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Chart Events When you use a computer, you continuously interact with objects and programs, through events. An event is anything that happens, such as moving the mouse, clicking on objects, changing data, or activating windows. Programs can raise events of their own as well...
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1. GMC Council approves development of UK medical licensing assessment [] 2. The licence to practise [] 3. McCrorie P, Boursicot KAM. Variations in medical school graduating examinations in the United Kingdom: are clinical competence standards comparable? Med Teach. 2009;31:223–9. doi: 10.1080/01421590802574581. [PubMed] [Cross...
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Chapter 4. Guest Additions Table of Contents 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Installing and Maintaining Guest Additions 4.2.1. Guest Additions for Windows 4.2.2. Guest Additions for Linux 4.2.3. Guest Additions for Solaris 4.2.4. Guest Additions for OS/2 4.3. Shared folders 4.3.1. Manual mounting 4.3.2. Automatic mounting...
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