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  • Immediate download of 6-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, Apple Lossless, 24bit FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire, for as little as a pound (bandcamp's smallest amount allowed) or as much as you currently have in the bank.

    The 24bit thing is pretty key - that's "better than CD quality" - I know, you didn't think anything could be higher quality than CDs, right? Wrong. This is. It's awesome.

    Normally labels charge loads more for hi-res files. It's not uncommon for even 'normal' FLAC files to cost £12-£15 per album. But that's not how we roll, as some Americans say. No, it's not. So grab the high res fylz, and pay what you think they're worth (which is, obviously, more than low res files, but it's really up to you....)

    Somewhere between the aforementioned £1/everything seems wise, but please, if you're unsure, listen to it here for free, and give it a few listens before deciding.

    If you're having trouble deciding, try 50p-£1 per track or £5-£10 for an album... or don't. You're a grown-up, you understand how this music making thing works. Your time has value too. Calculate it based on that, if you like... We just hope you enjoy it! ... more

     £3 GBP  or more


  • USB Flash Drive

    [SPECIAL - pay £35 or more and get the download codes for FingerPainting: Complete - 10 more albums!]

    BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION "TINY VINYL" DESIGN - featuring artwork from the two brand new solo albums, A Crack Where The Light Gets In and The Way Home.

    In MP3 format, you get the following albums:

    My Solo Albums:

    1 :: And Nothing But The Bass: Live At The Troubadour (2000)
    2 :: Not Dancing For Chicken (2002)
    3 :: Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline Pt 1 (2002)
    4 :: Grace And Gratitude (2004)
    5 :: Lessons Learned From An Aged Feline Pt 2 (2004)
    6 :: Behind Every Word (2006)
    7 :: Lessons Learned From The Fairly Aged Felines (2006)
    8 :: Ten Years On: Live In London (2010)
    9 :: 11 Reasons Why 3 Is Greater Than Everything (2011)
    10 :: Believe In Peace (2012)
    11 :: What The Mind Thinks, The Heart Transmits (2014)
    12 :: A Crack Where The Light Gets In (2015)
    13 :: The Way Home (2015)

    Steve and Lobelia Albums:

    14 :: Live In Nebraska (2008)
    15 :: Live So Far (2010)

    Other Collaborations:

    16 :: Conversations (Steve Lawson and Jez Carr) 2002
    17 :: For The Love Of Open Spaces (Steve Lawson and Theo Travis) 2003
    18/19 :: Live in Cambridge (Steve & Theo, previously unreleased, double length official bootleg) 2005
    20 :: Numbers (Lawson/Dodds/Wood) 2008
    21 :: Slow Food (Steve Lawson and Trip Wamsley) 2010
    22 :: Infrablab (Trip Wamsley and Steve Lawson) 2010
    23 :: Hidden Windows(Steve Lawson and Neil Alexander) 2012
    24 :: Invenzioni (Steve Lawson and Mike Outram 2012
    25 :: Nothing Can Prepare (Steve Lawson and Andy Williamson) 2012
    26 :: The FingerPainting Sessions Vol 1 (Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman) 2013
    27 :: The FingerPainting Sessions Vol 2 (Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman) 2013
    28 :: Diversion (Steve Lawson and Jon Thorne) 2014
    29 :: Marinate (Steve Lawson and Julie Slick) 2014
    30 :: Ley Lines (Phi Yaan-Zek, Steve Lawson, Andy Edwards) 2015


    :: Steve Live in Belgium (45 minutes - MP4)


    :: "Rock And Roll Is Dead" = Steve's novel.

    Includes unlimited streaming of A Crack Where The Light Gets In via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. ... more

    ships out within 14 days

     £30 GBP or more

  • Full Digital Discography



    Get all 31 Steve Lawson releases available on Bandcamp and save 70%.

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The Surrender Of Time, Referendum, You Guys! Let's Just Talk About Nail Varnish!, The Way Home, A Crack Where The Light Gets In, Diversion, What The Mind Thinks, The Heart Transmits, The FingerPainting Sessions Vol 1, and 23 more. , and , .

    Excludes subscriber-only releases.

     £19.05 GBP or more (70% OFF)



The Upward Spiral 08:36


Grown-Ups At Play 05:46


Growing Up And Moving On 07:33


Imaginary Robot Ninja Assistant 03:59


Ten Years Of Listening 11:07


Slow Food 05:20

So Why Slow Food?
Well, the slow food movement was so named in contrast to fast food - the big business, low nutrition, fast buck, zero time approach to cuisine.
In contrast the slow food movement is about things being local, seasonal, organic, treasured, valued, social, cared-for.
That’s how we make music - this is not pop music. Not that it’s willfully obscure, just that when we’re composing it as we go along, playing what feels right in response to what’s just happened, it’s more like cooking a special meal for your family than it is like planning a way to fry more burgers per hour. The ingredients are pretty simple, but they’re what we know best. And the tracks take a while to bloom... It’s a pretty drawn out musical dialogue we’re having here, so sit back and relax, turn off the distractions, put the headphones on and enjoy it.
For the same reason, I’ve chosen to release these tracks as 24bit files. That’s higher than CD quality. Will you notice? Probably not, given that you don’t have the 16bit versions to compare it to, but believe me, this is as good as this music can possibly sound. 24 bit allows us great dynamic range I’ve avoided compressing the life out of the tracks, so you can enjoy that range). For that reason, I’d recommend you download the FLAC versions of the tracks if you have something to play FLAC files on (Winamp, or Songbird, For example) - the files are pretty big, but that’s where you’ll get the most benefit from the 24bit-ness.


released September 10, 2010

Steve Lawson: Fretless Bass, Looping and Associated Weirdness
Trip Wamsley: Basses (lots of 'em), samples (triggered via Ableton Live) Bass Pedals (I shit you not... The Taurus-stylee ones. Oh yes.)
Recorded at Trip's place, July 2010, in one day. Mixed and Mastered at Steve's place, August 2010.
Artwork/Photography: Steve.

tags: ambient duo ebow electronic electronica experimental featuring bass fretless bass improvised jazz looping louisiana trip wamsley United Kingdom


some rights reserved


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