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Remove Duplicate Email Addresses In Text Files

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MM Duplicate 1.2 - tbelmans

PHP / Internet Utilities

MM Duplicate is a plugin that allows you to duplicate your posts and pages. The mm-duplicate plugin creates new post/page with the content of original post/page. When duplicating a Post it will also copy all the categories and tags of that post.

The following can be achieved with mm-duplicate plugin.

1. Duplicating a post to a new post.
2. Duplicating a post to a new page.
3. Duplicating a page to a new...

duplicate_role 6.x-1.0 - Alejandro Gonzalez

PHP / Miscellaneous

Duplicate/copy an existing role with the same permissions for Access Control
and taxonomies, if exist taxonomy access control module, as the
original ones.

Business data Migration tool 1.0 - Replicate

Development / User Interfaces

Project is designed for the developer to create the duplicate copy of the existing environment...

Second Copy 2000 - Centered Systems

Delphi / Files and Drives

Second Copy 2000 is the perfect backup product you have been looking for. It makes a backup of your data files to another directory, disk or computer across the network. It then monitors the source files and keeps the backup updated with new or...

Recurse copy file  - boussard

Python / Miscellaneous

Automate copy and paste file with erase the content of file if exists on destination directory. Like shutil.copytree but when dir is exists on destination tree , don't fail, just pass.

Copy-move forgery detection in images  - Agnius Vasiliauskas

Python / Miscellaneous

Ad-hoc algorithm for copy-move forgery detection in images.
This algorithm is robust so it can detect copy-move forgery in lossy compression formats such as jpeg.
Because this algorithm is ad-hoc - it heavily depends on script...

Select and Auto Copy 1.1 -

JavaScript / Form Scripts

With this script you can highlight and copy text in a textarea box with the click of a button.

Select (and copy) Form Element... - Dynamic Drive

JavaScript / Form Scripts

Tis script allows your surfers to easily select the contents of your form elements. It has also the ability to concurrently copy the content to clipboard (memory) as well (applicable only in IE 4 ).

getfigure.m 1.0 - Jordi Palacin

Python / Multimedia

This function adds a new menu item in the current figure for easy import/copy of one (or all) plot line of another figure. Usage:

1- The destination figure must be the current (making a click over the figure)
2- In MATLAB prompt...

Duplicate X-axes 1.0 - Elad Goshen

Python / Multimedia

The function duplicateX creates duplicate X-axes for a figure, the new axes relationship to the original axes is determined by input function.
An auto update when zooming, for the duplicate axes, is allso available using version 7.5...

Delete Duplicate Posts 2.2 -

PHP / Internet Utilities

Get rid of duplicate blogposts on your blog! How embarrassing, eh? This handy plugin can run in the background and automatically delete duplicate posts as they occur!

Or you can use it manually if you wish!

No Duplicate Content 1.0.0 - Chung Bey Luen

PHP / Internet Utilities

This is a plugin to resolve your duplicate content issue by adding a canonical link to your HTML head section. No Duplicate Content is brought to you by Chung Bey Luen.<br/> <br/> Google, together with Yahoo and Microsoft have just...

Duplicate Mail 6.x-1.0 - YesCT

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

The Duplicate Mail module has a block to display system wide duplicate email addresses in user accounts, and a view with a block display for use on individual user account pages that displays only the accounts that have the same email address as...

No Duplicate Content in Comments 1.0 - Julian Yanover

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

Check comments for duplicate content using Google AJAX Search API as they are published. This helps to avoid having duplicate content in your posts. It only checks approved comments that have over 50 words. The plugin searches two random strings,...

Duplicate Posts Remover 2.3.0 - jbeaujardin

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

Duplicate Posts Remover eliminates the selected duplicate posts and pages from your blog.

Install :

Upload the Duplicate Posts Remover plugin to your blog, Activate it and Delete your duplicated posts/pages. 1, 2, 3:...

Duplicate Widget 1.0.1 - coffee2code

PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB Modules

A widget that can act as a duplicate of another widget (for synchronized use in another sidebar)

Define a widget once, use it in multiple sidebars. This saves you from having to manually configure each copy of the widget and later...

iTunes Duplicate Track Remover 0.3.1 - Daniel Choi

Tools / Development Tools

Lets you remove duplicate tracks from your iTunes library and file system from the command line.

Bob&bill Flash Game 1.1 - Max Zotovaaaa

Flash / Software

Bob and Bill: passion-exciting flash game for those who are obsessed with speed and shooting. Dynamic graphics plus real-effect riding along the desert road is equal to entertainment boon and pleasure. Imagine you are one of those crazy guys,...

Copy Path To Clipboard - Laszlo Szathmary

C/C++ / Miscellaneous

Users can utilize this script to copy the path of an existing directory to the windows clipboard. It starts its process as soon as a parameter is given. This script can be used as an extension of the path by adding with it. It is easy to install...

Copy Text To Clipboard 0.2 - Laszlo Szathmary

C/C++ / Miscellaneous

This script provides users facility to copy the text files contents into the windows clipboard. By using this script users can copy the contents into the windows clipboard from first parameter. In case of giving no parameter this script will copy...

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