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Important Information to Record

Did you know there is important information that you should record just in case your hard drive crashes. You should record the following so we can help recover your licenses.

- Tool Instance of the machine

- Order Number of the licenses from the distributor

- Copy of the Keys entered at the time of activation (Or if you transfer the keys to a different machine record those also)

- QSOL ID the licenses are stored under (Did you know you could have your licenses placed under a free QSOL ID so you can easily find your licenses down the road? When you purchase your licenses, have the distributor put them under your own specific QSOL ID.)

Has your Hard drive crashed or PC been stolen? Fill out this form and email it to Service Tool Support to have your keys recovered.

Thank you

Electronic Service Tool Management

What Tools Does this Site Support?

  • License Configuration Tool (LCT)
  • Fault Information System (FIS Download)
  • FIRST™
  • Cummins Update Manager
  • Fault Viewer
  • Cummins Fault Code Advisor (Fault Advisor)
  • Dynamic Engine System Analysis (DESA)
  • Marine Component Software Download Tool


 Interested in Field Testing?

Cummins Electronic Service Tools is looking for Electronic Service Tool users to help test newer versions of our tools. If your interests include supporting the Field Test effort CLICK HERE and let us know! You must have an Active INSITE Subscription to be part of Field Test. 

Tool Name Version
INSITE Service Tool


Update Manager 6.0
License Configuration Tool 1.7








Where to Start?

Start here if you don't have a DVD: Click Here Size: 180 Kb

If INSITE is already installed on your computer:  Where to Start Instructions Size: 3 Mb

If INSITE is a new installation:  Where to Start Instructions Size: 5 Mb

          Please note: These instructions are the same for any version of INSITE 8.X and greater. The screenshots are just examples of the software used to build these instructions.


Still have Questions?

License Quotes, Renewals, or General Pricing, Please Click Here


- Quickcheck

- PowerSpec


Technical Support

For Phone Support - Click Here

Email our Support Group Or Chat with one of our Technicians to get your questions answered.

For North America Email Support, click the tool your seeking help for below:

  • Cummins Update Manager
  • INSITE Fault Viewer
  • Cummins Fault Code Advisor
  • Dynamic Engine System Analysis (DESA)

For Live Chat Support, (English Support) click the icon below:

Operating Hours for Live Support is Monday thru Friday
from 8am to 5pm U.S. Eastern Time.
Support will be provided in the English language only.

Want to use our Chat App so you don't have to open a website everytime? Click Here






What is New with our Electronic Service Tools?

    • Current INSITE Version: 8.1.3
    • Next Version: 8.1.4
      • Release Timing: TBD
    • Release Information
    • Software Download
    • PC System Requirements
    • INSITE Training Material 
    • Current Known Issues  - NEW
  • License Configuration Tool - Licensing Tool for INSITE
    • Current Version: 1.6.1
    • Next Version: 1.7
      • Release Timing: June 2016
    • Software Download
    • Current Known Issues
    • INCAL Frequently Asked Questions
    • QuickServe Online Download Procedure  (Size: 1.2MB)
    • Current DVD Version Available
      • Full INCAL DVD : March 2016
      • SIR INCAL DVD : March 2016
      • RMI INCAL DVD : March 2016
  • Cummins Update Manager
    • Current Version: 5.4.1
    • Software Download  
    • Next Version: 6.0
      • Release Timing: May 2016
    • Current Known Issues
    • PC System Requirements
  • Fault Viewer
    • Software Download
    • Current Version: 3.0
    • Current Known Issues
    • PC Systems Requirements
  • Dynamic Engine System Analysis (DESA) - NORTH AMERICA ONLY
    • Software Download
    • Current Version: 1.6.0
    • Current Known Issues
    • PC Systems Requirements


Frequently Asked Questions

  • General FAQ
  • Cummins Update Manager
  • Fault Viewer
  • Dynamic Engine System Analysis (DESA)
  • Datalink Support and Information
  • Electronic Service Tools - Training Material



Page Last Updated: 5/16/2016

Pluralsight - Official Site RockWare- GIS (ArcView) software and earth science software 2015: Product keys for Autodesk products Installation