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Roger Waters The Wall - Mount Everest 60 Panoramic photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Free Download Catpart Viewer Software - Super Shareware


10 years ago at the 50 year anniversary for the first who reached the top of Everest, I published the only existing 360 panorama from the top of Mount Everest.

May 29 1953 The top of Mount Everest was reached for the first time by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. On May 24, 1989 the Australian photographer and mountaineer Roderick Mackenzie reached the summit. He was no 271 since 1953. The panorama he made is still the only 360 degree panorama made from the summit.

During the 10 years it has been seen by more than 7.000.000 people, and it has until very recently been one of the top 5 in Google when searching for Mount Everest.

A documentary by the Hongkong photographer John Choy

Text by Yuen Chan.

It was a day of downpours, tears, hope and even a rainbow. On September 1st 2012, an estimated 40,000 people filled Tamar Park next to Hong Kong’s famed Victoria Harbour and framed by the territory’s gleaming new government headquarters.
They were there to protest against the introduction of a new mandatory Moral and National Education Curriculum in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools. Under this new subject, children from as young as six would be expected to develop a sense of national identity and pride in their country; to be be moved when they see the raising of the flag of the People’s Republic of China.

Curiosity Rover First Colour Panorama
Original Photo : NASA JPL- Caltech

Interactive panorama conversion: Hans Nyberg - Note that more sky has been added artificially by me in this interactive version.

This 360-degree panorama was released Aug 27 2012.

It includes the highest part of Mount Sharp which is approximately 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the rover.

The colors on this panorama are enchanced to give the same colors as it would have under lights on earth.

Curiosity Rover Moves
Original Photo : NASA JPL

Interactive panorama conversion: Hans Nyberg -

This 360-degree panorama shows evidence of a successful first test drive for NASA's new Curiosity rover. On Aug. 22, 2012, the rover made its first move, going forward about 15 feet (4.5 meters), rotating 120 degrees and then reversing about 8 feet (2.5 meters). Curiosity is about 20 feet (6 meters) from its landing site, now named Bradbury Landing.

The Greeley Haven panorama from the Opportunity Rover has been seen by more than 3.000.000 visitors in Aug 2012. Do not miss it.

Dec 19, 2011
The Danish Church paintings. Bible Cartoons of the Mediveal ages
The Danish and Swedish church paintings are a unique concentration of church frescoes and murals in the world.
More than 600 churches have murals dated back to the Middle Ages. Read more

In many countries, commercialized postal services have closed the traditional post offices and set up small service points in supermarkets and magazine shops.

On the 27th of November at 18.00 hrs, the last post office in the Netherlands at the Neude in Utrecht, has closed its doors.
Read more

The Occupy Wall Street protests started on September 17 as a small rally on Manhattan and Broadway.

A month later the movement was Global with protests on October 15 from North and South America to Asia, Africa and Europe,.

Over 1,500 events in 82 countries, was held as part of a global day of action.

Occupy Wall Street in Slovenia October 15 - 2011

Occupy Wall Street in Greensboro October 15 - 2011

June 24, 2011 - VR Photo @ Jann Lipka -

While Denmark and Norway is celebrating midsummer with bonfires, Sweden has another tradition.

At midsummer eve the Swedes raise and dance around a maypole (majstång or midsommarstång

June 24, 2011 - VR Photo @  Dimitar Torbov,

During last weekend the Soviet army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria was transformed into Pop Art by unknown graffiti artists.

APRIL 28, 2011 - VR Photo @ Torsten Hemke

Tomorrow the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton take place.The place outside Buckingham Palace will be crowded with thousands of people. The wedding will take place in Westminster Abbey where they will arrive after a drive from Buckingham Palace

APRIL 11, 2011 - VR Photo by Hans Nyberg

Salt Lake City was founded by Mormon Pioneers on July the 24th 1847.

The central city, in American English usually called Downtown SLC (check Wikipedia for this special US Expression) is built in close connection to the gigantic Temple Square Area which is the world headquarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Dec 7, 2010

All north Europe has the last weeks experienced snow and temperatures much lower than normal.

After a week of constant snow all over Denmark and temperatures from -5 to -15 celcius we got a beatiful day today with no wind and temperatures around zero

VR Photo by Hans Nyberg

Nov 5, 2010

Next week the Brigham Young University's Museum of Art in Utah US opens an exhibition with paintings by the Danish 19th century painter Carl Bloch. I was commissioned by the Brigham Young museum to photograph panoramas from all the Danish and Swedish churches where Carl Bloch's altar paintings are found.

One of the locations i shot was the Kings Oratory (Kongens Bedekammer) at Frederiksborg Castle. To be able to show all paintings in the panorama I had to remove the silver altar you see above but as it could not be moved I had to do a Photo manipulation in Photoshop.

View the panorama before and after and read how it was done. Read More


Reunion Island inscribed as Natural World Heritage Site. August 3 2010 -
Photographer: Hervé Douris Website:

At a meeting last wek in Brasilia the pitons, cirques and remparts of Reunion Island was inscribed as a natural World Heritage Site. Read More


Aerial Panoramas by OLEG GAPONYUK / Tech. assistant ANDREY ZUBETZ

Aerial Panoramas have during the last years become an interesting speciality in VR Photo. The Russian photographer Oleg Gaponyuk has travelled to do panoramas from some of the most spectacular places around the world. Oleg's aerial panoramas are made from a real helicopter but that is just one of the ways to do aerial panoramas. Using RC Helicopters, Helium Balloons, or Kites are other ways of creating this spectacular panoramas. More about that to come soon.


Stockholm, June 19, 2010
Today Victoria the crown princess of Sweden married Daniel Westling, a fitness trainer from the small village Ockelbo, at a wedding which beats everything that has ever happend in Sweden.

An estimation of 500.000 people was in the streets of Stockholm to celebrate them and to watch the Crown Princess and their new Prince at their tour through Stockholm in the horse-drawn Royal Carriage.


Queen Margrethe of Denmark has been celebrated all week at her 70th birthday on April 16.

I was invited by the The Danish Royal House to take a panoramic image of all the guests before the performance started. This is a Multiresolution panorama which you can zoom in for close view.


This pano shows the Director of the Royal Danish Theatre introducing me before the shoot. This pano is made by my friend John Kroll from Virtualworks who assisted me at the shoot.

Read more on the page about how the panorama was made.

April 11 2010

Poles gathered at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw the day after the plane crash, which killed 96 people including Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife.....Read More

With record temperatures of 110 F (44 C), the hottest temperatures in five decades the carnival this year is really the hottest party on earth.

For the first time in many years we have almost all Denmark covered with snow.

Djursland with the recently inaugurated National Park Mols Bjerge did just get enough for skiing and sledges.

In other parts of Denmark traffic chaos has been the result after more than 50cm snow and hard wind

Jook Leungs Times Square panoramas has been some of the most viewed at during all the years since 2003. The 2010 panorama is now online and you can view them all in Flash in this special feature.

At Sydney harbour as much as 1.5 million people gathered to welcome the New Year with a giant fireworks display. 4,500 kilograms (9,000 pounds) of fireworks was fired from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and from four barges on the water.



© Hans Nyberg

The story of St Nicholaus the origin behind Santa Claus is a long story beginning in what today is the south coust of Turkey were Nicholas was born in the 3rd century. READ MORE AND SEE 360 PANO

You also find him depicted in thousands of paintings, icons and sculptures since the 15th century.

Also in several of the Danish churches you see him on the murals from the 16th and 15th centuries like in the Udbyneder Church where he is painted as the protector of the sailors.

For those who are not able to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference at Bella Center in Copenhagen there is an alternative way of contributing to the CO2 reduction.

At Raadhuspladsen you can power the Christmas tree and at the same time get your exercise for the day.

The Bicycle powered 56 foot Christmas tree has 700 LED bulbs burning only when there is enough power from the 15 bikes delivering the power.

OSLO December 10 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was on December 10 received by US President Barack Obama at the Oslo City Hall. . Read More and view supersize zoomable 360


© Jook Leung
New York Friday Nov. 6

On Thursday Nov. 5 the New York Yankees won their 27th World Series Championship in baseball.

On Friday they were celebrated with a gigantic ticker parade along the Canyon of Heroes on Broadway. Read More and view 360

Elizabeth Gentile Evergreen Studios
New York Sunday Nov. 1
The New York marathon is one of the world's greatast road runs, with 42,000 participants this year.

The run passes through most of New York with Finish in Central Park... Read More and view 360

PHOTOGRAPHER: © Tristan 'Shu' Lebeschu

Tristan Shu is known in the VR Community for his very special extreme sport 360 panoramas.

The panorama with himself paragliding over Lac Annecy in south eastern France is his last amazing creation.

Lake Annecy in the French Alps is the second largest lake in France. Read More and view 360


A documentary about the last of the Hong Kong Resettlement Estates from the 60th.

John Choy was consigned by the Hong Kong Government to dokument the estate before it was evacuated during the first part of 2009. All the recidents are now reinstalled in new apartments most of them in the Upper Ngau Tau Kok.

John Coy decided to use panoramas for some of the documentation and the result is more than 40 panoramas and hundreds of still images.

Especially for a selection of them can now be seen as interactive panoramas.

Read More on the panorama page


Dallas Elm Street at the assassination place.

22 November 1963  president John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas.

The Panorama is taken just in front of the place where he was hit the second time.

The red building to the left is the Texas School Book Depository where the rifle Lee Harvey Oswald used was found on the 6th floor.


4 panoramas from the public exhibition held by Julien's Auctions on April 14th–25th, 2009 of the items collected by Michael Jackson on Neverland Ranch.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Thierry Blondeau

Monaco - July 4

Tour de France started Saturday with a 9.6-mile time trial in Monaco.

Lance Armstrong is back at the Tour de France and ended on 10th place after the time race

Sydney July 4 2009

All over the world memorials are held to honour Michael Jackson.

In Sydney fans gathered for outdoor dance partys in honour of the King of Pop.



June 26 2009

Singer Michael Jackson often called King of Pop died Thursday June 25 in his home in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Centre at 2.26pm Pacific Time (10.26pm BST)

At the famous Apollo Theater in New York, fans gathered on friday night to mourn his death. Outside the theater they wrote messages on a memorial wall.




June 23 2009

Sankt Hans at Fregatten Jylland in Ebeltoft Denmark.

Sankt Hans is held the June 23 with Bonfires all over Denmark. The tradition with Midsummer Fires is a very old tradition, more than 500 years old. It has been common over most of Europe and can even be found in North Africa among moslems.

The speech was held by actor and standup-comedian Hella Joof and the event was transmitted in the Danish TV .

PHOTOGRAPHER: Peter Murphy, Visit his website for more panoramas from Sydney

Luminous, is a new annual festival of music, art installations and talks organized by the Sydney Opera House during Sydney's music and light festival, Vivid.

The festival started on May 26 and lasts until June 14.


May 27 2009

On Memorial Day New York opened the first car free pedestrian walk on Broadway at Times Square.

The plan put at work by the New York city transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, is partly inspired by the Danish "Strøget" in Copenhagen, whose medieval streets and plazas have been closed for cars since decades.

Also view panorama from: Strøget Copenhagen

and Strøget Aarhus

Bryan Chan / Los Angeles Times

May 10, Santa Barbara California

California has during the last week been haunted by wildfire which has damaged 47 and destroyed 31 homes and more than 8,600 acres of land. 30,500 people has been evacuated of which half was allowed to return yesterday May 9


Photo © Toni Garbasso

The Painted Desert is an area in Northern Arizona stretching from Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest National Park.

Juhor ad-Dik
Johr al-Deek Gaza Strip
Destruction of a Village - Juhor ad-Dik was a small farming village south east of Gaza City.

During the 23-day Israeli offensive into Gaza from December 27 2008 to January 17 2009 more than 1200 Palestinians were killed and more than 5000 injured. Most sources say that more then half of them was civilians, women and childs. Read More

VR Photo © Andreas Lunde

Grand Canyon National Park Shoshone Point

The views from the point are spectacular. At northwest, you can see the South Kaibab Trail which snakes its way through Skeleton Point, at east you see Horseshoe Mesa and the Grandview Trail. Colorado River may be visible in the distance.

VR Photo © Jürgen Schrader


With Sound

Obama traces Lincoln's 1861 route to Washington

Baltimore January 17 - 2009

On his way to Washington for the inauguration on Tuesday 20 Barack Obama stopped in Baltimore. On a temporary stage at War Memorial Plaza he speaked to 40,000 people who had gathered on this very cold Saturday.

VR Photo © Andras Frenyo

with sound

New Years Eve at Time Square 2008 was a very cold experience.

At 1F (-17C) degree and a strong wind, it was one of the coldest Times Square New Years Eve ever.
Still a million people was gathered to see the Ball drop.

Photographer: © Jook Leung

NEW YEAR 2009 RIOw sound

NEW YEAR 2009 GLASGOWw sound



Church of the Nativity is the oldest church in the Holy Land still in use. It is supposed to have been built upon the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Read More

Photographer: © Tom Lassiter Westridge VR

On Nov 20 2008 The Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai was inaugurated with a party which medias has named the Largest Party ever.
The Atlantis Palm Dubai is an .5 billion investment which is built on the artificial island The Palm Jumeira. The Palm Jumeira is the first of the islands which will become the world’s largest man-made islands. Read More

Photographers: © INTERACTIVE MEDIA
Mahmood Rashid and Hans Nyberg

Check the ARCHIVE for more or just load from the list to the right.

At the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin a German organization, the Centre for Political Beauty, remembered the massacre of more than 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica, by building a monument of 16000 shoes pierced by bullet holes.

PHOTOGRAPHER: © Michael Stoß

FIFA Worldcup 2010 Fan Party in Berlin

At the FIFA Fan Mile site in Berlin several hundred thousands football fans watched Germany defeat England in the second round of the World Cup.

PHOTOGRAPHER: © Michael Stoß

© Eduardo Hutter
Former President George W. Bush visited Montreal Canada for an event organized by the city's chamber of commerce.

While inside around a thousand people payed between 0 each to hear Bush speak, on the outside f 300 hundred shoe-tossing protesters cried slogans accusing G.W. of war crimes and torture.

view 360

Sziget Festival 2009

August 17

The 17th Sziget festival in Budapest Hungary has started.

Like last year a team of Panorama photographers from US, France, Netherlands, and Hungary have documented the festival.


75.000 runners participated in this fun run on Sunday Aug 9.

They claim it to be the worlds biggest running event.

Photo Peter Murphy


Ever heard of Pillowfight day.

Actually it is a world wide event which this year was held on April 4. Andras Frenyo was there.


is the last Event at WorldWide Panorama. More than 180 photographers attended this event.

My own contribution was the diversity of the Danish Coastline made at
Kalø Slot - Kalo Castle

Full Screen QuickTime VR Virtual Panorama 5 years ago the Mars MER Rover landed on Mars. presented the first panorama in interactive 360 degree QTVR only a couple of hours after NASA posted it on Jan 13 GMT:


VR PHOTO © Jook Leung


>view 360 VR panorama

Tibet-China protests

VR Photo by Michael Stoß

Monday March 31, 2008

All over the world demonstrations against China in Tibet is taking place as the Olympic torch is carried from Greece to Beijing

Pro-Tibet supporters repeat call for Beijing Olympic boycott in Berlin

A New Issue of VRMAG is online

March 29

More than 40 new articles about VR Photography

>view 360 VR panorama

Virginia Tech students honor the victims for the shootings at Northern Illinois University

Monday February 18, 2008

More than 1,000 people gathered at Virginia Tech on Monday evening to honor the five students killed at the school shooting at Northern Illinois University.

Vr Photo @ Alan Kim -
The Roanoke Times

>view 360 VR panorama

Hongkong Marathon 2008

February 17 2008

Vr Photo @ Tommy Poung

>view 360 VR panorama
Red Bull Skating Race Final

Red Bull Skating Race Start

Quebec January 26 2008

This skating competition took place in the historic district of Old Québec

Vr Photo @ Jean-Pierre Lavoie

Rio de Janeiro 2007


All the preparations to the big party are moving on at Rio. Because of a strong religious believe of brazilians, lots of them dress in white and at 18:00 hs go to the Copacabana beach to pray for Iemanjá, also know as Sea’s Queen. She’s a symbol of God’s Mother in the African culture that came to Brazil during the slavery times.

Berlin Marathon

VR Photo: Michael Stoß

Sept 30 2007

In Berlin Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia broke the world record when he won the Berlin Marathon.

40.000 people participated in the Marathon and more than a million people followed the runners on the rute trough Berlin.

US Protests
at Apec meeting Sydney

VR Photo: Peter Murphy

Sept 8 2007

US Flag burning at protests at the APEC meeting in Sydney

Sziget Festival 2007
VR Photo: Sandor Boros

Aug 21 2007

The 15th Sziget festival in Budapest Hungary took place last week.

Like last year a team of Panorama photographers from US, France, Netherlands, and Hungary have documented the festival.

Visit for more than 70 panoramas from the festival

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