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PolyTrans is the leading industry standard for comprehensive visualization and data translation of all 3D CAD/CAM, VisSim and Digital Content Creation data. With its support of virtually every 2D and 3D file format you will need no other tool to visualize 3D models and translate them to your format of choice. With a user base of the entire 3D industry, and being in use constantly by 3D professionals like yourself, PolyTrans works ‘out of the box’ in the most complex and demanding of situations – it simply works!

About the Manufacturer:

For more than a decade and a half Okino has set the standards and provided the toolsets to translate & re-purpose complex data assemblies and scenes between all major CAD, DCC (animation) and VisSim packages. Whether you need bidirectional 3D animation/gaming/multi-media conversions, or the re-purposing of large CAD assemblies into your favorite animation/VisSim package (Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Cinema-4D, Lightwave, MultiGen’s Creator and many others), we have the solid and robust solutions available now, used by thousands of industry professionals just like yourself.

Option Modules for Polytrans

The CAD/Pack is primarily targeted towards people who need to import native Autodesk CAD files, native SolidWorks and native Solid Edge files. SolidWorks is our top most popular importer along with native ProE/Creo. 

While not known or promoted by Autodesk front-line support, the absolute best way to import data from AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks and Inventor (with texture maps) is via the Okino DWF-3D conversion system which is one of our most important CAD sub-systems for Autodesk related CAD files. 

The CAD/Pack supports: Autodesk Inventor import (.iam and .ipt), DWF import/export (for ideal conversions from AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks and Revit), DXF/DWGimport/export, IGES 5.3 import and export (surface-based IGES - 144/142/128), Solid Edge import and SolidWorksimport. 

Please use the Granite/Pack for all IGES-based import conversions (there are 3 major versions of IGES: 1980's 'bounded', 1990's 'surfaced' and 2000's 'BREPs', all of which are handled through our Granite/Pack based IGES importer).

DCC/PackThe DCC/Pack has been primarily purchased for those wanting to license our "main product" called PolyTrans-for-Maya, and/or licensed in combination with our key OpenFlight import/export and Softimage (XSI)import/export native support. 

Both Collada import/export and our completely unique "trilogy" of v5 (Kaydara), v6 (Alias) and v7 (Autodesk) FBXimport/export converters are contained in the v5 base level software. 

Granite/Pack(incl. native ProE + Creo license support)The Granite/Pack is the MCAD BREP-solids 'back bone' of Okino software which allows you to import from literally any MCAD program in a completely robust and efficient manner. It is one of the fastest, most memory efficient and totally robust MCAD conversion systems in the industry. This is also the primary conversion method which supports PTC's ProE/Creo software, as it uses a real and embedded copy of PTC's core software - other comapanies who sell ProE/Creo MCAD importers at a 5 to 10x higher cost are actually using third party, reverse engineered technology from France or India yet do not publicize this fact. 

Supported and core MCAD formats supported for import are: ProE® & Creo® native parts & assemblies, PTC .neutral files, ACIS® SAT, IGES (solids, surfaces), Parasolid®, STEP & VDA-FS. Its day to day primary use is to handle ProE/Creo, IGES and STEP files (STEP AP214 is always preferred over Parasolid for UG NX and Solid Edge).

The Granite/Pack is licensed directly from PTC and it is one of the most stable, universally used technologies for handling native ProE+Creo files, IGES, STEP and Parasolid amongst the Okino user base. For our animators who have never dealt with the CAD world, Granite comes with a standard one year of free updates and maintenance. After that period you can optionally upgrade it again anytime in the future when needed. Statistically, our users upgrade Granite between 1.0 and 2.5 years after the last purchase. The Granite/Pack license you purchase is perpetual and will not expire, but you will need to renew the PTC maintenance in the future to obtain newer versions released by PTC. You are not locked-in to buying this maintenance every year. The Granite/pack also includes the Okino 'surface-based' IGES importer as a complement to the 'solids-based' PTC IGES importer. 

Note: this is the only software available on the market which imports native, encrypted PTC ProE+Creo files using a real, licensed copy of ProE/Creo from PTC and with a very low, subsidized licensing cost.5 license with standard one year of maintenance and updates from

CAD-DCC -PackCAD/Pack + DCC/Pack 5
DCC-Granite"-PackDCC/Pack + Granite/Pack 0
CAD-Granite"-PackCAD/Pack + Granite/Pack 0
Triple-PackCAD/Pack + DCC/Pack + Granite/Pack (all optional add-on converter packs) 5

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