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March 1, 2015 freeappnee

First, the reason that I post this Autodesk Maya 2012 Keygen by X-Force for Mac OS X is in response to some users’ needs. Just hope it can help them and other guys having the same needs. Second, I myself do not have a Mac PC, so I can not provide any further help info about some strange questions you maybe meet. Good luck!

// Installation Notes //

  1. Disconnect Internet (you can choose to unplug the cable, turn off the airport or block the registration program with a firewall)
  2. Download and/or install Autodesk Maya 2012
  3. Use this Serial 222-24242424
  4. Use this Product Key 657D1
  5. Finish the installation and run Maya 2012
  6. If you clicked on Activate with the Internet connection, you will be told your serial is wrong now. Just click on ‘Close’ and click on ‘Activate‘ again. After a few seconds you’ll be allowed to choose the option “Activate by phone“, then fill up the form with bogus phone number.
  7. Restart Maya 2012 again and select ‘Activate‘ once more
  8. Here you’ll be presented with the option of ‘Entering your serial‘. So select where it says you have an activation code from Autodesk UI.
  9. You have to run the keygen as root (with administration privileges), and do as follows:
    1. copy the “xf-adesk” icon from xf-adesk.dmg to your user directory
    2. open the Terminal application
    3. execute the following commands:
      • cd
      • sudo ./x-force
  10. Click on ‘Mem Patch‘ (you should get a massage of success)
  11. Copy the ‘Request Code‘ into the keygen and press ‘Generate
  12. Copy the ‘Activation Code‘ back to the activation screen in the empty white spaces and click ‘Next
  13. Very well done! Now, I know you’re wondering why there is a bloody number 13a… well, Maya and Composite are 100% working but MatchMover doesn’t because it can’t find the License file (don’t ask me why). We will provide it.
  14. Open the Terminal application, copy/paste and execute:
    • cp /Applications/Autodesk/maya2012/ /Applications/Autodesk/MatchMover2012/

You can also copy the KEYGEN to Home dir to make things easier with terminal for those lacking the commands.

// Download URLs //

For Product (Mac) Full Installer Keygen
Autodesk Maya 2012    Keygen download Fast Link Page


  • If any download link breaks down, remember to tell us to update for you (find the email address @ About page)
  • Due to daily work, we can't reply you in time, please understand. But we will reply every email, except the mistakes in sending or receiving made by email system.
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  • If you ran into any error message when using some softeware, you can post them to our support forum (, where we will do our best to find the most effective solution for you.

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