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Docklight 2.0 license key with patch

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I entered the license key, but Docklight still is in evaluation mode. How do I fix this?

Applies to: Docklight (all versions), Article ID: dl_prb031

I entered the license key, but Docklight still is in evaluation mode. How do I fix this?

Some users have reported that Docklight does not keep the license key continues in evaluation mode. This can happen on Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 in the following situations: B) You are running Docklight from a different user account than the one used for entering the license key. Please use the following procedure to ensure the license is stored as a global, system-wide information: Start Docklight using right mouse click on the Docklight icon, then choose “Run as administrator” from the Windows popup menu. Enter your license key. Close Docklight. Now start again (regular left mouse click on “Docklight”). Docklight should work now as expected. NOTE: Future Docklight versions will feature an improved License Registration dialog that allows adding and removing the license directly. The customer support versions below already include the new dialog:

Download Docklight V2.1.xx Customer Support version (improved license management)

Download Docklight Scripting V2.1.xx Customer Support version (improved license management)