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Mod Discussion Free Software Jack-o-nine-tails - Page 27 Channel 5 HD FTA to launch on freesat freeview (NOW FTA 04 MAY) Resolving Side-by-Side Configuration Issues OJ s Perspective

Jack-o-nine-tails - Version 1.6.1 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) - Released!
Bug Fixes
181. Fixed a bug that caused some of the story mode slavers to not be able to increase their tutor skill
182. Fixed numerous bugs with drugs and potions – still needs an overhaul
183. Performed more tuning on sin, virtue, arousal, fainting, unconscious recovery, masturbation, orgasm
184. Finished rebalancing all of the slave equipped gear – removed most of the attribute increases and moved them to skill training – more details in the Release Notes
185. Fixed several bugs with intelligence gain when training skills
186. Fixed the assistant’s attribute tooltip display
187. Fixed and cleaned up the assistant Appearance code/options
188. The game will be less harsh with old save games. I forced the game to refresh all its databases once every decade. This will get you half way there but doesn't completely solve the issue. The game will be more forgiving with old save games as in all past releases save game compatibility was 0%
New Features & Enhancements
105. Added a few more Appearance options for Isabella - it’s far from perfect as she is too difficult to match in appearance without hiring an artist to duplicate her
106. Added a Debug Info Screen to the assistant – must be wearing the Raven Crown to access it
107. Added colored names with level indicator to the sex categories for the slave and assistant
108. Assistants now gain full benefits from equipped gear just like the slave
109. Assistants can now be trained in Sex Education! (major feature)
110. Assistants can now perform Acrobatics, Concert, Strip tease, Erotic Show, and Lesbian Show
111. Assistants can now take drugs and potions! (Drugs and Potions need a full overhaul but this is a good start) (major feature)
112. Finished overhauling the Water of Lethe potion – it is very useful now and can aid in obedience training as it partially wipes the mind of the slave – can damage the slave’s intellect – tips and suggestions from Viinser
113. Obedience Difficulty Settings added – Easy, Classic/Normal, Difficult/Hardcore (three total settings) (major feature)
114. Auto Casting options for Auspex, Sententia veritas, and Magna magnifika – Silent or verbose option for the auto cast – feature done as a favor and reward for oratorio111 for his excellent feedback and bug reports!
115. Added additional ways to recover a slave who ran away – branded and wearing a slave collar – guild recovery if it is a guild contract slave
116. Added tons of code to handle the assistant’s ability to do Sex Education, drugs, performances, potions, fainting, death, etc. (+1000 lines of code)
117. Starting sparks has been adjusted to 1500 for custom game, 10000 for sandbox game, and 1500 for story mode characters: Milord, Robespierre, Blade, and Silk Daddy. The more difficult story mode characters were left untouched at 1000 starting sparks for those wanting a hardcore gaming experience
I've been coding my brains out for the past week and am hallucinating. This release is only lightly tested. I expect there to be some bugs. Please report them. I added three major features and a bunch of medium and small ones. I hope it works well enough for you to enjoy it! Thank you downloaderbo and Eledriel for all of your ideas and suggestions!
I added five new sections to the Release Notes to help players with common hangups and issues: Note on Equipped Gear, Sanity & Mind Break, Slaves running away or committing suicide, Your First Steps as a Slaver, and Obedience Difficulty Settings.

Mega download link:!EhBxRKYL!V98V0fgZQ...8kp5Tvpmrt2pUw

Google Drive download link:

You can now get your slave and assistant drunk and passed out if you'd like. Your assistant can now get hooked on drugs (needs more work). The obedience difficulty settings can be changed on the fly and anytime while in game.

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