. A fully featured, 10 day trial is available for download.

SmartEdit is a new product from Bad Wolf Software, with no links to PageFour.

PageFour Snapshots and Archives

Never worry about losing your work again. Whether you're making major changes during editing, or simply re-writing those paragraphs you wrote yesterday, PageFour's Snapshots and Archiving makes undoing those changes a piece of cake.

  • Take a Snapshot Copy of your work at a single click. No more Save as...
  • Keep your snapshots for up to 20 days, and view or roll back at any time.
  • No limit to the number of snapshots you may take.
  • Store full archives of ALL your Notebooks for up to a year.
  • Auto-archiving - just say how frequent, and PageFour does the rest.
  • Roll back or recover your work from months ago.
Snapshots List

Fully Compatible with MS Word

PageFour files are stored in RTF format, which means they can be opened by ALL word processors. Once you begin working with PageFour, you are not tied to the product.

  • Use the Import feature to bring all your word documents into PageFour - all your folder structures will be maintained.
  • Export single Pages, or entire Folders or Notebooks to any location you choose.
  • Use PageFour's special Import/Export feature to synchronize your work across two machines.

Smart-Edit - Scan for over used phrases and words

PageFour's Smart-Edit works as a starting point when you begin to edit your work. It does not correct or improve your writing, but it does quickly draw your attention to areas you may wish to look at. By identifying over used phrases and words, it attempts to make your job that little bit easier.

  • Lists words and phrases that occur again and again.
  • Easily configurable - you decide what constitutes 'over use.'
Over used phrase list

The decision as to what to do, or if indeed anything needs to be done, is always left to the writer. Smart-Edit is a tool to help you do your job, it does NOT attempt to do it for you.

Searching - Find text across Folders and Notebooks

PageFour's powerful Search makes finding that paragraph you wrote months ago a piece of cake. How many times have you lost something you wrote last week or last month? You know it's there somewhere, but you just can't seem to find it. PageFour searches every Page, every Folder, and every Notebook for you.

  • Options to search current Page, current Notebook, or all Notebooks
  • List of results to choose from.
  • Double click on each result and immediately open the page for reading or editing.
  • You never need to ask yourself 'Where did I put ...?' again.
  • No more Windows Explorer, or Windows Search.
Search for text

PageFour Free Product Key - Most i Want Pagefour 1.7 Full Version Download - Cracks Serials Keygens Pagefour Download Crack Serial (11 Results) - WarezDestiny