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EMIKO® Garden and Soil Activator is a ready-to-use soil improver, which can be used in kitchen gardens, for lawns, ornamental, balcony and indoor plants, as well as in the preparation of compost. EMIKO® Garden and Soil Activator is listed in the resources list of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) in Germany as well as the resource list for organic and GM-free agriculture (infoXgen) in Austria.

Recommendations for use
Prior to use, EMIKO® Garden and Soil Activator is mixed at a ratio of 1:50 (20ml per 1 l of water). You should always prepare the solution fresh each time and use it up within 24 hours. Lawn and decorative borders: At least 3 times a year 200ml EMIKO Soil Improver + 10l of water per 10m2 Vegetable gardens: At least 5 time a year 200ml EMIKO Soil Improver + 10l of water per 10m2 Balcony and tub plants: Every 4 weeks 20ml EMIKO Soil Improver per 1.0l of water Indoor plants: Every 4 weeks 20ml EMIKO Soil Improver per 1.0 l of water, additionally spray regularly with the same dosage (shiny leaves) Farming, forestry, horticulture: 4-6 times per year 20l EMIKO Soil Improver + 100l of water per ha Compost: 5 times per year 1l EMIKO Soil Improver + 10l of water per 1m3 Strengthen plants and prevent infestation by pests and mildew: Spray with a dilution of 100ml EMIKO Soil Improver + 10l of water prior to bloom in frost-free periods and after leaf fall prior to the first frosts.

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Pressure sprayer Pressure sprayer
Trigger pump spray bottle with brass nozzle, fill volume 1.25 litres
25,50 €
1 piece | 25,50 € /piece
Dosing/mixing unit Dosing/mixing unit
2% dosing of EMIKO® soil supplements
35,65 €
1 piece | 35,65 € /piece
EM Super Cera C® Powder EM Super Cera C® Powder
improves the living conditions for microorganisms in the soil
from 18,90 €
Weight: 0.001 kg


Canister wrench Canister wrench
For 5 l and 10 l canister caps
3,75 €
1 piece | 3,75 € /piece