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Create custom apps FileMaker An Apple Subsidiary

  • Create custom apps to meet your unique business needs

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See what's new in the FileMaker 15 Platform

iOS ready

Build powerful iPad and iPhone apps that leverage the full capability of the FileMaker Platform.

Built-in reporting tools

Create reports on the fly, make colorful charts, and easily build custom reports with a step-by-step assistant.

Easy integration

Connect to existing ODBC/JDBC and XML data sources. Create two-way connections with SQL data.


Easily create custom apps with the intuitive graphical interface, built-in templates, and ready-to-use themes.

Affordable pricing

The FileMaker Platform fits any budget and is a great value compared to expensive programming projects.


Sea Breeze Farm uses the FileMaker Platform to increase productivity and profits across many of its small businesses.

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Using the FileMaker Platform, nonprofit GoodWeave aims to reduce child labor in handmade carpet manufacturing.

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Metropolis Studios chose the FileMaker Platform over an inflexible enterprise system to manage its financial operations.

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Are custom apps for you?

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Getting started with FileMaker 15

Watch a demo

FileMaker Developer Conference 2016

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Platform Overview

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