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Blade Transfer Services 1.2 with Product activator
Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1Microsoft Visual Studio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Browse 6,497 items in the Gallery Upload Add Products and Extensions My Extensions Sign in to access your Gallery Find Recently Added 1 2 3 4 5 more Free Amisys.POCOGene...
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Cortege Crack keygen
Resolve a DOI Name doi: Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Click Go. Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Send questions or comments to . Further documentation is available here. DOI System...
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Abex PowerPoint to Excel Converter 3.3 with Activator
مجموعه عظیم و اعجاب انگیز نرم افزار کوانتوم 3.0 بیش از 3000 نرم افزار کاربردی در قالب 80 گیگابایت اطلاعات در 16 دی وی دی در تمامی گروهها و رشته ها به همراه کرک و شماره سریال دارای اتوران و قابلیت جستجو مجموعه عظیم...
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024h Lucky Reminder 1.83 full version and

JavaScript Tree Menu Creator 1 Patched version

Z-Cron icon

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Z-Cron is a scheduler which you can use to run jobs/tasks on your PC time-controlled with a... Created by Andreas Baumann

  • Free Personal
  • Windows

With Z-Cron scheduler you can start and/or quit programs (.exe, .com, .bat) under Windows. Freeware software for automation task service on your system. These tasks can be started automatically at the following points in time:
Daily (every x days).
Weekly (every x weeks at a weekday you can choose).
Monthly (at the x calendar day or the x weekday of a month).
After the system startup.
In regular intervals (e.g. every 5 minutes, every hour, etc.)

Official website



Windows12, Linux1

Other Platforms



  • Free or Open Source10
  • Commercial3
  • Shutter icon

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    Shutter Good alternative? YES NO

    Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility, which has a user friendly and easy-to-use interface and supports many different...

  • System Scheduler icon

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    System Scheduler Good alternative? YES NO

    System Scheduler for Windows, Free Task Scheduling Software replace Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler The free version can...

  • Kana Reminder icon

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    Kana Reminder Discontinued Alternative? YES NO

    Kana Reminder is a program which can be used to set a reminder to be triggered at a specified time. It can also be used to run another...

  • VisualCron icon

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    VisualCron Good alternative? YES NO

    VisualCron is an automation, integration and task scheduling tool for Windows VisualCron combines many features into one product....

  • AutoRunnerX, AutoRunnerU icon

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    AutoRunnerX, AutoRunnerU Alternative?  YES NO

    Autorun of any files and launcher for portable USB flash drive software AutoRunnerX and AutoRunnerU are autorun-extensions for...

  • Scheduled tasks icon

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    Scheduled tasks Good alternative? YES NO

    GNOME GUI for configuring a users' cron (automatic jobs). Some of its features are: Templates support so that you won't...

  • Freebyte Task Scheduler icon

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    Freebyte Task Scheduler Alternative?  YES NO

    Freebyte Task Scheduler is a small and zero-install program which enables you to start other programs automatically, periodically and...

  • Task Scheduler icon

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    Task Scheduler Good alternative? YES NO

    The Task Scheduler is a Windows feature which can set your computer to automatically perform routine tasks. The Task Scheduler does...

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    024h Lucky Reminder Good alternative? YES NO

    024h Lucky Reminder is a reminder software for home and office. Lucky Reminder key features: Create, edit and delete events ...

  • Cacadu icon

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    Cacadu Good alternative? YES NO

    Cacadu is a windows desktop application for System Administrators, information technology specialists, geeks and typically anyone...

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  • JIT Scheduler icon

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    JIT Scheduler Good alternative? YES NO

    JIT Scheduler is a task scheduler for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003. It provides the easy way to create and launch tasks at...

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