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1 of 2 red cars for 2004 in N America 1 of 28 Turbo Cabriolet made with option code 505 1 of only 24 cars in 2004 for N America 11 miles (yes, eleven delivery miles!) 25,864 miles 3.6 liter Twin Turbo @ 800 HP (w/race fuel) 60,176 original miles Factory optional Alcantara door trim Optional Sound Package Plus Special ordered Black leather with black alcantara inserts Sports Chrono Package X99 dual rear fender vents (both sides are unique) #16 out of 442 built #319 out of 356 speedsters built #485 out of 600 #9116609076 ,000 fresh rebuilt motor ,443 factory exclusive options (MRSP ,901.00) k in factory options 8,000 MSRP ,670.00 in factory options 2,145 window sticker 6,660 window sticker ,730 Exclusive options 1,660 window sticker ,000 in receipts ,000 in receipts on complete engine/transmission rebuild ,000 in restoration receipts ,000 in modifications Period correct radio sent out to be refurbished (not pictured in photos) 0-60 in 3.8 seconds 1 of 600 Turbo Cabriolets made 1 of 1 factory built (ordered new by Porsche North America) 1 of 1 made in this color combination 1 of 111 US turbo-look cabriolet (that number includes California spec cars too) 1 of 113 MFI carrera 2.7 engine built in 1976 1 of 120 cabriolets finished in Silver Metallic 1 of 130 1968 911 L Targa imported to the US market 1 of 144 cabriolets built n 1954 1 of 144 slantnose coupes built for the US in 1987 1 of 16 Turbo Look cabs in 1987 1 of 17 factory built cars with “Package” options 1 of 180 Co2 emissions USA models 1 of 2 Guards Red GT2\'s built for 2004 in N America 1 of 2 known 1979 911 Turbo Coupes finished in Arrow Blue 1 of 2 made in this color 1 of 2,760 1 of 24 Carrera 4 cabriolets built in 1998 1 of 24 Turbo Look cabs in 1989 1 of 25 built to commemorate the Rennsport Reunion 1 of 28 1 of 28 US 930S cabriolets built in 1989 1 of 288 made for the USA 1 of 304 in GT2\'s North America 1 of 31 Factory Green Examples in 2007 1 of 317 USA models 1 of 326 made from 1992-1994 1 of 35 factory Sports Purposes built cars 1 of 39 USA models 1 of 4 factory Carrara white with Black graphics, black mirrors and black wheels 1 of 40 cabriolets finished in Satin Black Metallic 1 of 42 Carrera 4 cabriolets built in 98 1 of 449 made for US 1 of 500 1 of 58 Turbo Coupe made option code 505 1 of 60 built 1 of 600 911 Turbo Cabriolets built in 1989 1 of 615 bent window cabriolets built in 1953 1 of 68 Turbo Cabriolets made with option code 505 1 of 73 made 1 of 937 C4S sold in USA in 1997 1 of only 10 2-door pickups produced in 1992 1 of the first 100 built (number 84) 1 owner for over 40 years who sold it to the local Porsche dealership where it was put on display (2nd owner) 1 owner for the past 32 years 1 Owner Since New 1 year only 5-speed 930 transmission 1,016 miles 1,055 miles 1,146 miles 1,171 miles 1,570 miles 1,583 miles 1,623 miles 1,650 miles since new 1,779 miles 1,935 original documented miles 1,955 miles 1,958 miles 1,974 miles 1,989 miles 1,992 miles 1- owner 10,000 miles since restoration 10,000 RPM tach 10,060 miles 10,113 original miles 10,490 original miles 10,505 original miles 10,512 original miles 10,540 miles since new 10,659 miles 10,730 miles 10,871 original summer miles 10,922 miles 100 delivered to the United States 100% mechanically perfect 100% mechanically sound and functional 100% Original (except new/proper Porsche OEM battery) 100% original condition 100% original paint 100% street legal and passes emissions 102.7mm 3.8L pistons and cylinder set 106,092 miles 11,060 miles 11,187 miles 11,210 original miles 11,255 miles 11,277 miles 11,728 miles 11,755 miles 12 Volt conversion 12 Volt System 12,084 miles 12,130 miles 12,244 miles 12,302 summer miles 12,363 miles 12,383 original miles 12,394 miles 12,447 original miles 12,558 miles 12,857 miles 12,877 miles 129,183 original miles 13 miles - Brand new 13,082 miles 13,211 original miles 13,274 miles 13,317 miles since new 13,405 miles 13,417 miles 13,503 miles 13,558 Florida miles 13,621 miles 13,677 miles 13,813 miles 130 bhp engine 14 inch 911T specific Fuchs wheels 14 inch correct dated codes Fuchs 14 inch correct Forged alloy wheels 14 inch correct Fuchs 14 inch Custom Brembo Brakes (front and rear) 14,261 miles 14,279 original miles 14,344 miles 14,353 miles since new 14,401 miles since 14,419 miles 14,424 miles 14,450 miles 14,500 miles on FULL upgrade by FLM 14,584 miles 14,600 miles 14,609 miles 14,698 miles 14,994 original miles 15 gallon fuel cell with electric fuel pump 15 inch Forged alloys wheels 15 inch Fuchs rims painted exterior color 15 inch Fuchs wheels 15 inch Fuchs with custom finish 15 inch ventilated chrome wheels 15 K service , new hood struts, all fluids, and a/c charge 15,000 mile service 15,283 miles 15,363 miles 15,518 miles 15,570 original miles 15,620 original miles 15,684 summer miles 15,742 orig miles 15,973 miles 1500 CC engine 15K service completed 16 inch (8 and 9 inch) Fuchs - painted Guards red 16 inch 7x8 inch Fuchs 16 inch chrome Fuchs rims 16 inch Forged alloy wheels 16 inch Fuchs - Freshly restored 16 inch Fuchs color keyed to exterior color 16 inch Fuchs painted silver 16 inch Fuchs rims (shown with chrome lips) 16 inch Fuchs wheels 16 inch Fuchs with color matched centers 16 inch light alloy wheels 16 inch rims 16,015 miles since new 16,043 miles 16,276 original miles 16,295 miles 16,431 miles 16,546 miles 16,583 miles 16,698 miles 16,816 miles 16,855 miles 16,884 miles 1600 cc motor VIN #215170 rated at 75 horsepower 1600 cc Normal engine 1600 engine @ 75 HP 1600cc was enlarged to 1720cc 17 inch Cup car rims with fresh Pirelli P-Zeros 17 inch Cup II Rims 17 inch Cup II wheels with original tires 17 inch Cup rims painted in exterior color (not shown in photos) 17 inch Cup wheels 17 inch Sport Classic Rims 17 inch Targa rims with hand painted Porsche crests 17 Inch Turbo rims with hand painted crests 17 inch Turbo Twist rims 17,022 original miles 17,053 original miles 17,157 miles 17,206 documented miles 17,258 original miles 17,453 miles 17,459 miles 17,459 original miles 17,465 miles 17,761 miles 17,789 miles since new 17,852 original miles 17,907 miles 172 miles 1720cc engine -145HP 18 inch 3.6 Turbo rims replicas 18 inch BBS wheels 18 inch Carrera rims with hand painted Porsche rim caps 18 inch Chromed Rims or Original rims (choice of 1) 18 inch factory Speedline wheels 18 inch Fikse rims 18 Inch Gemballa rims 18 inch GT2 wheels 18 inch GT3 Sport Design wheels 18 inch GT3-specific wheels 18 inch Hollow Spoke Turbo wheels 18 inch hollow spoke turbo wheels painted black 18 inch hollow spoke turbo wheels with Yellow centers 18 inch polished Speedline wheels 18 inch Porsche GT3 Sport Design wheels 18 inch Porsche Sport Classic II rims (,395 orig) 18 inch Rims 18 inch Sport Classic rims 18 inch Sport Techno rims 18 inch Turbo Look rims (rare narrow body cars) 18 inch Turbo twist rims 18 inch Turbo twist rims rims that are free of curb rash or gashes 18 inch Turbo twist rims with hand painted Porsche crests 18 inch Turbo Twist wheels 18 inch Twist for narrow bodies 18 inch Twist rims (recently refurbished) 18 inch wheels 18,096 summer miles 18,101 miles 18,152 miles 18,199 miles 18,218 miles 18,287 miles 18,335 miles 18,388 summer miles 18,459 miles 18,579 miles 18,720 miles 18,839 original miles 180 out of 600 19 inch Carrera Sport rims 19 inch chrome mesh rims 19 inch custom rims 19 inch DPE custom three-piece rims 19 inch GT3 wheels with center lug lock 19 inch Panamera Design Rims 19 inch rims 19 inch Sport Classic rims 19 Inch Sport Classic Rims (00 option - shown with car ) 19 inch sport design rims 19 inch Sport design rims (can be purchased with car) 19 inch Turbo Wheels 19,142 miles 19,268 miles 19,633 miles 19,881 miles 19,965 miles 19-inch front/20-in rear Magnesium alloy wheels 1966 912 converted to a 911 1968 911 S Targa imported to the US market - one of 442 made 1973 Magnesium case 1974 Euro 2.9 liter engine @ 240HP 1976 3.0 Magnesium case 1995 993 motor converted to 3.8L by Cantrell Motorsports 1995 only year without VarioRAM intake- no SAI issues 1997 993 VarioRAM motor with 993RS cams 2 oil coolers 2 Owners 2 owners (1st owner was the president of the dealership and never titled the car) 2 owners (last owner since 1984) 2 owners since new (previous owner is a large collector) 2 sets of keys 2 sets of wheels (GT silver and Carrara white) 2 speakers are modern units 2,031 miles 2,154 miles 2,158 miles 2,238 miles 2,306 original miles 2,308 miles 2,397 miles (odometer is in kilometers - 3,858) 2,504 Miles Since New 2,605 original miles 2,606 miles 2,774 miles since new 2,850 miles with open MSO 2-time national class winner at Porsche Club of America National Parades 2-zone Automatic Climate Control 2-zone automatic climate control (0.00 option) 2.0 Liter 160 HP 2.0 Liter @ 140 HP 2.0 liter rated @130 bhp 2.0L motor rated at 110HP 2.0L motor with 40mm Webers 2.0L with correct Solex 40P-1 carburetors 2.0L with original chain tensioners 2.2 Liter 125 HP 2.2 Liter 125 HP serial number 6117122 2.2 Liter @ 125 hp with Zenith carbs 2.2 liter @ 160 HP 2.2L motor that was never taken apart until last year for a 7,000 euro rebuild in Germany. 2.4 Liter @ 135hp 2.4 liter engine w/ MFI 2.4L 911 motor converted into a 4 cylinder \"Polo\" motor (valued at ,000) 2.5 liter rated at 247 HP 2.7 liter engine @ 204 HP 2.7 liter MFI engine producing 210HP 20 delivery miles 20 inch 911 Turbo Design wheels 20 inch OZ rims painted black 20 inch Sport Classic wheels (,000 option) 20 inch TechArt wheels 20 inch wheels 20,000 miles on the engine and 48,000 miles on the chassis 20,065 miles since new 20,311 miles 20,349 original miles 20,354 miles 20,455 miles 20,510 original miles 20,570 miles 20,758 original miles 20,853 miles 20,878 miles 20,941 original miles 20-inch Sport Classic wheels 200 HP 2009 is the only year launch control was available for the manual transmission 2010: Sympathetic restoration to freshen it up after sitting in storage for 30 years 21 inch rims 21,325 miles original miles 21,399 original miles 21,783 documented miles 2100 pounds 214 out of 600 22,057 miles 22,231 22,231 miles 22,502 miles 22,503 miles in sunny California since new 22,772 miles 22,947 miles 22,950 miles 23,169 miles 23,285 miles 23,520 miles 23,522 miles 23,568 miles 23,639 miles 23,687 original miles 23,707 miles 2373 lbs 23mm front & 28mm rear hollow torsion bars 24,048 miles 24,184 summer miles 24,380 miles 24,583 miles 24,634 miles 24,668 miles 24,682 miles 24,868 original miles 24,983 miles 25 original miles (delivery miles) 25,028 miles 25,210 miles 25,214 original miles 25,260 original miles 25,343 original documented miles 25,385 original miles 25,452 miles 25,617 miles 25,856 miles 25,883 miles 25,918 miles 258 original documented miles- lowest mile 993 on the market 26,116 miles 26,180 miles 26,203 miles 26,368 miles since new 264 out of 600 27,007 miles 27,213 miles 27,425 original miles 27,784 original miles 27,811 miles 28,196 miles 28,696 miles 28,960 miles since new 28,974 miles 29,087 miles 29,542 miles 29,663 miles 29,769 miles 29,782 miles 29,836 miles 29,881 miles 29,910 miles 3 owner history (same owner since 1983) 3 owners 3 power chips available 3 previous car collector owners 3 spoke Sport Steering wheel in Alcantara 3,004 original miles 3,021 miles 3,033 miles 3,338 original miles 3,396 miles 3,417 miles from new 3,476 miles 3,620 miles 3,760 miles 3,800 miles since new 3,984 original miles 3-spoke Grant wood steering wheel 3-spoke leather steering wheel 3-Spoke Multi Function Steering Wheel 3-spoke padded steering wheel 3-spoke wood steering wheel 3.0 Liter @ 260 hp - No intercooler 3.0 Liter @ 260hp 3.0 liter engine 3.0 liter engine (euro version has more power) 3.0 liter engine @ 172 horsepower 3.0 liter engine @ 180 horsepower 3.0 liter SC motor with 5-speed 3.2 Liter 6 cylinder @ 207 Horsepower 3.2 liter engine @ 214 HP 3.2 liter engine @ 217 horsepower 3.2 liter engine @ 231 European engine 3.2 liter engine, 3.0 crank with Twin plug crank fire ignition 3.2 liter producing 215 horsepower 3.2L cylinder ’88 Carrera motor-stock FIN chip 3.3 liter engine @ 315 horsepower 3.3 Liter engine boasting 260 Horsepower 3.3 Liter engine with upgraded K27 turbo 3.3 liter motor 3.3 liter single Turbo with 282 HP 3.3L motor with intercooler 3.3L single turbo producing more then 385HP 3.4 liter 350 Horsepower 3.4 liter engine @ 320 HP 3.4 liter rated @ 295 horsepower 3.6 engine @ 320 horsepower 3.6 engine @ 330 HP 3.6 engine producing 516 hp/495 ft. lb. 3.6 liter 290 HP V6 3.6 liter 500 HP V8 3.6 liter 505 hp engine 3.6 liter 620 hp 3.6 liter engine @ 247 HP 3.6 liter engine @ 272HP 3.6 liter engine @ 282 horsepower 3.6 liter engine @ 325 HP 3.6 liter engine @ 381 HP 3.6 liter engine @ 450 HP 3.6 liter engine boasting 415 horsepower 3.6 liter producing 477 HP 3.6 liter rated @ 250 hp 3.6 liter rated @ 345 HP 3.6 liter rated @ 570 HP engine 3.6 liter rated at 360HP 3.6 liter rated at 355 HP 3.6 liter rated at 420HP with one K27 turbocharger 3.6 liter twin turbo 3.6 liter twin turbo producing 400 horsepower 3.6 liter twin turbo rated @ 424 horsepower 3.6 liter twin turbo upgraded to 550hp 3.6 liter with VARIOram intake producing 282 hp 3.6L Engine 3.6L twin turbo rated at 477 HP 3.6L twin turbo rated at 477 HP to the crank 3.6L twin turbo rated at 530HP 3.8 liter engine 3.8 liter engine @ 355 horsepower. 3.8 liter engine @ 435 HP 3.8 liter engine producing 400 HP 3.8 liter engine rated @ 408 HP 3.8 liter rated @ 385 HP 3.8L 450hp 3.8L motor producing 450 HP 3.8L motor producing 475hp/8250 RPM 3.8L powerkit producing 430HP 3.8L rated at 400HP 3.8L with Power Kit produced 430HP 30,261 miles 30,340 miles 30,348 miles 30,380 miles 30,412 miles 30,530 miles 30,670 miles 30,865 miles 30,968 miles 300 HP 
Magnesium intake manifold 30K service complete 30K service new hood struts, all fluids, and a/c charge 31,020 miles 31,298 miles 31,705 miles 31,742 original miles 31,770 miles 32 miles - brand new 32,217 original miles 32,259 miles 32,571 miles 32,700 miles 32,706 original miles 32,875 miles 33,026 miles 33,280 original miles 33,387 miles 33,556 original miles 33,640 miles 338 of 500 34,000 miles 34,122 miles 34,219 miles 34,492 miles 34,499 miles 34,592 miles 34,666 miles 34,758 miles 34,784 miles 34,980 original miles 35,000 mile service 35,040 original miles 35,058 miles 35,060 original miles 35,079 miles 35,136 miles 35,449 miles 35,575 original miles 35,604 miles 35,645 miles 36,002 miles 36,189 miles 36,475 miles 36,795 miles 37,065 miles 37,130 miles 37,312 original miles 37,344 miles 37,721 original miles 38,129 original miles 38,179 original miles 38,476 original miles 38,630 documented original miles 38,761 miles 389 out of 600 39,164 miles 39,588 original miles 39,614 original miles on the chassis 39,887 miles 3rd owner saw the car at the Porsche dealership in Italy while he was on vacation and brought it back to Germany 4 cylinder 914/4 specific 1.8L motor (matching numbers) 96 horse power 4 cylinder motor rated at 102HP 4 Owners 4 owners - all car collectors 4 Speed 4 speed (brand new shifter bushings) 4 year project with over 0K invested 4,100 miles 4,250 miles since new 4,313 miles 4,332 miles 4,690 miles 4,821 miles 4-piece Porsche matching luggage - painted to exterior color (,000 option) 4-speed 915 gear box 4-speed 930 transmission 4-speed Empi shifter with reverse lockout 4-speed manual transmission 4-speed synchromesh transmission 4-Zone Automatic A/C System 4.0 Liter producing 500hp 4.0L motor producing 500hp/8250 RPM 4.5 liter V8 4.8 Liter 405 HP 4.8 liter V8 400 HP 4.8 liter V8 500 HP 4.8 liter V8 producing 385 HP 40,224 miles 40,327 miles 40,363 miles 40,668 miles 40,761 miles 40,832 miles 40,895 original miles 40,945 miles 41,187 miles 41,257 miles 41,355 original miles 41,491 original miles 41,592 miles 41,673 miles 41,822 miles 41,871 miles 415 Horsepower 42,222 miles 42,296 summer miles 42,630 original miles 424 out of 600 43,069 miles 43,172 miles 43,178 original miles 43,669 original miles 43,746 miles 43,773 miles 430 hp 433 out of 600 44,995 miles 45,109 original miles 45,203 Miles 45,412 miles 450HP w/93 octane @ .8 bar 45K major service just completed as well as new tires 46,419 miles in sunny Texas since new 47,189 miles 47,272 original miles 47,570 miles 47,946 original miles 48,911 miles 48,968 original miles 49,515 miles 49,544 miles 49,786 miles 49,981 miles 5 chrome wheels 5 speed 901 gear box with 912 short ratio gears for quicker acceleration 5 speed 901 gear dog leg transmission 5 speed 901 Transmission 5 speed G-50 transmission 5 speed manual gear box with hydraulic clutch 5,032 miles 5,201 miles 5,257 miles 5,415 miles 5,473 miles 5,602 miles 5,640 miles 5,911 miles 5-point harnesses and factory red seat belts 5-speed 901 gear box 5-speed 915 gear box 5-speed G-50 transmission with a hydraulic clutch 5-speed gear box 5-speed manual G50 transmission 5-speed manual transmission 50,099 miles 50,174 miles 50,309 original miles 50,361 miles 50,550 miles 50,785 miles 50,866 original miles 50,878 miles 51,606 miles 51,986 miles 52,148 original miles 52,558 miles 52,772 miles 52,776 miles 52,866 miles 53,439 miles (USA correct speedometer) 53,796 miles 530 HP 530HP w/100 octane @ 1.2 bar 54,607 original miles 54,917 original miles 55,177 miles 55,332 miles 55,703 miles 56,468 miles 56,480 miles 56,962 original miles 57,758 miles 57,774 miles 57,999 miles 572 miles 577 miles since new 58,615 miles 59,252 original miles 59,404 original miles 59,800 miles 6 and 7 inch Fuchs rims 6 cylinder 914/6 specific 2.0L motor 6 cylinder 914/6 specific 2.0L motor (matching numbers) 6 disc CD changer 6 Disc CD/DVD Changer 6 Speed Gear Box 6 x 16 inch and 7 x 16 inch Fuchs (recently refinished) 6 x 7 inch fuchs 6 x 8 16 inch Fuchs w/ hand painted crests 6,062 miles (Odometer is in Kilometers-9,756) 6,065 miles 6,371 miles 6,376 Miles 6,433 miles 6,473 miles since new and is 100% original 6,663 miles 6,755 miles 6,998 original miles 6-speed gear box from a 993 6-speed manual transmission 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine 60,654 miles 60,853 miles 605 hp 5.7-liter V10 engine 61,607 miles 61,762 miles 61,824 miles 62,036 original miles 62,292 miles 63,086 miles 63,405 miles 64,000 miles 64,021 original miles 64,088 miles 65,224 miles 650 original miles 66,223 miles 66,452 miles 67,333 miles 679 miles since new 68,203 Miles 68,288 miles 68,643 miles 69,207 miles 6th truck built 7 & 8 x 16 inch Fuchs wheels 7 and 8 inch rims 7 and 9 inch 16 inch Fuchs 7 speed PDK transmission 7 x 16 inch Front cup wheels 7 x 16 inch Rear cup wheels 7 x 16 inch Front cup wheels 8 x 16 inch Rear cup wheels 7 x 8 inch and 7 x 9 Fuchs refinished by Weidman Wheels 7 x 8 inch Fuchs Turbo wheels 7 x 9 inch Fuchs with painted centers and polished lips 7,011 miles 7,032 original miles 7,085 miles 7,111 miles 7,264 miles 7,494 original miles 7,554 miles 7,629 miles 7,945 miles 7-Speed manual transmission 7-speed PDK 70 liter GT gas tank 70% original paint 70,520 miles 701 original miles 71,923 miles from new 72,671 miles 728 miles 75% original paint 75,305 documented original miles 79,709 miles 8 delivery miles 8,032 miles 8,033 miles 8,110 miles 8,250 RPM redline 8,369 original kms 8,400 miles 8,450 miles 8,500 RPM redline 8,745 miles 8,801 miles 8-way electric drivers seat/seat height adjustment for passenger side 8-way power driver seat 80,639 original miles 82,536 miles 831 miles 84,855 documented original miles 846 miles 86,203 miles 86,734 miles 89,241 miles 89,970 original miles 9,067 original miles 9,177 original miles 9,273 miles 9,277 miles 9,404 miles 9,491 miles 9,527 original summer miles 9,642 miles 9,710 miles 9,949 miles 9,957 miles 9,986 miles 90% original paint 90% original paint (painted hood) 90% original paint (windshield cowl, sunroof and the top of the turbo tail were painted) 90,223 miles 901 Dog-leg transmission ( 5-speed) 911 rear badging 911/50 logo embroidered in the headrests 911R rear tail lights 911S gauges 914/4 owners manual 915 magnesium transmission with custom gears 915 transmission with custom synchros 924 rack-and-pinion steering rack 930 brakes 930 brakes with power brake booster 930 Oil Pump 930 S leather steering wheel 930 Turbo Tie-rods 930S rear brake vents 930S sport wheel 930S Steering wheel with raised hub 934 front bumper 935 front suspension 944 Turbo suspension and brakes 95 Horsepower 95% original paint (painted hood) 95,252 original kilometers 95hp 982 original miles 993 Aero kit I front spoiler w/ European front bumper 993 cup car rear glass - clear no defroster and thinner glass 993 GT2 front and rear spoiler and bi-wing 993 windsheild 993RS camshafts 9:5:1 forged JE pistons and rings A limited edition of silver anniversary models where built to commemorate the 25th year of the 911 series. A limited edition of silver anniversary models where built to commemorate the 25th year of the Porsche 911 series A/C blows ice cold Aase race valve springs & titanium valve retainers Abarth Quad exhaust system ABS Absolutely period correct Absolutely turn key Active Brake Differential (ABD) Adaptive Air Suspension with PDCC Adaptive Cruise Control Adaptive Sport Seats Adaptive sport seats full 18-way power seats Adaptive sport seats full 18-way power seats (,635.00) Adaptive Sport seats plus Adaptive sport seats plus (,025) Adaptive Sport Seats Plus (18-way) (,635 option) Adaptive Sport seats with memory package Added Duck tail Additional oil cooler Advanced Technic Package Aero Kit Aero Kit II style front and rear spoiler (not factory) AeroKit II front spoiler After it toured the autoramas/ car shows it was used as a pace car at Bridgehampton Raceway Aftermarket AM/FM/CD radio Aftermarket CD player Aftermarket center arm rest Aftermarket dual exhaust Aftermarket exhaust and intake Aftermarket Fabspeed exhaust system Aftermarket intake Aftermarket later S front valance (fiberglass) Aftermarket sport tune (chip) 495hp Aftermarket stereo with JL audio amp Aga Blue Coupe Agate Grey metallic Agate grey/geyser grey w/houndstooth inserts Air Conditioning Air conditioning delete Air Deflector Alcantara Black headliner All speedster manuals All body numbers and engine numbers match and have been verified All Books and Records All books including the original owners manual in flawless condition All components, gauges, lights function and appear as new All engine upgrades including chain tensioners All fresh rubber gaskets correct steel rims that were powder coated All leather front and rear seats All leather seats All manuals and books All matching numbers All new brakes All new fuel flex lines All OEM parts used and engine Dynoed at 240hp (video and documentation included) All original body panels All original interior All original interior except the dash cover All original interior, targa top, and targa rear soft top. Original beacon and electronics. All original metal All Original Panels All original parts still intact All receipts from new including the documentation from the cosmetic and mechanical restoration All receipts from the restoration performed in 2000 by Midwest Eurosport of Bensenville Illinios. All rubber seals as new All screw, nuts & bolts, decals and tags detail correct All service records from new All sheet metal and components concours prepared All steel wide body conversion All the gauges have been rebuilt including new chrome bezels All Wheel Drive system Aluminum / leather parking brake handle Aluminum / leather shift knob Aluminum dials Aluminum Door Sills Aluminum door sills with model logo Aluminum entry guards Aluminum Foot Rest Aluminum gauge faces Aluminum instrument bezels Aluminum instrument dials Aluminum package: shifter/e-brake handle/instrument dials Aluminum pedal box Aluminum/carbon shifter and e-brake handle Aluminum/chrome interior package AM-FM Blaupunkt Stereo AM/FM Radio cassette Player AM/FM/Satellite-Capable Amazing color combination - 1 of best 918s built! Andial converted the car to Turbo S specs Andial fuel enrichment system Antenna Antenna – left w/ loud speaker and noise suppression Anti Braking Differential (ABD) Appearance group Arctic Silver metallic Arctic silver metallic (,036 option) Arena Red metallic Arguably the nicest Carrera RS in the world As mentioned on Kardex and the C.O.A. this car came original equipped with “Skai-Dur” luggage As New condition Ascot leather interior ASR- Traction control Atlas Grey Metallic Authentic Onyx Black with Acid Green piping (,000 option) Auto dim mirrors with rain sensor Auto dimming mirrors with rain sensor Auto-dimming mirrors Automatic climate control Automatic heat control Automatic Speed Control Aventurine Green metallic Awarded 395 out of 400 points at the Porsche Nationals B&B exhaust system B&B stainless headers with heater boxes B&B tri-flow exhaust Back up camera Bahama Blue Bahama Yellow (6805) Balance of factory warranty Bali Blue Bare metal respray Bare metal respray to factory color Bare metal restoration Basalt Black metallic Based off a 1976 911 coupe Based off a 1978 911 SC Based on 1978 SC shell Based on a 1972 911T tub with correct style RSR steel flares Based on a 1974 911 tub Becker radio Becker radio/loudspeaker with antenna Beige leatherette interior Beige partial leather interior Beige/Tan leatherette Believed to have 8,078 original KM Belt line leather Belt outlet trim in Alcantara Belt Outlets B Pillars Carbon Bi Xenons headlights Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package Bi-Xenon Headlights with Black housing and Dynamic light package (0.00 option) Big Brembo GT brakes Big red brake calipers Big red brakes Billet crank Billet injectors Bilstein PSS9 suspension Bilstein RSR raised struts and rear shocks Bilstein shocks Bilstein shocks and upgraded sway bars Bilstein Sport front strut inserts and rear shock absorbers Binder full of records, historical photos and original paper work Black Black leather interior color code 68 Black vinyl sport seats Black (believed to be less then 35 made) Black (Older Respray with Tons of Patina) Black - Red leather with black alcantara inserts Black Alcantara interior Black Alcantara seats Black Alcantara with a Black full Leather interior Black and yellow leather interior Black brake calipers Black canvas power top Black canvas power top (installed 2 yrs ago) Black canvas tonneau cover Black canvas top Black carbon fiber hood Black Carpeting Black Color Code 6413 Black contrasted Black custom fitted interior by Vic Pulizzi Black fiberglass targa top Black Floor Mats Black folding soft top Black full leather interior Black full leather with deviating stitching Black FULL supple leather interior Black GTS seats Black headliner Black hounds tooth cloth sport seats Black interior Black interior with Corduroy inserts Black interior with optional headrests Black leather dash Black leather dashboard and upper door trim Black leather GTS Classic sport seats Black leather interior Black leather interior with Racing Yellow stitching Black leather piping Black leather Recaro sport seats with tilt bases Black leather RSR steering wheel Black leather seats with custom dash Black leather sport seats Black Leather with Alcantara Inserts Interior Black leather with black leather dash and door cards Black leather with pin striped velour inserts Black leather with red Alcantara inserts Black leather with red piping Black leather/alcantara interior Black Leather/Cloth Sport Seats Black leatherette - all original Black leatherette interior Black leatherette with corduroy inserts Black leatherette with red piping 550 seats Black manual canvas top with matching tonneau cover Black manual top Black mats with Porsche lettering Black Metallic Black Metallic Paint Black Mirrors Black Painted 19 Inch RS Wheels Black partial leather Black perforated partial leather Black power soft top Black power top (with crystal clear rear window - see photo) Black power top with glass window Black racing seats Black Racing Style sport seats Black Recaro sport topline leather seats with lumbar Black replica sport seats with hounds-tooth inserts Black roof liner Black Roof Rails Black soft top Black speedster soft top Black sport seats Black Targa top Black Tonneau cover Black Top Black Top (new top was installed after photos) Black Top with Carbon Fiber Bulkhead Black vinyl tonneau cover Black vinyl top, side curtains and half-tonneau Black with Alcantara accents (,850 option) Black with houndstooth inserts Black with Pepita Cloth Inserts Black with Red piping Black/red leather interior Black/Terracotta full leather interior Blauplunkt radio/cd plus speakers Blaupunkt Frankfort Radio was modified to new internals and a pair of jacks to allow an iPhone/iPod Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio Blaupunkt radio w/stalk equalizer (most expensive radio back in the day) Blaupunkt radio with RARE equalizer Blue all leather interior Blue chip investment Blue interior Blue Leather Interior Blue leather interior contrasted by black carpets Blue leather sport seats Blue Power canvas top Blue tooth + IPOD connectors Blue Tooth Phone Interface Bluetooth Body built by Ruetter Body by Ron Roland Bone dry engine Bone dry under carriage Bone dry under carriage and kept in climate controlled storage Bone Stock Bonhams for their Quail Lodge Auction on August 19th 2016. Books Books and manuals Books and records Books and records from day one Books, manuals and records Books, Warranty and Window sticker Books/manuals, extra key and original window sticker Books/Records Books/records/manuals Borla dual exhausts Borla Exhaust additional cost to return back to stock Bose Audio package BOSE audio package (,120) Bose Digital Sound Package Bose digital sound with Navigation Bose High End Sound Package BOSE sound system with sub Bose Surround sound Box rockers Boxer 4 engine Boxster calipers Boxster red FULL leather interior Boxster red full special leather interior Boxster red headliner Braided Brake lines Brake Assist Brake calipers painted RS Orange Brand new - 73 delivery miles Brand new Bilstein PSS10 coil overs Brand new Bilstein RSR front struts and Bilstein Sports rears Brand new black Haartz canvas top with tan headliner and new rear window Brand new Black power soft top Brand new Bosch injectors Brand new Bridgestone Tires Brand New Creme Beige power top Brand new euro lenses Brand new exterior window trim pieces Brand new factory A/C condenser (,296.30) Brand new Hoosier slicks Brand new Michelin Pilot Sports Brand new Navy Blue power soft top Brand new OEM Black canvas top with crystal clear rear window Brand new OEM Black top Brand new OEM classic grey soft top Brand new OEM Dark Blue soft top Brand new OEM Navy Blue electric soft top installed after photo shoot. Brand new OEM Navy canvas top with crystal clear rear window Brand new OEM power black canvas top Brand new OEM Speedster soft top Brand new OEM steering rack installed Brand new OEM top Brand new OEM top, head liner and rear window Brand new period correct tires Brand new rubber mouldings Brand new tires Brand new window rubber Brown dash and upper trim Brown full leather interior Brown leather dash Brown leather interior Brown manual top Brown Natural full leather interior Brown vinyl with corduroy seats Built at Weissach Built by the world famous Chuck Beck Built for famed Brumos Porsche racing team Built in Radar system Built in Valentine One radar system Bumper horns F/R Burgundy leather interior Burgundy matching boot Burgundy top with matching Tonneau cover Burmester High End surround sound Burmester High-End Sound System California Car California Emissions California Emissions car California Emissions car (ordered new through Beverley Hills Porsche) Car comes with all records going back over 20 years Car had a complete reseal to the engine and is bone dry Car is absolutely stunning Car is completely original - NO aftermarket parts CAR IS LOCATED IN GERMANY Car is registered as a Model Year (MY) 1966. Car runs super strong Car was completely restored (bare metal respray) Car was completely restored (bare metal respray) in 1998 Carbon Fender (front) Carbon Fiber & Aluminum shifter Carbon fiber & leather steering wheel Carbon fiber center console Carbon Fiber console Carbon Fiber dash Carbon Fiber dash/shifter/e- brake/steering wheel Carbon fiber door panels and dash Carbon fiber door sills Carbon fiber door sills with GT3 insignia Carbon Fiber e-brake handle Carbon fiber hood trim Carbon fiber interior detailing Carbon Fiber interior package (,180 option) Carbon fiber lightweight seats Carbon fiber lower hood vents Carbon fiber mirrors Carbon Fiber package which includes center center console/shifter/ebrake Carbon fiber rear console Carbon fiber rear wing Carbon Fiber shift knob Carbon Fiber shifter/e-brake handle carbon fiber sills and interior detailing Carbon fiber sport seats Carbon Fiber steering wheel Carbon Fiber Steering wheel with leather trim Carbon Fiber/Aluminum shifter and e-brake handle Carbon Floor mats with acid green piping (,725 option) Carbon Grey Metallic paint Carfax shows an accident in 1996 but repaired correctly Cargo Management system Carpeted Floors Carrara White Carrara White (yes - it\'s spelled Carrara white as a reference to white marble) Carrera S exhaust tips Carrera 2 specific rear valance Carrera 2 specific twin remotely mounted oil coolers Carrera chain tensioner upgrade Carrera GT 80 liter gas tank Carrera Power Kit (,900 factory option) Carrera rear valance with Sport Exhaust system Carrera Red leather (,165 option) Carrera Red natural leather (,875 option) Carrera rotors Carrera RS lightweight door pulls Carrera S specific ‘Twin Grill’ Carrera side graphics Carrera VDM wood steering wheel Cashmere Beige (color code 502-9-1 ) Cashmere beige leather Cashmere beige leather with red piping Cashmere full leather interior Cashmere Headliner Cashmere leather interior Cashmere partial leather interior Cashmere supple leather Cassis Metallic CD holder in center console CD player CD radio (currently installed) or correct original radio CD radio with iPod connector Center caps with Porsche crests Center console Center console in leather Center console painted exterior color Center console special ordered in Alcantara with red stitch Center Console Trim in Carbon Fiber (0.00 option) Center console with embossed logo Central air vents in carbon fiber Central Heating System Central Locking system Ceramic Composite Brakes - PCCB (,840 option) Certificate of Authenticity Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provided by Porsche identifies the car as a “1965 911” Certified Champagne all leather interior Champagne leather interior Charcoal carpeting Charcoal Gray Leather Interior Chassis number 9113600193 Chassis number: 9110300755 Chassis number: 9110310196 Chassis number: 9113600937 Chassis reinforcement kit Chassis VIN #215170 Chestnut brown full leather interior Chestnut brown headliner Chestnut Brown partial leather Chestnut Brown power soft top Chiffon white Chrome Exhaust Pipes Chrome H1 headlight rings Chrome H4 rings Chrome luggage rack Chrome oval exhaust tips Chrome rear luggage rack Chrome wheels Chrome wheels, new tires, battery and brakes Chrome window molding Chromed tips exhaust Cibie period correct driving/fog lights Classic Grey FULL leather interior Classic Grey leather interior Classic grey partial leather seats Classic Grey power soft top Classic VIN # 211000 Clear and clean California title Clear Bra Protective Coating Clear tail lights Clearbra hood Clewett Twin Plug ignition Climate/humidity controlled garage kept Closest to military version of any Hummer Clutch and transmission rebuild COA matching numbers and accessories Cobalt Blue Metallic Coco Mats Cognac Metallic paint Color changed to Silver metallic Color combo that is documented as the only one in existence Color matching interior trim Comes with 25ft Vehicle Cable and special charger Comes with a engine warranty Comes with a extensive service history including all books Comes with all books/records/delivery papers Comes with all records and has been maintained in heated storage since new Comes with books Comes with books, records, tool kit, spare, and extra keys Comes with Books/records Comes with extensive paper work Comes with extra factory keys and radio code Comes with FULL documentation of ownership and service history Comes with FULL documentation of service history Comes with original Becker radio (not in shown in pictures) Comes with original tires!!! (unmounted) Comes with spare wheel Comes with unrestored original engine #P35561 Comfort equipment for 911 Comfort package Comfort power seats Comfort seat Left Comfort seat package Compass Display Complete BTR conversion done by RUF Complete carbon fiber interior Complete console in green Complete detailed history Complete engine reseal Complete logbook w/ race history Complete nut and bolt restoration Complete reseal Complete reseal, new clutch, new tires Complete restoration by Vintage Auto USA Complete with all documentation including all books and records Complete with tools & Kardex Completely documented history with original owners manual Completely matching numbers and color codes Completely overhauled suspension with new bushings and ball joints Completely rebuilt 2.7 liter Completely rebuilt 912 engine with 20 miles on that produces 80 horsepower Completely Rebuilt Engine Concours condition Concours condition - one of the nicest all original examples on the market Console / CD holder, rims caps / Porsche crests Console CD storage for 5 discs Console with 5 CD storage Converted to EFI Converted to Twin Plug Converted to ‘distributor-less’ crankfire ignition for better reliability Copper Brown Metallic (color code 443 ) Copper Metallic (paint-to-sample) Copy of the window sticker copy of window sticker Coral Red Metallic Cork leatherette Cork sport seats Correct 14 inch Fuchs wheels Correct 15 inch 7 and 8 inch Fuchs rims Correct 15 inch alloys with period correct tires Correct 4 screw horn grills Correct 40mm Webers Correct 550 emblems Correct 7x16 and 8x16 inch Fuchs Correct 914-6 exhaust and headers Correct 914-6 specific air cleaner Correct alloy rims all date coded Correct and rare dual mechanical fuel pumps for Solex that run off the cam. Correct and RARE original 85 MPH speedometer Correct Blaupunkt Charleston Radio Correct Blaupunkt radio Correct Blaupunkt radio with factory rear shelf speakers Correct Blaupunkt Reno radio Correct Bosch CD ignition Correct chain tensioners- no upgrades Correct dated coded 15 inch Fuchs Correct dated coded rims Correct drilled hand brake assembly Correct European Import Correct factory radio Correct German weave carpet Correct H1 “Sugar Scoops” headlights Correct headrests with chrome hardware Correct Hella Fog lights with correct horn grills Correct Navy carpets Correct oil lines Correct original Porsche radio with rear shelf speakers Correct original steering wheel with a perfect original horn button Correct radio Correct radio will be installed shortly Correct RSR Perlon fabric covered seats by Vintage Seats Correct rubber mats Correct SC GT seats Correct side mirrors Correct single stage Glasurit paint Correct Solex carburetors Correct Solex carburetors installed after photos Correct Speedster emblems Correct Speedster steel rims Correct square weave carpeting Correct square weave red carpets with rubber mats. Correct tan (upgraded leather) interior with dark green piping Correct transmission number 661177 type 741/20A Correct Wood Steering Wheel Correct working AM-FM radio Correct working Blaupunkt AM-FM radio Correct York A/C compressor Correct/RARE 40IDS3C Weber carburetors specifically for 1967 911S Cosmetic re-spray Cross drilled rotors and custom painted calipers Cruise Control Cruise Control: With Steering Wheel Controls Crystal clear rear plastic window. Crystal Silver Metallic Cup holder Current owner for the past 11yrs Currently running rebuilt S 90 engine #P609762 Custom 16 inch Fuchs (16 x6.5 in the rear) Custom 17 x 9 and 17 x 11 three piece wheels (hidden hardware) Custom 2.4 “Polo” motor crafted from a 6cyl motor converted into a 4cyl Custom 3-spoke airbag steering wheel Custom 5 gauge (911 style) layout Custom Alcantara steering wheel Custom black interior Custom black interior with 1968 style “cross hatch” pattern Custom black leather seats with tartan plaid inserts Custom blueprinted and balanced 3.6L motor producing 310HP Custom built 3 piece Fuchs wheels (16 inch fronts and 19 inch rears) Custom built headers and exhaust system Custom built in front and rear radar Custom built turbochargers Custom Bursch exhaust with standard 911 tip Custom carbon fiber airbag steering wheel Custom carbon fiber door/dash/steering trim Custom Carrera louvered engine lid Custom door pulls Custom Dry Sump Oil system Custom dual exhaust system Custom ECU to run 93 to 100 Octance Custom ECU tune Custom ECUs Custom EFI Custom Electromotive “distributor-less” ignition system Custom exhaust producing a unique sound (different then the Touring and Luxury model) Custom exhaust system Custom exhaust system (over K to produce) Custom fabricated oil shroud (see photo) Custom fender mounted oil cooler Custom fiberglass air shroud Custom front spoiler Custom Fuchs style 7.5 x 17 and 10.5 x 17 inch wheels with chrome centers Custom gauges w/ LED back lighting Custom Green scallop paint job (three tones) accented with pinstripes Custom hand formed body panels: 7 inch front ST style and 11 inch rear metal Dansk ST style flares Custom hand-laid fiberglass shroud Custom HID headlights Custom hidden stereo (XM radio) Custom installed 911 2.0 motor with 40mm Webers Custom installed hidden 360 radar system Custom installed hidden radar system Custom installed hidden Valentine 1 radar 360 system Custom installed Talbot style racing mirrors Custom installed Valentine One radar detector Custom installed Valentine One radar system in mirror Custom intake (sounds like the optional motor sound package) Custom intake and custom headers Custom Intercoolers Custom JRZ RS Pro coil suspension conversion with remote reservoirs Custom lumber support inflatable bladder in both seats Custom metal grommets installed in seats for ventilation Custom metal shifter with short throw Custom metal side skirts Custom mixed Yellow with black graphics Custom mounted 3rd brake light for added safety Custom mounted upgraded stereo w/ipod connection Custom North Hollywood gauge that displays multiple functions Custom painted instrument gauges Custom period correct Brembo front brakes Custom rear valance Custom Roll cage Custom RSR type exhaust Custom RUF cams Custom satellite radio installed in dash Custom shaved or deleted rain gutters Custom silver faced dials Custom silver/blue iridescent exterior paint Custom smaller diameter steering wheel based on the original design. Custom sport exhaust Custom Sport exhaust modified to fit a 914 Custom Sport seats with 1968 style “cross hatch” pattern with Recaro logo Custom Sport seats with perforated inserts and Porsche logo installed Custom stainless steel cat-back pipes Custom starter push button Custom sunroof delete Custom Tailoring Option – Special Wishes (,200 option) Custom Techart (w/airbag) sport steering wheel with yellow stitching Custom temp/press/fuel cluster gauges by Palo Alto Custom Transmission with RS gears Custom Tubi exhaust Custom tuned motor producing 700HP Custom Twin plug 2.5 liter rated @ 218 HP Custom video cameras to record 2 hours of race footage Custom white gauge package Custom white with light grey graphics Custom “Mexico” blue paint with dark navy side script Custom “Tangerine” Orange paint with dark orange side script Dark Blue Dark Blue Metallic Dark brown and upper trim Dark brown leather interior Dark brown Racing Style sport seats Dark Gray piping on seats Dark green leatherette interior Dark Grey leather interior Dark Maplewood steering wheel Dark Olive metallic Dark Olive Metallic (paint-to-sample-,070 option) Dark Rootwood dash and door panels Dark Rootwood Dashboard Dark Rootwood shifter and ebrake handle Dark Rootwood Steering Wheel Dash recovered with leather Dashboard deviated color (red stitch) Dashboard in deviating green stitching Dashboard in deviating orange stitching Dashboard stitching in Orange Date coded 15 inch alloys Date coded correct 16 inch wheels Date coded rims Dated coded chrome wheels Daul Headrests Day/night mirror De-badge exterior Dealer installed air conditioning (period correct) Dealer installed Red roll bar with 5-point harnesses Dealer serviced since new Deck lid with model emblem delete Deep 6 Fuchs Deep black paint Deleted emblem/model designation Deleted GTS side scrip Delivered new in 1956 to Ward and Wallace Porsche in Maine Delivered new in California Delivered new to Hahn Competition in Stuttgart Delivered to Max Hoffman in NYC Detailed documentation since day one Detailed engine bay Detailed four year project of 0,000 Detailed history of barn find in Switzerland Detailed pictures of restoration Detailed Service History Details of the restoration included Deviated stitching in Yellow (,490.00 option) Deviating black and Can Can Red leather belt line and door panels Deviating stitching Deviating stitching in orange Digital sound package Digital Sound Processor Disc Brakes Disc brakes Front and Rear DOCUMENTED 3,357 miles since new Documented factory dealer installed replacement engine Documented mileage and history (see photo of leather bond moleskin book with notes) Documented miles Documented service history Documented Service History with Log Book Door stitching in deviating colors Door panel in leather/Alcantara (0.00 option) Door panels deviated color (red stitch) Door panels in Alcantara Door sills with illuminated logo Door sills with Turbo logo Dr. Ferry Porsche recognition @ San Diego Parade Concours in 1977 Driver Recaro seat/passenger cloth Porsche Sport seat Driver side fender mounted mirror Driver side power lumbar seat Drives and handles great Dual 8 Way Power seats Dual airbags dual electric seats Dual exhaust Dual front/side airbag restraints Dual full power seats Dual heated seats Dual height adjustment power seats Dual Magnaflow mufflers chambered into a single stinger exhaust tip Dual master cylinder & pedal cluster Dual mirrors Dual power comfort Dual power height adjustment Dual power lumbar seats Dual Power Seat package Ducktail Durant mirror Dyna-Mat sound deadening Dynamic Litronic headlights Dynoed 280HP/249 Tq at the wheels 310HP to crank E-brake/shifter in carbon fiber and aluminum Earls oil cooler front installation plus refurbished 914 rear oil cooler Early 911 style pop-out rear quarter windows Early SWB chrome rear view mirror EFI conversion with custom slide-valve (just like an orig RSR) Eight way dual power seats Electric antenna Electric clock (works perfect ) Electric comfort heating (,000 option) Electric Folding Mirrors Electric folding soft top Electric folding windscreen Electric glass top Electric height adjustment Electric Moonroof Electric Right Hand Mirror Electric sliding glass roof Electric sliding sunroof Electric Soft top - brand new OEM brown top Electric sport seats Electric Tilt & Slide Moonroof Elephant racing external oil cooler lines Elephant racing oil lines Elephant racing suspension Elephant Racing torsion bars Engine number 87483 Engine and transmission restored by Aase Brothers Engine built to 73 RS specs (single plug, MFI) Engine built to 73RS specs (single plug, MFI) Engine kill switch in two locations (inside/outside) Engine now has 9:5:1 compression (heads were cc’d) Engine number 1284318 Engine Number 6330029 Engine number 6330947 Engine number 6630181 Engine number 902453 Engine number P715712 Engine number: 6630930 Engine number: 81927 Engine number: 84472 Engine Rebuild by Harry Pellows Engine rebuild by Paul Weir Engine rebuilt in 2013 Engine was completely rebuilt four years ago Engine/Chassis was restored to full concours standards Engine/Transmission restored by Haus of Perfmance Enlarged rear spoiler Entered 18 races from June 1968-September 1969 with five class wins Equipped with catalytic converter (California emissions) Espresso Natural leather Euro RS chin spoiler and rear wing European cats and mufflers European clear front turn signals European configuration European ECUs European equipment roll bar European front turn signals European H1 yellow lenses European headlights European Import European rear fog light European rear lights European rear turns signals European ride height European turn signals European/tourist delivery which includes all the original paperwork and badge Every nut and bolt removed and re-plated Evolution motorsports upgraded airbox Evolution Motorsports V-Flow intake excellent candidate for full restoration Excellent Carfax Excellent Chrome Excellent chrome bumpers Excellent detailing Excellent documentation Excellent door pockets Excellent Gaps Excellent Gaps and Chrome Excellent glass Excellent paint Excellent paint and gaps Excellent panel fit Excellent patina Excellent removable top with perfect latches Excellent targa top Excellent white headliner EXCLUSIVE carbon fiber door sills from participating in 25th Anniversary exhibit Expert bare-metal restoration completed in 2013 Extended Carbon Fiber Package Extended Carbon Fiber package (,860 option) Extended fuel tank Extended fuel tank 16.91 gal ( ,090 option) Extended GTS Club Coupe package (which includes deviating red and blue stitching throughout the entire interior - ,390 option) Extended Interior package, dashboard trim in leather (,545.00 option) Extended range fuel tank Extensive nut and bolt restoration restoration by Rick Cabell Extensive records for the past 48 years! Extensive restoration Extensive service history Exterior & interior of the car are flawless Exterior Mirror Exterior paint to sample ( ,000 option) External oil filter extra factory side skirts Extra keys Extra set of 19 inch Panamera Rims with Snow tires Extremely clean inside and out Fab Speed Exhaust Fabspeed bypass (sounds great!!!) Fabspeed Carbon fiber air intake with dual filters Fabspeed cat bypass and exhaust pipes Fabspeed headers Fabspeed open airbox Factory 505 Slantnose (,555.00 option) Factory A/C delete Factory adaptive sport seats Factory Aero Kit Factory Aero kit II Factory Aerokit (,990 option) Factory air conditioning Factory Air Conditioning (upgraded) Factory air conditioning with climate control Factory alarm Factory Amplifier Factory Becker CD player Factory black leather sport seats in ‘like new’ condition Factory Carrera 4 (full time all-wheel-drive) Factory center console Factory center lock wheels Factory Certified through 2017 Factory chin spoiler Factory color matched center console Factory color matched gauge detailing Factory color matched interior door detailing Factory color matched turbo twists Factory color matched vents Factory console with gauges Factory European hard-back sport seats Factory European roll bar Factory exhaust with aftermarket Schnell tips Factory Flatnose/Flachbau Package (cost ,179) Factory floor mats with Porsche logo Factory front air intakes painted body color Factory front and rear spoilers Factory in dash CD radio Factory in-dash CD player Factory installed M-030 Sport chassis option Factory installed Safety Roll Bar Factory installed upgraded Blaupunkt stereo with CD player Factory Makassar interior detailing Factory manuals Factory mats still wrapped in plastic Factory optional 18 inch wheels Factory optional 18in Technology \"Twist\" wheels Factory optional 2 Fog lights Factory optional 2 headrests Factory optional 2 loudspeakers Factory optional 2 pair of black seat belts (noted in COA) Factory optional air vents painted (,720.00) Factory optional Alcantara armrest Factory optional Alcantara lower dash trim Factory optional aluminum and leather shift knob/e-brake handle Factory optional aluminum shifter and e-brake handle Factory optional Antenna Factory optional Blaupunkt ‘Koln’ Radio Factory optional Carbon Fiber dash/shifter/ebrake Factory optional carbon fiber interior package Factory optional carbon fiber interior package (,340.00) Factory Optional Center Console Strip Paint to Match Factory optional Chrome luggage rack Factory optional chrome package X54, X70 and X71 (opt. ,901.00) Factory optional color matched rear logo Factory optional Dashboard/Door cards/Center console/Rear side panel/Door pull handles with deviating Red stitching Factory optional dimmable rear view mirror Factory optional door sills covers in carbon fiber Factory optional dual arm rests Factory optional electric sunroof (first year for electric sunroof) Factory optional electrical clock Factory optional exterior mirror Factory optional footwell lighting
 (opt. 4.00) Factory optional GT Silver stitching (,480.00) Factory optional Guards red stitching (,480.00) Factory optional infrared security system Factory optional instrument dials in white (0.00) Factory optional limited slip differential Factory optional passenger reading light Factory optional Platinum stitching Factory optional Red taillights Factory optional seat belts in GT Silver Factory optional seat belts in Guards Red Factory optional seat belts in Silver Grey Factory optional side skirts painted Factory optional Sound Package Plus (0.00) Factory optional Sport Chassis Factory optional Sport Chrono clock dial in Guards Red (0.00) Factory optional Sport Chrono clock dial in White (0.00) Factory optional steering wheel with raised hub Factory optional tach Factory optional Tricolor hard back Recaro pole position seats Factory optional Trim stips Factory optional ventilated chrome wheels Factory optional Webesto heater Factory optional Webesto heater (not currently installed but included with final sale) Factory optional wheels painted black Factory optional wind deflector Factory optional ‘Balance Spring’ Factory optional ‘Coco’ floor mats Factory optional ‘Conti’ tires (Current tires are Michelin XZX) Factory optioned driver side ONLY head rest Factory ordered Bilstein sport shocks Factory ordered dead pedal ‘foot support’ Factory ordered drivers side only head rest Factory ordered full rubber floors (no carpeting) Factory ordered LSD Factory ordered Oslo Blue Factory ordered racing style sport seats painted to match exterior color Factory ordered roll bar Factory ordered stainless exhaust pipes Factory ordered stainless steel door sills Factory ordered Tow hook Factory ordered with Rally Equipment Factory ordered “performance” cam Factory Original Blaupunkt Radio Factory original leather Recaro sport seats with great patina Factory original radio Factory original tires included with sale (not installed on car) Factory painted Dutch colors with German script Factory painted front spoiler option Factory painted GT silver metallic wheels Factory race-bred suspension Factory roll bar painted in exterior color Factory single disc CD player Factory slantnose factory spare tire Factory sport exhaust w/adjustable exhaust sound Factory sport seats Factory sport seats with non-adjustable passenger seat Factory Sport shifter Factory supplied TechArt air ducts Factory tilt drivers seat bracket Factory tinted glass Factory tonneau cover Factory touch up paint, and the original order sheet Factory Turbo Look Factory Turbo Look M491 option with rear spoiler delete (or M470) Factory Turbo S power kit (installed by Andial) Factory Warranty Factory wide body Factory wide body (option code M-491) Turbo look Factory wide body (option code M-491) Turbo look (opt. ,285.00) Factory wide body (Turbo look) Factory Wind Blocker Factory Wood dash Factory wood wheel Fashion Grey ( ,500 option) Fastest air cooled Porsche ever built 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds Fayence Yellow Featured in an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Garry Shandling Featured in Hemmings\'s Sports and Imports Magazine Featured on the cover of Hemming\'s Motors News Magazine Fender mounted Carrera oil cooler Fiberglass duck tail/bumpers Fiberglass hood Fiberglass hood, duck tail and front fenders Fiberglass Hood/duck tail/bumpers Fikse wheels Fire extinguisher First owner (Florida car) owned the car for 30 yrs First owner imported it from Germany First year for the 993 wide body turbo look First year for the air-to-air intercooler First year for Turbo model line First year the civilian hummer Fiske 9 inch and 11x18 inch 3 piece wheels Five (5) original dated coded 16 inch rims with 5.00 x 16 tires Five original date-stamped wheels Fixed rear spoiler Fjord Green Fjord Green (respray using Ditzler Delktron polyurethane) Flamenco red Flared rear quarters Flawless Black paint Flawless interior with custom door paneling. Flawless original paint Floor mats - interior color Fog lights Foot rest Foot rest in aluminum Footwell lighting Forest Green Metallic Former display car for Porsche car shows in the US Four Owners Four wheel drive system French Yellow driving lights Fresh K restoration Fresh 15K service by Porsche dealer Fresh 45 K major service, new brakes, new clutch and tires Fresh 60K major service and tires Fresh Air Blower System Fresh brand new OEM carpets Fresh carpets Fresh Clutch Fresh clutch and full service Fresh clutch and transmission Fresh complete engine rebuilt/reseal (cost k) Fresh engine rebuild Fresh engine rebuild to concours standards with only 50 miles since completion Fresh engine reseal (3/18/2014) Fresh four wheel alignment Fresh major service including fresh engine reseal, tires, four wheel alignment Fresh motor rebuild (over 30K in receipts) Fresh paint Fresh Pirelli P-Zeros FRESH rebuilt engine (photos of the entire assembly) Fresh respray and mechanical rebuild Fresh restoration Fresh restoration of the body by Wheelers Auto Service Fresh restoration of the body was stripped down 100% with no rust or body filler Fresh rubber gaskets correct rims and hub caps Fresh seat upholstery Fresh service Fresh service by Farnbacher Loles and has a recent reseal of the motor Fresh tires FRESH total engine rebuild by Automobile Associates of Canton Freshly double wrapped 380mm RSR type wheel with original hockey puck Freshly rebuilt SC 1600 engine Freshly reupholstered dash Front accented chrome grills (special for the 911/50) Front and rear factory spoilers Front and rear Park Assists Front and rear spoilers Front Axle Lift System (,500 option) Front Axle Lifting System Front axle lifting system (,490 option) Front lip S spoiler Front mounted WARN winch Front nose/fenders full clearbra Front oil cooler Front spoiler painted exterior color Front trunk area is rust free FUCHS 16×8 (944 Turbo) Rear is 16×9 (930 Turbo) Fuchs wheels Fuel Cap with aluminum look finish Fuel cell with center mounted gas cap Full 3.8L conversion by DeMan Motorsports ( ,422.09 in receipts) Full Black leather with Blue accents Full Black leather with white accents Full black leather/red alcantara detailing Full black leatherette interior Full brown leather interior (includes door/dash panels and front/back seats ) Full Bucket seats with electric height adjustment (,635.00) Full carbon fiber dash Full carbon fiber dash and center console Full carbon fiber package Full cork leather interior Full documentation Full documentation of correspondence with Porsche for exhibit Full Galvanized body Full Green leather interior FULL integrated roll bar (hidden) Full leather (dash, seats and door panels) Full leather door cards (including door handles) Full leather interior with deviating stitching in light gray Full leather interior/ door cards Full major service Full major service, all books, records and the original factory invoice Full major service, all books, records and the original window sticker Full Midnight Blue interior Full new car warranty Full power driver seat and power tilt for passenger Full power drivers seat Full power seats with lumbar support Full restoration in 2004 Full service history since 1968 Full tan leather interior (includes door/dash panels and front/back seats) Full time all-wheel-drive Full warranty Fully documented restoration Fully documented with all books, records and original window sticker Fully documented with all books/records Fully functional motorized rear spoiler Fully rebuilt 1600 engine with 40PII-4 carburetors Fully rebuilt engine with only 300 miles - stunning in every detail Fully redone heads with new SC/S90 sodium filled exhaust valves Fully restored Fully restored jack G50 5 speed transmission with a hydraulic clutch Garnet Red (special ordered L999 code) Garrett GT Turbos Gas heater Gauges were restored by North Hollywood Speedometer Gemballa exhaust tips Gemini Blue German black and gray carpeting German Hartz Black soft top/boot cover/side curtains German Hartz Tan Soft Top/Boot Cover/Side Curtains German oatmeal square weave carpeting German square weave black & gray carpeting German weave carpets with red piping Geyser Grey metallic GIAC software Glacier white Glasurit 2 Stage Fjord Green paint 3/2009 GLH Headers Gold emblems Gold Metallic Gold script and badging Golden Green ( 1 of 4) Golden Green (1 of 2 made in this color) Good panel fitment Good service records which include all factory updates and recalls Grand Prix White Grand Prix White (very rare color for a GT2) Grand Prix white painted rims Grand Prix white with FACTORY Carrera side script Grand Prix White with orange graphics Grand Prix White with red script and matching Red Fuch rims. Grand Prix White/Black top and tonneau cover Granite Green leather interior Granite Green metallic Graphite e-brake and shifter Graphite gauges Graphite Grey full leather interior Graphite instrument bezels Gray Black (color available on the 2010 GT3RS) Gray full leather Great documentation Green (Color Code J5) with Black Graphics Green factory roll cage Green gauges (just like the orig 911) Green German twill carpeting piped in dark green Green graphics and wheels Green stitching on door trim Green/Black Graphics/Black Rims Grey canvas power top Grey full leather interior Grey Leather Grey leather wheel with matching Grey dashboard (factory option) Grey metallic Grey partial Leather Grey/Beige leather interior GT bumper trim GT door panels and pulls GT driver\'s side mirror GT motor producing 160 hp GT Silver metallic GT2 carbon fiber racing seats GT2 RS style front and rear bumper GT2 style carbon fiber air intake vents GT2 style carbon fiber hood GT2 style carbon fiber mirrors GT3 Look Rear bumper GT3 Look Rear spolier GT3 RS lightweight flywheel and clutch GT3 specific aerodynamic rear wing/front spoiler/side skirts GTS interior package (,120 option) GTS Red Guards Red Guards Red (documented to be the ONLY red package car built) Guards Red - Special ordered color (,500 option) Guards Red seat belts Guards Red with custom graphics (can be removed) Gulf Blue (paint code:6603) H1 head lamps with HID conversion H4 headlight conversion Halogen Yellow Fog Lamps Hand built fiberglass body Hand paint Porsche crests Hand painted center crests Handset for telephone module Hard back sport seats painted in exterior color Hard back sport seats with electric height adjustment Hard back sport seats with heat Hard top available Has been garaged kept since restoration Has paint work - some panels are original. Has traveled less then 4000 miles since restoration Havanna Interior with Alcantara inserts Havanna/sand beige leather interior Head Light washers Head rest seats (not shown in picture) Head restraints with Porsche crests Headlamps cover painted exterior color Headlight Cleaner in exterior color Headlight stone guards Headliner is perfect and has a crystal clear rear plastic window Headliner, carpeting, interior appear as new Heated front seats Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel Heated hardback sport seats Heated mirrors Heated seats Heated Seats (0.00 option) Heated seats front and rear Heated sport seats Heated steering wheel Hella 118 Fog lights Hella 128 Fog Lights Hella H-2 headlights w/chrome mesh stone guards Hella Yellow fog lights Heron Grey paint Heuler Rally - Masters timers Hi Fi sound Package Hi Fi Sound Package with in dash CD player Hi Fi sound package with Nokia sound processor Hi Fi sound package with ten speakers Hi Fi sound package with upgrade iPod/iPhone head unit Hidden internal perimeter cage (formed from Nascar tubing) Hidden K40 radar with remote control Hidden radar system Hidden stereo High compression pistons High end professionally installed 360 degree radar system High end restoration Highly desirable 1600 Super Model rated at 75hp Highly detailed engine compartment Highly detailed inside/out Highly detailed top/bottom Highly sought after G 50 transmission (5 speed) Hood fuel filler with correct gas cap and rolled edges Hydraulic clutch i-Xenon headlights Illuminated door entry guards Illuminated door entry in carbon fiber Illuminated door sill GT2 logo Illuminated door sills with unique script Impossible to find color Impossible to find color combination In dash CD player Includes factory touch up paint and the original window sticker Includes other period Porsche pamphlets and brochures India Red (1 of 30 built) Instrument dials in Carmine Red Instrument Dials in Guards Red Instrument dials in Speed Yellow Instruments dials in white Instruments surround in green Instruments surround in orange Integrated factory roll bar Interior Carbon Fiber package Interior package painted Interior redone by Autos International Interior redone by the Paterek Brothers Interior to sample Matador Red (,772.00 opt) Interior trim painted exterior color iPhone ready iPod ready Ipod Wired Iris Blue metallic Irish Green Irish Green #213 (paint-to-sample: 1 of 1) Irish Green Metallic It has only been hand washed Ivory Jack Jack and air compressor K-16 hybrid turbos; 5-bar fuel press reg. Kardex report KMS engine management Koni Adjustable suspension Koni shock absorbers Konig seats KW Variant 3 adjustable. coilover suspension Lapis Blue metallic Large XT seats Larger diameter front stabilizer bar compared to stock C2 Last of the air cooled 911 series Last two owners where a uncle and nephew Last Year for Producution Last year for the U.S.A 930s until 1986 Late 1995 built - no basket handle third brake light Later model front valance that was installed by the dealership Lava Orange Leather covered cabriolet boot Leather covered center tray Leather covered ignition key Leather dashboard Leather door panels Leather Gear box tunnel Leather headrest to match interior color Leather Instrument bezels Leather interior Leather interior in Black/Lava Orange Leather sport steering wheel Leather steering wheel Leather sun visors Leather trimmed steering wheel Leather wrapped wheel LED back-light gauges LED direction indicators LED headlight with Porsche Dynamic Light System LED headlight with Porsche Dynamic Light System (,110.00) LED headlights (,340) LED tail lights Legendary ANDIAL tuned motor to 2.9L specs Letter from Porsche stating the car was delivered to Hahn Competition in Stuttgart in 1968 Letters of correspondence from Dr Porsche himself with the original owner Lexan windows Lid storage bin with red embossed Porsche script Light Blue Metallic (color code J4) Light Burl wood shifter/brake handle by the factory Light Burr wood dash and door panel Light burr wood shifter and e-brake handle Light Burr wood/leather steering wheel Light Comfort Package/Memory Light design package Light Design package (0.00 option) Light Green Metallic color code Y1 (only one known to exist in this color combo) Light grey full leather accented by black piping Light Grey leather Light grey supple leather with black piping Light Ivory Light Ivory (75% original paint) Light Ivory / 6404 Light Ivory / 6404 - color change from Meissen Blue Light metal wheels Light Rootwood dashboard Light rootwood parking brake lever Light rootwood shift knob Light weight body Light weight Lexan rear windows Light Yellow with black graphics Lightweight 18-inch GT2 specific wheels Lightweight 2200lbs. Lightweight 2500 lbs. Lightweight aluminum flywheel Lightweight Battery Lightweight Battery (,700 option) Lightweight carpet kit Lightweight clutch & flywheel and custom chip to prevent RPM searching Lightweight clutch and flywheel Lightweight composite front valence with integrated fog lights Lightweight composite rear bumper cover Lightweight Fuchs wheels plus spare Lightweight Lithium battery Lightweight panels Lightweight RS carpeting Lightweight rubber floor mats Lightweight windows Limited production Turbo S comes with the X 50 package producing 450 horsepower Limited Slip Differential Limited Slip Differential (LSD) Linen all leather interior Linen grey leather with black piping Litronic head lights Litronic Headlights (,536 option) Litronic Xenon head lamps Lockable trunk - front Locking differential Lojack Long Term ownership Lovely patina wood dash and steering wheel Lower fog lights Lowered springs and stiffer roll bars Lowered suspension Lowered suspension with new springs Lowest mileage Turbo Cup in existence Luggage compartment in velour Luggage rack Luxor Beige leather M 030 Sport Suspension Package M-491 performance option (turbo chassis-brakes, suspension, turbo rims, front and rear spoilers and no model designation on rear deck lid) Magnesium intake manifold Mahogany full leather interior Maintenance log documenting all miles Maintenance log documenting the 40,000 miles Makassar Package (wood shifter and e-brake handle) Malachite green metallic Manual Spyder roof Manual two panel roof Manufactured in California Manufactured 09/16/1965 Marble Gray/Black leather interior Marble grey leather interior Marble grey leather interior w/matching headliner Marine Blue leather Marine Blue leather interior with the seats piped in white leather Marque restoration by Phil Bagley Matching beige suede headliner Matching black suede headliner Matching Cashmere steering wheel with wood detailing Matching color key fob Matching Grey boot Matching leather door handles/power window switches/dash/sun visors Matching Navy Blue Tonneau cover Matching number engine (basically detuned 911T motor) Matching Numbers Matching Porsche dark grey luggage set Matching suede headliner Matching Transmission Matching transmission 83436 Matte Black rear spoiler and mirror caps Mechanical and electronic systems were restored to factory new condition Mechanically the car is 100% including a engine reseal Meridian Silver Metallic Metal door sill with insignia Metal door sills with Turbo logo Meteor Grey Metallic Midnight blue leather interior Midnight blue metallic Minilite 6.5 x 15 inch wheels Modified transmission Modified Zenith 36 NDIX carburetors with matching manifolds Monterey Blaupunkt radio Monterey Blaupunkt Radio with amplifier system Moonstone or Lilac (color code 601 ) Mostly original paint Motec engine-management Motor Sound Package MSD ignition MSRP ,825.00 MSRP of 2,715 MSRP of 2,715 Multi functional steering wheel Multi Stage Heated Front Seats Multi year project Multi year restoration by EuroTech finished 1 year ago Multiple National Level Concours Winner Multiple PCA Concours winner Multiple show winner: consistent regional concours class winner Musante Motorsports made further improvements Museum condition inside/out Museum piece - perfect inside/out Museum Quality Nardi steering wheel Nardi wood steering wheel Narrow body Narrow body coupe Natural brown full leather interior Navigation Navigation System Navy Blue Navy Blue - paint to sample Navy Blue all leather interior Navy Blue canvas power top Navy blue dash and steering wheel Navy Blue leather interior Navy Blue Partial Leather Navy blue power top Navy Blue Soft top Navy carpets Navy carpets and lower door trim Navy dash and belt line Navy full leather interior Navy headliner Nephrite Green full leather Never any paint work or accidents Never been in an accident Never restored Never tracked New ABS Pump New battery box New Belly Pans New Black canvas power top New Black Leather New Black top with OEM headliner and rear window (installed after photo shoot) New brakes New Clutch New Clutch by Porsche dealer New dash New dashboard pad New floors New gas lines New GT rear grill New heat exchangers New heater & air flow controls plus all plumbing New heater exchangers w/sport muffler New hood struts, all fluids, and a/c charge New hood/doors and engine lid were rolled out of aluminum New longitudes New Michelin PS2 235/40 18 and 315/30 18 tires New OEM carpets New OEM power black canvas power top New Pilot Sport tires New soft top New Targa top New tires Nice chrome and detailing Nine (9) factory options No accidents No dings or chips No Modifications NO Over-Revs in Any Range No paint work NO Performance or Aesthetics Upgrades No performance or HiFi modifications No sunroof NO Track Time NO undercoated/insulation Nokia Digital sound package Nokia digital sound package (opt. ,145.00) Non-original motor (1600S engine) NOS parts include: windshield, deco trim, (not reproduction) rubber NOS rear window NOS rear window was the last new NOS in a box when restored in 1985 NOS voltage regular, NOS crankshaft, NOS main bearings, NOS pistons & cylinders, valves & hardened steel valve seats Not a matching numbers car but the panel fit and engine are 100% accurate Nougat Brown metallic Number 1012 Number 118 Number 286 out of 1963 Number 320 of 356 speedsters built Number 346 Number 703 Number 724 Numerous concours winner Nut and bolt restoration to the highest concours standards Oak Green Metallic (1 of 6) Oak Green Metallic (rare paint to sample option ,875) Oatmeal carpeting Oatmeal floor mats Oatmeal with Tan Piping German Square Weave Carpeting Ocean Blue metallic OEM 18 inch Turbo wheels custom painted gloss black OEM Carbon fiber center console OEM dealer installed Full Carbon fiber dash board OEM GT3 front bumper (,400) OEM retractable seat belts OEM Turbo wing (original deck lid is available) Offered at a fraction of the build cost Older cosmetic re-spray Older respray Older restoration Older restoration of the body which was done by Automotive Restorations of CT On board computer system One family ownership since new One of 14 1988 930 Targas with Slant Nose (option code 505) One of 182 manufactured in 1997 One of 316 One of 823 examples built One of a kind One of the 1308 Touring versions built in 1973 One of the best 912′s on the market One of the best examples on todays market One of the best investment cars to purchase in the 356 model line One of the first 911/50th in the country when new One of the last 911 Speedsters built One of the nicest 911 E coupes one will ever find One of the nicest all original examples on the market One of the rarest Hummer’s ever built One of the seventy four (74) C4S coupes One off color combination One the most documented service history that I have seen One-of-a-kind Boyd Coddington billet wheels 17x7 and 17x8 One-of-a-kind graphite gray graphics and painted mirrors Only 1,654 miles Only 1,834 original miles Only 14,889 miles Only 184 miles Only 192 cars were built (including 39 for the Rothmans-Porsche Turbo Cup series cars) Only 2,500 miles since 2008 restoration Only 356 speedsters built Only 427 speedsters delivered to the United States Only 701 built through out the entire production run Only 800 units built for USA Only 81 miles Only one made in speed yellow Only year Porsche offered a 5-speed gear box Option Group F26 Optional 3.8 illuminated door sills Optional 474 Sport shock absorbers Optional B pillar in carbon fiber Optional carbon fiber console Optional carbon fiber door sills Optional color matching key Optional Dynamic cornering lights optional extended Alcantara trim Optional Gear lever in orange Optional Head light cleaner cover in orange Optional interior carbon fiber Optional Key pouch in leather w/orange stitching Optional Silver painted wheels Optional Speed Yellow seatbelts Optional sport seats Optional stainless steel exhaust pipes Optional Sunroof (,990 option) Optional Sunvisors Optional tan leather sun visors Optional Yellow Deviating stitching (doors/seats/dash/center console Optioned with all leather interior including the dash board Orange Orange exterior detailing Orange factory roll cage NOT INSTALLED (in its original crate) Orange graphics Orange painted 19 inch RS rims Orange stitching on door trim Orange/Black graphics Ordered new with 16 factory options Ordered with a driver’s sport seat and a passenger’s comfort seat Ordered with passenger only heated seat! Orig. window sticker 0,915.00 USD Original Original 2.0L motor 902525 Original 2.2L rear window sticker ORIGINAL 8,916 MILES Original 901 dog leg transmission 222910 Original \"Dog-bone\" passenger foot rest Original Becker CR-210 radio Original Becker Porsche cassette radio Original Becker radio Original belly pan and excellent longitudes Original Bendix fuel pump ORIGINAL BILL OF SALE Original black steering wheel is available Original Blaupunkt Becker AM-FM radio Original body panels except very small patch in right front fender (see photos with serial number stamping) Original car cover Original CDR-210 single in-dash CD player Original chrome Original Chrome wheels Original Cibie Hoodlamps with yellow globes Original dealer invoice from Holbert\'s Porsche Original decals on rear quarter windows and whale tail Original Deck Lid with Factory Stamp VIN Original door cards and steering wheel Original Ducktail with factory imperfections Original early style air cleaner Original Engine Original engine #732832 Original engine and transmission with full rebuild by engine builder Scott Hendery Original European spec car Original Fog Lights Original Fuchs wheels restored by Al Reed Original gearbox Original glass Original GT exhaust Original GT roll bar Original interior Original Italian model Original leather interior Original light beacon built into the Targa bar (red light for USA use only) Original manual and service booklet with stamps Original manuals Original manuals in English and German Original motor has never been split or rebuilt Original MRSP 1,730 Original MRSP 6,480 Original MRSP 1,410 Original MRSP was 4,110 Original MSRP 1,000 Original MSRP of 8,055.00 Original MSRP was 7,530.00 Original MSRP was 6,230.00 Original MSRP was ,530.00 Original oil tags and stickers Original order sheet, original invoice, every receipt from day one Original order sheets and all records from day one Original ordered with 911S motor Original owner Original Owners Manual Original owners manual, service books, receipts, COA, tool kit w/jack Original Paint Original paint and a flawless interior Original Pirelli tires Original Porsche radio Original Porsche radio (included with sale) Original Porsche radio with CD player Original Radio ( works!) Original rare “4 screw” horn grills Original rear window with tint (factory ordered) Original registration book full of stamps up into the late 1980s Original Reno Blaupunkt Stereo Original Riviera Blue: Not a color change Original Rudge wheels plus spare Rudge rim (factory ordered) Original seats Original service log Original special front turn signals built for the Italian cars by the factory Original square weave carpeting Original stamp booklet Original stereo Original sticker price was 1,285 Original sticker price was ,185 Original sticker price was ,445 Original style chain tensioners for an authentic period correct look Original Tan interior Original title ORIGINAL TITLE INCLUDED Original tool kit Original tool kit and compressor Original tool kit and jack Original Turbo decals Original Turbo side lettering Original whale tail Original wheels and caps restored Original window sticker Original window sticker 4,630 Original window sticker 6K Original window sticker 7,440.00 Original window sticker and dealer invoice Original window sticker of 0,920 Original window sticker of 3,000 Original wiring harness in perfect condition Originally a California car Originally ordered as a Tiptronic. All the original parts are available. Originally purchased in California (Hershey Collection) Originally purchased in Germany at the factory dealership Outside mirror Outstanding paint and finish Over 3,000 MRSP Over 0,000 invested Over k in receipts for engine alone Over 550HP Over sized Brembo brakes Over-sized Shasta pistons and cylinders Overhead cams Own a piece of Porsche history Owned by well-known Porsche restorer in Pennsylvania for 15 years Owned for the past 20 years by a well noted 356 restorer in Connecticut Paint has Patina Paint to sample Ferrari Fly Yellow Paint to sample light blue metallic Paint to sample RS Orange Paint to Sample – Light Yellow color code 98 Paint work has been performed due to parking lot incident Paint-to-sample Fashion Gray Paint-to-Sample Ferrari Rosso Chiaro Red (,134.00 option) Paint-to-sample Gray (,190 option) Paint-to-sample keys Paint-to-sample Mexico Blue (non-metallic) Paint-to-Sample Orange Paint-to-sample Sport Classic Grey (only one built with Weissach package) Painted by Burbank Coachworks - Jim Torres Painted hood, left fender and front bumper Panels changed to 997.2 GT2 RS Park Assist ( rear) Park Assist (Front and Rear) Park Assist System - rear Parking Assist System Parktronics PASM Pastel Yellow PCCB: Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes PCM PCM (,965 option) PCM 3.0 with extended navigation PCM 3.0-Extended Navigation (,110 option) PCM with Navigation PDCC with PASM sport suspension PDK PDK dual clutch automatic transmission PDK transmission Pedals and foot rests in Aluminum (still covered in factory plastic wrapping) Pedals and footrests in Aluminum Perfect battery box Perfect car with all original parts intact Perfect chrome (wheels, trim, interior) Perfect Chrome wheels Perfect Fuch wheels Perfect Gaps Perfect leather dash Perfect original dash Perfect original seats Perfect refinished Fuchs wheels Perfect removable Targa top Perfect top Perfect top with crystal clear rear window Perfect wood dash and steering wheel Perforated black leatherette interior with racing sport seats with correct matching lightweight black carpets Perhaps the lowest mileage in existence Period correct 550 headlights (Hella H4) Period correct American Racing wheels with Porsche crest centers Period correct factory replacement engine (recently rebuilt ) Period correct factory replacement motor (correct 914/6 case) Period correct leather sport seats Period correct Marcel driving lights Period correct Michelin tires Period correct radio Period correct restoration Period correct stereo comes with car - not installed during photo shoot Period correct transmission ( matching number trans included with sale) Period correct vintage Michelin TB15 tires Pewter Metallic Phase 9 quiet exhaust system Photos before/after full restoration Pirelli tires Platin Diamant Metallic (color code 944) Platinum Metallic Platinum silver metallic Plexiglass 7-pc window set PMO 50mm carburetors Polar Silver Metallic Polished crank rebuilt rods Porsche Blaupunkt CD radio - first year offered Porsche CD - 1 digital radio Porsche CD radio Porsche CD radio (original radio will be installed upon final sale) Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (,400 option) Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB’s) Porsche Communication Management - PCM Porsche crests embossed in head rest Porsche Crests in front seats Porsche dealer serviced since new Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Porsche Dynamic Light System Porsche Entry and Drive Porsche European racing carbon fiber seats as well as the sport seats that came with the car Porsche factory Certified Porsche factory Stereo Porsche floor mats Porsche in dash CD radio Porsche Museum created a scale model based on this car! Porsche Online Pro CD Radio Porsche radio with in dash CD Porsche Side Impact System Porsche Stability Management Porsche stereo radio Porsche stereo radio with CD Porsche Universal Charger Porsche wind deflector Power antenna Power assisted steering Power Black canvas top Power brown soft top Power comfort seats with driver side memory Power door locks Power Folding Mirrors Power height adjustment seats Power height and seat back adjustments Power Rear roll up Screen Power Retractable Mirrors Power seat delete Power seats Power Seats Rear - Adaptive Sports Seats Power Sport seats Power sports seats (14 way) Power Steering Plus Power tilt seats Power window delete Power windows Power windows and door locks Power windows and mirrors Premium BOSE Stereo Premium Package Premium Soft Tan Leather Interior (dash and door panels too) Previous owner is a top level Porsche Mechanic Production date 05/03/68 Production date 2/1/68 Production date 11/30/65 Professionally installed performance upgrades Properly set up MFI system Prussian Blue metallic PSM Pure Blue Quaife LSD Quartz Grey Metallic Race ready Raced by Rick Bye (#8 Reebok Car ) Raced by Wright wood Racing in the series for one season Racing clutch Racing seats with corduroy inserts Racing Sport seats with electric height adjustment Racing style (centered) gas cap Racing style sport seats Racing style sport seats (power driver side) Racing style sport seats with electric height adjustment Radio Radio (comes with additional Blaupunkt period correct radio) Radio (comes with an upgraded Blaupunkt radio) Radio card Radio delete RARE 1 year only 5-speed transmission RARE 18 inch \"Twists\" specifically for narrow body RARE 911 L soft window targa rare aftermarket lockable armrest RARE Black and Ascot brown all leather interior Rare Color RARE deep 6 inch Fuchs wheels (with hearts) RARE early \"Snow Plow\" rear valance RARE Empi round tire mounted travel tool kit RARE factory 911L smog pump (works perfectly) RARE factory Aero Kit 1 (made especially for narrow bodies) RARE factory Blaupunkt Bamberg model, with the optional mic and station memorizer Rare factory cell phone RARE factory center console with custom ipod cradle RARE factory electric sunroof RARE factory optional outside temperature gauge RARE factory ordered aluminum deck lid RARE factory ordered muffler skirt Rare factory radio RARE Hazet tool kit Rare lockable center arm rest Rare muffler skirt Rare opportunity to acquire a bone stock original 911 SC Rare opportunity to own a true one owner 100% original G50 coupe RARE opportunity to own one of the lowest production 991\'s built Rare opportunity to own the 1st year for the 911S Rare optional ash tray mounted in the dash. Rare original California emissions control RARE original driver\'s manual and cover in very good condition Rare rear bumper guard Rare Sunroof Delete RARE Turquoise Blue Metallic Rare VDO outside temperature gauge RARE wheel well moldings in Chrome RARE White Gold graphics Re-creation of the legendary 935 race car Re-geared transmission for close ratio Ready to show or drive REAL Carrera GT working key! REAL RSR Fuchs 9 x15 and 11 x15 (cost K if you can find them) refinished by Weidman Real RSR steel flares Rear Camera Rear Center Console Carbon Rear center console in carbon fiber Rear center console in matching green Rear Fog lamp Rear Interior Lighting System Rear lights in clear glass Rear luggage rack Rear seat delete Rear seat delete with custom hidden storage Rear seat delete with locking storage Rear seat delete with storage bins Rear Shelf Speakers Rear Speakers Rear Storage compartment Rear tow hook REAR WHEEL DRIVE (like a GT2) Rear window defroster delete Rear window wiper delete Rear window wiper system Rebuild MFI pump Rebuilt 2.2 motor with detailed components Rebuilt 2.4 liter engine @ 190 HP Rebuilt 2.4 liter engine to 2.9 specs Rebuilt 2.4 liter engine using RS specs @210 HP Rebuilt 4-cam engine produces 130 horsepower Rebuilt 901 Transmission with WEVO upgrades rebuilt 915 transmission with custom gears Rebuilt 915 w/ new gears and syncros Rebuilt Alloy “S” calipers Rebuilt Braking system Rebuilt carbs with detailing Rebuilt Cold-Start circuit Rebuilt cylinder heads Rebuilt engine Rebuilt fuel distributor pump Rebuilt fuel pump to RS specs Rebuilt Koni Shocks/struts Rebuilt motor (2008) converted to Weber carbs with appropriate air cleaner ( reversible to orig. Solex) Rebuilt Motor in 2005 by George Nelson Rebuilt motor in 2006 Rebuilt original 901 gearbox Rebuilt original engine Rebuilt SC engine that produces 90 horsepower Recaro sport seats with tilt brackets (opt code 409) Receipts from 1989 to present Receipts from the restoration and Kardex Recent service Recent 30K service Recent 60,000 mile service Recent Carbon build up removal RECENT COMPLETE ENGINE RESEAL Recent cosmetic respray in correct Glasurit Grand Prix white paint Recent engine overhaul Recent HIGHLY DETAILED restoration Recent major service by Musante Motorsports Recent Reseal with head stud update Recent Restoration Recent SAI (secondary air intake) update by Porsche dealer Red leather Red alcantara headliner Red carpeting Red door pulls and handles Red leather detailing throughout the interior Red leather interior Red leather real RSR seats with heat (yes, heated seats!) Red leather sport seats Red leather tonneau cover Red Leatherette Interior Red RS door pulls Red seat belts Red shift knob and brake handle Red vinyl interior Reebok Colors (fresh paint and fresh vinyl graphics) Refinished Fuchs Refinished Fuchs Wheels Refurbished black leather seats Refurbished seats using factory leather Remaining factory warranty Remote CD changer Remote six (6) disc CD changer Removable roof panels Removable Sunroof Rennsport Reunion edition package (,325) Repa harnesses Replaced battery box and rear section of floors Replacement 911S motor (orig# 408-0921 currently has #408-0613) Replacement period correct 587/1 2.0L “4-cam” motor producing 130hp Replacement period correct GT engine type 587/2 Reproduction tool kit Resealed by Porsche dealer Restoration used only NOS factory parts Restored Restored 15 x 7 inch alloys Restored by Dawns in 1997 but still in Excellent Condition Restored by Kundensport by Hans Lapine Restored in 2001 by Automobile Associates of Canton,CT Restored in 2006 Restored in the early 1990s Restored to show quality standards Restored to the highest standards Restored with 7:31 Ring and Pinion and gears AFMSX Restored/rebuilt gauges Retractable Antenna (opt. code 440) Retro sound stereo Right Hand Mirror Rims painted exterior color Roll bar painted exterior color Roll bar with 5 point harness seatbelts Roll up shades on windows Roll-Up Sunscreen on Rear Side Windows Root Wood shift knob Rosewood shift knob Royal Blue RS 4.0 logo in red in rear lid RS 51mm intake valves, Pauter rods, Aasco race springs RS America door pulls RS lightweight flywheel/clutch RS logo in Red on Red lid RS oil pump, Turbo S aux oil cooler RS short shift RS Spyder center locking wheels RS style door pulls RS upper strut bar RSR coil over shock front & rear RSR Instrumentation w/10,000 rpm Tach RSR style TRE rollbar with FIA diagonal bar Ruby Red Ruby Red (originally Meissen blue) Ruetter Coupe body RUF black leather sport seats RUF door sills RUF floor mats RUF gauges and boost control (hidden in ashtray) RUF leather sport airbag steering wheel RUF legendary Green gauge package RUF six speed manual with 60% LSD RUF steering wheel (original wheel is available) Runs and drives like new Runs strong S instrumentation and trim Sachs sport clutch Sand beige full leather Sand Beige leather Sand beige leather interior Sapphire Blue metallic Savannah full leather Interior SC pushrod motor rated at 95HP SC trailing arms Scored an impressive 299.4 out of 300 at the Porsche Parade Scored an impressive 299.4 out of 300 at the Porsche Parade ( scored higher then any other Porsche at the last Porsche Parade.) Seal Gray Seal Grey metallic Sealed beam headlamps Seat backs painted in guards red Seat belts in Lava Orange Seat Belts with Accent Stripes in Acid Green (,800 option) Seat Pad for lightweight Bucket Seats Seat stitching in green Seat stitching in orange Seat ventilation Seats and carpeting restored by Tony Garcia of Autobahn interiors Seats piped in Can Can Red leather Seats piped in red leather Second total restoration in 2000 Selected by Porsche for celebrating 25yrs of the Exclusive exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Self dimming mirror Serial # 131463 Serial # 161941 Serial #124967 Serial #160495 Serial #161036 Serial #161377 Serial number 113267 Serial Number 11805447 Serial number 11850016 Serial number 12870581 Serial number 12870912 Serial number 302344 Serial number 351437 Serial number 480407 Serial number 56836 Serial number 80792 Serial number 86479 Serial Number 9113300017 Serial number 9113310397 Serial number: 9140432415 Serial number: 150396 Serial Number: 162151 Serial number: 86749 Serial number: 9111101708 Serious inquires only Service Booklet Service Records Service records + factory stamped service log Service up to date with recent clutch Service warranty booklet, red embossed Porsche folder Serviced by Northern Motorsport (located in Vermont) Services records from original owner Shaved dashboard Shifter lock, Becker Radio Mexico with Antenna Shipped from sunny Florida to our shop Short shift Shorter gear shift lever Shown with radio blank - factory radio is on order Shown with wider wheels (five original painted wheels included with purchase) Shown with wider wheels (narrow original style wheels are available) Showroom condition Showroom condition and all original right down to the tires! Side Air Vents in carbon Fiber Side skirts and European RS front splitter Sienna Brown Metallic color code#436 Signal Orange / color code 1410 Signal Orange with custom purple graphics Signal Red Signal Red (originally 6402 Ruby Red) Signal Red with yellow stripes Signal Red/Black top Silk gray special order full leather interior Silver brake calipers Silver face gauge package Silver gauge bezels Silver gauges Silver Metallic Silver metallic (believed to be 1 of 2) Silver painted 19 inch RS rims Simpson belts Sirius Radio with HD receiver (,040 option) SiruisXM Satellite Radio Ski Bag Slant Nose Option (505) Slate Gray Slate Gray metallic – paint to sample Slate Grey (original color - not a color change) Smart Racing product oil tank Smoking package Soft leather rear Soft top is excellent with a clear rear window and headliner that is free of tears Soft window Targa Sold directly by the factory Sold new for ,000 Sold new in Illinois sold new to the Royal family in Monaco who gave the car to their son while he was at school at U.C. Berkley Solex 40 P-II carbs Solid Floor Pans Solid pans and battery box Sound Package Plus (0 option) Sound system professionally installed by Unique Autosports Special 25th Anniversary Edition plaque on glove box door Special all leather console Special built 3.0 engine - 240 HP Special burled wood dash/Console/Door trim/Shifter Special Cashmere leather convertible boot Special champagne (tan) all leather interior Special Dove gray leather interior contrasted by a black dash/carpeting Special edition Neiman Marcus version Special factory ordered speaker grills w/embossed with Porsche crest (see photo) Special front and rear spoiler Special graphic package Special GTS interior package (,850 option) Special hand fabricated headers Special head unit that looks period but has modern tech (has iPod control) Special high output oil filter Special leather covered center tray Special leather radio speaker rings Special leather shifter boot Special non-metallic Club Blau paint (,500 option) Special order (L999 option) Meteor Grey Metallic Special order (leather to sample) lipstick red Special order black 20 inch wheels Special order champagne leather with Navy accents Special order checkered pattern delete Special order crimson red leather interior Special order Grand Prix white Special order light Burl wood package Special order NO sunroof (more head room) Special ordered blue metallic (,150 option) Special ordered Boxster red leather interior (,727 option) Special ordered Boxster red plush carpets Special ordered Brown leather dash, upper door panels and steering wheel Special ordered Can-Can Red full leather interior Special ordered Carbon Fiber steering wheel Special ordered Carbon Fiber trim Special ordered Carrera red leather interior (,875 option) Special ordered Carrera red leather interior (75 option) Special ordered Cocoa leather interior Special ordered console switch/frame in Boxster red leather Special ordered console/tunnel in Boxster red leather Special ordered deviating stitching Special ordered exterior color matched interior trim Special ordered full leather steering wheel Special ordered graphics package Special ordered green all leather interior Special ordered leather covered shifter and e-brake handle Special ordered leather shifter boot Special ordered Miami Blue (currently the only one in the USA) Special ordered Nephrite green leather Special ordered Paint-to-sample Silver metallic Special ordered Porsche Motorsports lightweight Lithium-Ion battery (still in box) Special ordered PTS Amazon Green Metallic Special ordered PTS Slate Gray metallic Special ordered Silver Blue metallic paint (Customer Special Color, L 99) Special ordered Speed yellow Special ordered Steering column in Boxster red leather Special ordered steering wheel in Boxster red leather Special ordered Titanium Metallic Special ordered white gold centers Fuchs Special ordered with passenger headrest and fittings for the drivers side only! Special paint color Special racing exhaust Special white leather shifter boot and gear knob Special wishes program interior - pearl white Special-ordered black leather/Alcantara interior Speed yellow Speedster badge delete Sport chassis Sport Chrono Package including Porsche Track Precision App (,850 option) Sport chrono package plus Sport Classic wheel designed like the classic Fuchs (20 inch) Sport Design side mirrors/lower trim in high gloss black Sport design steering wheel Sport exhaust Sport exhaust system Sport intercooler Sport seats Sport seats with electric height adjustment Sport Seats with factory painted seat backs Sport seats with full leather Sport seats with head rests Sport seats with heat Sport Shocks Absorbers Sport suspension SportDesign package (5.00 option) SportDesign steering wheel Sports Chrono Sports Chrono - custom ordered Speed Yellow Sports Chrono Package including Porsche Track Precision APP Sports Chrono Package including Porsche Track Precision APP (,850.00) Sports touring package SSI Heat exchangers SSI heat exchangers w/sport muffler SSI heater boxes Stability Control Stabilizer bars Staggered wheels 6 inch & 7 inch Fuchs Stainless sport exhaust Stainless steel exhaust tips Stainless steel exhaust pipes Stainless steel Rothsport headers with heat Standard Rocker Panels painted exterior color Standard Sport Seats Steel GT flares Steel RSR flairs front and rear Steel SC flairs front and rear Steering column casing in leather Steering column in leather- with deviating Speed Yellow stitching Steering column wrapped in leather with red stitch Steering wheel with deviating color- Speed Yellow Steering wheel with deviating stitching Steering wheel with raised hub Stereo with in-dash CD player Stereo with rear shelf speakers and power antenna Still has all the original oil tags (see engine photo) Still has its “European” heater Still has original speedometer in kilometers Stone Grey leather interior Storage compartment lid in Alcantara with PORSCHE Crest Storage Compartment lid with Model logo Straight floor boards Street legal Strong 1600 engine @ 75 HP Strong running 1600cc Super 90 engine (SN#800595) Stunning engine detail with custom painted accents (air cleaner, engine shroud and ignition coil) Subtle Short shift kit- WEVO shifter Suede Porsche Motorsport (factory motorsports MOMO deep corn wheel) Summer use only Sun visors in alcantara Sunroof Sunroof delete Sunroof: Express Open/Close Super straight body Supple leather Supple leather front and rear Supple leather front seating Talbot mirror Tan (originally black) Tan all leather interior Tan Carpeting Tan full leather Tan full leather with deviating black stitching Tan full leather with two tone Navy accents Tan Haartz Canvas Top Tan headliner Tan interior and carpeting Tan interior with dark brown dash and upper door trim Tan leather interior Tan leather sport seats Tan leatherette interior Tan power canvas top Tan sport seats Tan suede headliner Tangerine (flawless) Tangerine/Blood Orange paint Tasteful upgrades for better performance and reliability (electronic wastegate/dual exhaust) Techart steering wheel Telephone module Telephone module (5.00 option) Telephone Module with Bluetooth handset (5.00 option) Terracotta leather interior TH400 Automatic Transmission The best 65 356 SC Coupe available The best and most sought after color combo The best GT2 on the market The best original early 911 Turbo Porsche we have ever located The car has a fresh major service The car is up to date mechanically The car runs 100% and is restored correctly The car smells and drives brand new with all service up to date The car smells and drives like its brand new The car was delivered new to Champion Porsche The car was delivered new to Circle Porsche California The car was originally ordered by Porsche North America for demonstrator use at all the major auto shows The dashboard and interior are 100% original and in excellent tear free condition The engine is bone dry and has a fresh tune up The engine is bone dry and has a fresh tune up and clutch The engine was resealed, has fresh carburetors and new clutch The floor pans and battery box are very solid! The most highly factory optioned 993 Cabriolet we\'ve had in our shop The only black on tan package car built The original factory wheel weights that are unique to the Fuchs alloy wheels were restored by Wheel Enhancement The second to last 1989 930 cabriolet built s/n 599 There are detailed records of mileage and vehicle registration from day one Thermally and Noise Insulated Glass Thicker 3-spoke sport steering wheel Thicker custom 3-spoke wheel Thicker sport steering wheel Thicker steering wheel Thicker steering wheel wrapped in alcantara- black/ red This car is a California C 03 production car This car is manufactured in Brazil and shipped to US distributor sans engine and transmission This car represents an important piece of Porsche history This car sold new for original MSRP was ,689.00 This Carrera 2 GT engine is 1 of 31 engine produced s/n 980001 This is a non accident original paint car that has been hand washed and garaged since new This is a rare opportunity to own an all original Turbo Cabriolet This is an extraordinary example of a rust free California Speedster that is in perfect show level condition! This is one of the most well-preserved, completely original 911 coupes one will ever find This is the best 944 Turbo Cup in the world This particular car was built in the last batch of 500 produced This perfect original owner car comes with books, records Three previous car collector owners Three year nut and bolt restoration Time warp Tineo Interior Package Tinted glass Tiptronic S automatic transmission Tire pressure monitoring Tire Size is 37 x 12.50 x 16.5 (comes with spare unmounted tire) Tonneau Cover Tonneau covers (Full cover and top boot) Tons of paper work Tons of receipts for restoration Tons of service history with paperwork Tool Kit Tool Kit, Spare Tire and Jack Tools with matching Mahogany leather case top speed 198 mph Torsion bar suspension Torsion bars Totally bare metal restoration Totally rebuilt motor done by Scott Mcpherson at Automobile Associates of Canton Totally rebuilt motor with less then 1,000 miles on it Totally turn key - all restored to high level standards Totally turn-key Touring M472 and country package Touring seats with head rests TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Traction Control Traditional single hoop role bar painted to match exterior Trailer hitch Trailer Hitch w/o Hitch Ball Transmission number 1283480 Transmission number 222672 (901/0) Transmission number 40216 Transmission number: 118438 Transmission number: 19445 Transmission number: 29114 (dealer replaced w/ period correct one) Transmission number: 830915. Trim strips in green Trip computer Triple Black Turbo big oval exhaust tips Turbo brakes Turbo brakes and suspension Turbo center caps Turbo S Turbo S front oil cooler Turbo S specific dual exhaust Turbo S specific rear wing Turbo S/Aerokit II rear spoiler Turbo suspension Turbo tail Turbo tie-rods Turbo Twist rims painted exterior color Turkish Red Turquoise Metallic Twin distributors Twin grill rear deck lid Twin plug with 48mm Webers Twin plug with dual Bosch CD units Twin shoulder belts Twin Solex P 40II-4 carburetors Twin Turbo front and rear spoilers Twin Weber Carburetors Two (2) owner car that is in 100% original condition Two 964 oil coolers Two owner that has traveled less than 1148 miles per year Two owners since new Two spare chrome wheels U.S. equipment Ultra rare electric sliding sunroof Ultra rare factory Porsche in dash CD radio (first year offered) Ultra rare factory sunroof Unbelievable finish on an older respray done by Automobile Associates Unique rear lid grill- chrome plated trim - just like the orig air cooled 911 Unique carbon fiber trim with Porsche Club of America badging Unique embossed center console Unique factory built custom electronics for additional lights and siren Unique factory built twin rear mirrors Unique factory built ‘Stop’ rear illuminating sign instead of license plate Unique factory ordered second battery located in smuggler’s box Unique rear lid grill- chrome plated trim- just like the orig air cooled 911 Wide body just like the Carrera 4 Unique to the ’76 Turbo whale tail Unique to the ’77 Turbo whale tail Universal audio interface Universal audio interface w/ipod connector Unused tool bag and air pump in the box Up/down shift buttons on the steering wheel Updated CD player Updated interior Updated VDO gauges Upgrade sound system with CD player Upgraded 90 Engine @ 90HP Upgraded 3-spoke factory airbag steering wheel Upgraded 930S steering wheel Upgraded 997.2 LED Rottec tail lights Upgraded A/C with new compressor Upgraded Air Box Upgraded air conditioning to R 135 Upgraded air intake Upgraded Alcantara/ suede steering wheel,shifter and e-brake Upgraded Alpine in dash CD player w/ aftermarket speakers Upgraded Alpine in dash CD player with aftermarket speakers Upgraded Alpine in-dash CD player Upgraded Blaupunkt in-dash CD player Upgraded Blaupunkt radio Upgraded CD player Upgraded chain tensioners Upgraded dual circuit brake system Upgraded dual exhaust upgraded ECU Upgraded exhaust sport exhaust Upgraded exhaust system Upgraded exhaust system factory exhaust is included Upgraded Fabspeed exhaust Upgraded front and rear torsion bars 22 MM front, 28 MM rear Upgraded gauges with LED lights Upgraded head studs Upgraded head unit Upgraded K&N intake Upgraded K27 turbo charger Upgraded late model Fuchs wheels Upgraded late model lower side trim Upgraded later “S” model front valance Upgraded MOMO suede steering wheel (factory wheel is available) Upgraded performance exhaust Upgraded Porsche/Decker radio with CD player Upgraded radio Upgraded radio with CD player (original is available upon request) Upgraded Satellite radio and Navigation Upgraded Sharkwerks exhaust Upgraded sound package with remote 6 disc CD changer Upgraded sound system Upgraded sound system (original radio is available) Upgraded sound system w/glovebox mounted radio Upgraded sound system with Alpine ipod radio Upgraded sound system with touch screen Upgraded stainless headers with 200 cell sport cats Upgraded Steering wheel Upgraded stereo Upgraded stereo with back up camera Upgraded stereo with Ipod controls Upgraded stereo with touch screen navigation Upgraded stereo/speakers Upgraded Talbot Green Dot mirror Upgraded to a WEVO 901 shifter US Model delivery USA bumper over riders Valet key w/chassis #tag and light key Vehicle key painted in exterior color Vehicle Key painted including leather pouch (,400 option) Velour carpeting in trunk Velour floor mats Velvet Red Metallic Venetian blue metallic paint Ventilated seats Very early 911 build number Very rare OEM glass Very rare opportunity to own a non-restored long hood VERY RARE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THE MOST EXCLUSIVE AIR COOLED TURBO BUILT Very straight with no rust Very unique and offered for a fraction of the build cost VIN #60175 VIN #60568 VIN #83714 Vintage GT rollbar Vintage Racing seats with Houndstooth inserts (original seats are available) Voice Control Voice control for PCM VW engine VW engine @ 120 HP VW engine tuned to 190 HP Warranty card, Reutter body-care booklet, dealer installed radio booklet Webcam S/RS grind Weber 46 IDA caburetors Weber 48IDAs Weber carburetors Welded RSR type front strut bar Well documented California and Arizona car with proper storage Well documented history including many years of service done at Andial Well documented Illinois car with proper storage WEVO GateShift Kit Wevo internal gate shift and motor mounts Wevo motor and trans mount WEVO shifter Wheel covers with crests Wheel well moldings Wheels have RSR finish by Weidman Wheels painted high gloss black Wheels painted in Black Wheels painted in graphite gray Wheels painted in GT Silver Wheels painted in silver Wheels painted in white Wheels painted satin black Wheels: 21 x 10J Cayenne Sportplus White (light) Grey custom ordered paint code 6832 White faced gauges White Gold metallic White head liner White leather sport seats White/Viper green graphics and under coating Wide body just like the Carrera 4 Will be available for purchase at Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction on August 19th 2016. Wimbledon Green metallic Wind stop air deflector Window out paint job with correct single stage Glasurit paint Window sticker Window Sticker 4,920.00 Window sticker of 5,409.00 Window sticker of ,260 Window Sticker of MSRP ,0145,600 winner of the Chicago Region 2014 Concours Championship. (The most challenging concours region in PCA to win at) Wiper motor with suppressor kit Won 12 Best of Shows Won Manhattan Trophy in 2000 Wood grain steering wheel (around 380mm) Wood shift knob and Brake lever Wood shifter and e-brake handle Wood Steering Wheel Wood trim Wood Trim Package: Dash, E-brake and Shift handle Working Blaupunkt radio Working original Blaupunkt with hidden cable for iPod X 50 Performance Package X 85 option: Turbo “S” Flat nose package X 88 engine power option: producing 480hp to as much as 508hp X 88 engine power option: producing over 385HP X 92 option: Exclusive front spoilers X 93 option: Exclusive rear spoiler X 99 option: Air inlets in rear side panels for engine cooling X-pipe with performance mufflers ( Fabspeed) X50 optional power package @450 Hp X88 factory power package (upgraded K27 turbo and cams) X92 front spoiler lip X93 rear spoiler Xenon headlamps XM Radio XM Radio (0 option) XT Bucket seats Year of Manufacture (YOM) is 1965. Yellow brake calipers Yellow deviating dash board stitching Yellow faced gauges Yellow Hella lower fogs Yellow leather and Carbon fiber steering wheel Yellow leather lower dash Yellow seat belts Yellow Seat belts (0.00) Yellow seat belts (front and rear) Yellow seatbelts and yellow deviating stitching on the seats Yokohama AO38 tires Zambezi Green Zenith Blue Metallic Zermatt Silver Metallic ZERO over revs ZF steering box was installed during restoration - original VW box is included

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