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Patch Export Memory - How to patch Windows 7 32bit to use more than 3 Software Crack Works - Providing Clean, Working, Safest Works for me. Before applying it, I only got usable 2.5 GB from 4GB installed memory. As I have encrypted the whole disk with TrueCrypt, I don't want to go through the hassle of decrypting them, reinstalling Windows, installing my development stuff, etc. Did it work? I tried disabling the pagefile, then opening instances of Visual Studio until it barfed at 3.8 GB memory usage. Since I still have the original kernel, I tried booting the original kernel, and voila, it actually barfed at 2 GB memory usage. So yeah, it works. The caveat is, your program still only be able to access a total of 2GB private memory and 2GB shared memory. Remember that some application even share those 2GB memory. But unless you're using a huge memory eater apps like Photoshop or Premiere, things should do fine

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