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Mercalli Easy 1.0 full version and activation

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If you purchased Mercalli V2.x PRO, this tutorial is not for you since Mercalli V2.x installs Mercalli SAL PRO and plugins in Studio. In such case, please refer to tutorial: Installation and Overview Mercalli 2 - Stand Alone Version

If you purchased Mercalli EASY, this tutorial is not for you. In such case, please refer to tutorial: Getting Started with Mercalli Easy ...

On the other hand, if you intend to buy only the plugins for Studio, this is what to expect ... If you still did not buy the software, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated webpage for proDAD Mercalli.

Step 1 : Installing Plugins

Your purchase confirmation email includes two links and product key:

  1. The link {...}-mercalli-20-plugins32bit.exe (Plugins for your video editing software non-linear 32-bit)
  2. The link {...}-mercalli-20-plugins64bit.exe (Plugins for your video editing software non-linear 64-bit)

Do not confuse your editing software with your operating system (OS). Your OS may be 64 bits while your non-linear video editing software can be 32-bit, which is the case of Studio (in this case, use the 32 bit service pack only). For Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Sony Vegas 64-bit 9 / 10 Pro ... which are 64-bit software, use the 64 bit plugin.

By clicking on the appropriate link, you can download a file to launch the download that you can then download the software. This download of less than 400 KB is very fast. I will spare you the screenshot that offers to save the Mercalli-20-plugins32bit.exe or Mercalli-20-plugins64bit.exe according to your choice.

Once this file is saved on your hard drive, just run it. The usual warnings are shown to you before you run a file of this type. But the publisher is clearly identified and known, so I think you can run it without worry ... Run the file to launch the download

The download starts quickly. It should take less than a minute with a broadband connection.

At the end of the download, the file mercalli-20-plugins32bit.exe or mercalli-20-plugins64bit.exe is available.

Download begins

You have two options:

  1. Save the installation file on your hard drive. It can be useful to keep it together in a single backup file with your order confirmation, the product key and the setup file be used again later if needed.
  2. Or simply install the software and hope that everything goes smoothly on your computer a few months or years from now.
Installing the software
Installation starts with the traditional welcome window and copyright information. The Welcome and Information window
Then comes the famous window for acceptance of the terms of the license agreement. Read the license agreement if you wish but you can not continue the installation if you do not accept the terms... The acceptance of the license window
I hope that your purchase confirmation email is close at hand ... The best option is to copy & paste your serial number from the email into the input field of the serial number window.
You can then click on "Use Full Version" button which becomes active.
Entering the serial number
Selecting the target directory for installation:
  1. The installation program then offers a default installation directory:
    • C:\Program Files\proDAD 32 bits
    • C:\Program Files (X86)\proDAD 64 bits
It is recommended that you accept the default chosen by the installer.
Selecting the installation directory
The installer detects the video editing software compatible nonlinear installed on the computer and offers, by default, install the plugins on all editing software.
You can uncheck certain boxes if you want then you click "Next".
Proposed installation of plugins
The installation program automatically selects a number of default options and displays them for you.
Click the "Start the installation process."
Summary of installation options

Installation is complete. You exit the installation by clicking on the "Done, quit" button.

End of the installation
Step 2 : Location of plugins

You will find Mercalli V2.0:

Le plugin dans AVID Stufio

In the Avid Studio effects editor:

  1. In the "Effects" tab;
  2. By clicking on button 6 'Add-ons ";
  3. By selecting the "proDAD" section;
  4. You can easily spot the icon.
Le plugin dans Pinacle Studio
In the Pinnacle Studio video effects window:
  1. In the "Add an effect to a video clip"
  2. Under the Mercalli category;
  3. The effect is called Mercalli2.0

Note: If you had Mercalli V1, it is installed and usable, but it is located in a different area:

  • In Avid Studio: Effects Editor / Effects tab / button 6 Add-ons/Paragraphe Filter / Mercalli.
  • In Pinnacle Studio: Video Effects window / Category proDAD / Mercalli.
Step 3 : Getting Started
Appel du plugin Mercalli V2 dans AVID Studio

In the Avid Studio effects editor:

  1. In the Effects tab;
  2. By clicking the button 6 Add-ons/paragraphe "proDAD" / icon Mercalli2.0;
  3. Click the "Edit" button.
Appel du plugin Mercalli V2 dans Pinnacle Studio
In the Pinnacle Studio video effects window:
  1. In the "Add an effect to a video clip" tab;
  2. Click the "Edit Mercalli2.0" icon.
L'interface réduite du plugin MercalliV2.0

Whether in Avid Studio or Pinnacle Studio, this simplified interface will be displayed. You only have six processing parameters and 2 outcome parameters that are accessible. My personal experience tells me that in 90 to 95% of cases nothing needs to be changed so just click "OK" to process your clip. To see more parameters that are available, check the "Other Settings" box.

L'interface complète du plugin MercalliV2.0
  1. If the check box for "Other settings" is checked, you have access to additional adjustment parameters shown here in the white frames;
  2. Fine settings;
  3. The video format has three options. Again, based on my previous experiences, it seems that most of the time, you do not have to change this setting that Mercalli appears to set automatically.

You may refer to the tutorial "Installation and Overview Mercalli 2 - Stand Alone Version" for an overview of the usefulness and use of the main settings of this plugin.

{Screen Capture made with TechSmith Snagit 10}
{Thanks to Loosecannon for the fine tuning}