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Star Exam 1.1 with License Key

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The AstroViewer shareware is an interactive night sky map, that you can download and install on your computer. You don't need an internet connection to explore the night sky interactively.

Shareware, licence key

You can download the test version of the AstroViewer shareware free of charge and test it, observing the license agreement, as long as you wish.

After evaluating the AstroViewer test version, you may wish to enable the full set of functionalities by entering a license key. You can buy the license key here.

Restriction of the test version

  • The time range is limited to 1950 till 1959.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista (x32/x64) / Win 7 (x32/x64),
  • a JavaTM runtime environment, version 1.4.2 or higher (..., which is already installed on most computers with Windows® operation system. If AstroViewer Online runs well on your computer, you have already an adequate JavaTM runtime environment. If not, you can download JavaTM here.)

Download and install the test version

Follow these steps:

  1. Download AstroViewer 3.1.6 (1.75 MB) and store it in a directory of your choice. By downloading the test version you accept the AstroViewer license agreement.
  2. Install AstroViewer 3.1.6 by executing "av3-1-6-setup.exe" (e.g. by doubleclicking it in the Windows® explorer) and follow the instructions.

Remove (uninstall) AstroViewer


Start => Programs => AstroViewer 3.1.6 => Uninstall AstroViewer


Control Panel => Add/Remove Programs

Buy license key

License agreement

Download now!
AstroViewer 3.1.6

AstroViewer 2.11.5 works with license keys that were bought between August 12, 2007 and August 26, 2009.

AstroViewer 2.10.8 works with license keys that were bought until August 11, 2007.


© Copyright 2001-2012 by Dirk Matussek
updated: Aug. 20, 2012
AstroViewer® is a registered Community Trade Mark of the European Union.
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