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Less than 37 lb 16.8gk Incredibly fast

THE INVENTION of an articulated chain link (patented) allowed Redalp to go a different way in frame design. This configuration gives more rearward axle path for outstanding suspension performance, links the head tube with the rear wheel on a straight line for maximum stiffness and minimum weight and solves all problems associated with high pivot points.
Less than 37lb 16.8kg Incredibly fast

Chain link [Pro-Motion]. No chain growth, no squat, no pedal back kick!
Lightweight – both models are less than 37lb (16.8kg)
Reliable, robust aluminum/carbon frames in 6061-T6
Increased rearward axle path dominates rocks and roots
Single pivot point, reasonable production cost, competitive sales price
Low maintenance
 Pro-Motion set up. No chain growth no squat no pedal back kick. Simple but highly efficient

“Our flagship, Replica DH, comes with a Fox 40, UST compatible Deemax and a 10 speed cassette. We offer this bike for a very reasonable price” says Andy Wuthrich from Redalp. “The Team DH Bike is probably an even better value for money. Equipped with Easton Havoc UST wheels, a 10 speed cassette and a Boxxer R2C2, some riders may prefer this bike regardless of the 2’000 Dollar cost saving”
BB 83mm

REDALP is a Swiss Mountain Bike manufacturer. The Company was founded in Crans-Montana, Switzerland in August 2011. For more information please visit

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