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13 Record-Breaking Body Parts

The biggest, longest, shortest, and scariest... You may think that you’ve got quite the schnoz, but you’ve got nothing on these 14 Guinness World Record holders. Meet …the man with the biggest mouth (NB: it’s not your boss), and learn what he’s got to say. Hear the tragic story of the woman with the longest fingernails...and how she lost them (it wasn’t at the hands of a Groupon manicurist). We’ve got the leggiest lady, the hairiest teen, and plenty more people to introduce you to, who embrace their special gifts, and share them with the world. Welcome to the carnival! [Svetlana Pankratova]( “Legs up to here” is quite the understatement when describing Pankratova. And though she’s not the tallest woman in the world (measuring in at 6’5”), the proportion of her pegs to her upper body sees her as the leggiest. Each is a whopping 52” long. The 45-year-old has made great use of her elongated attributes, and has both played and coached basketball. “It is a challenge when I get on planes; I do not have enough legroom, I must admit,” she told the Daily Mail. Remember that the next time you complain about feeling cramped in coach. [Chanel Tapper]( If you thought you were special because you could touch the tip of your nose with your tongue, prepare to lose a bunch of self confidence. Tapper, a 26-year-old American, has you beat—she can lick her own eyeballs. Let that sink in for a minute… Tapper’s tongue is 3.8” long, and she’s attained a certain level of fame outside of the Record Book, having appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime show, and attracting fans to both her Instagram and pages. [Mehmet Özyürek]( Not much is known about 67-year-old Turkish-born Özyürek...except that he has the longest nose in the world. His honker clocks in at 3.5” long. Fun fact: after puberty your bones do stop growing, and your muscle and fat cells (unfortunately) stop dividing. But your cartilage continues to grow until the day you die. So Özyürek may very well beat his own record the next time he measures in! [Devendra Suthar]( Having additional fingers and toes is a medical condition known as polydactylism, and it occurs in humans, dogs, and cats. The spare finger or toe isn’t often functional, but sometimes contains bones and joints. It is said to occur in 2% of newborns, though usually it’s just a bit of soft tissue that’s removed. Not the case for Suthar, who has 28 fingers and toes, making him the most prolific living human polydactyl. He sports 14 fingers and 14 toes, and says that although he has to be very careful at work, his bonus digits don’t deter him. He’s a carpenter... [Cathie Jung]( Since the 1960s an ideal hourglass figure has been purported to be 36” 24” 36”, despite the fact that height plays a great part in proportionality. But don’t tell that to the self-described “Corset Queen;” Jung, who stands at 5’4” tall, has a 15” waist. The 79-year-old wears a corset 24-hours a day in order to maintain her tiny waist, which is about as far around as a pickle jar. She clocks in at 39” 15” 39”, and has contorted herself to this stage “at the urging of her husband Bob.” Which makes us feel gross and like we ought to take a shower right now. [Annie Hawkins-Turner (AKA Norma Stitz)]( Hawkins-Turner, a 57-year-old mother of two from Georgia, is better known by her porn name—Norma Stitz, a play on “Enormous T!t$.” She says that her breasts began growing at the age of nine, and just haven’t stopped. Currently a size 102ZZZ, or a 48V, the buxom woman makes her living now off of a self-run adult video and photo channel. She stands at 5’6” tall, and weighs 350lbs. It has been reported that each boob clocks in at 56lbs. [Sultan Kosen]( Life isn’t always easy up in the clouds. Kosen, a farmer from Turkey, was born to parents of normal height, but a pituitary tumor saw him grow...and grow, and grow. It wasn’t until doctors from the University of Virginia Medical School intervened in 2010 with a treatment that saw Kosen’s bean stalk growth top out. At 8’3”, he is the world’s tallest living person, but due to his height he is unable to walk without crutches. He performs regularly in circus events around the world to supplement his income. [Supatra Sasuphan]( To be known as “Wolf Girl” at age 16 might be cataclysmic for some kids. Not so for Sasuphan, who wears the moniker like a badge of honor. The Bangkok teen has undergone laser treatments, but nothing can abate the fur, resulting from Ambras Syndrome. The disease has been around for centuries, and has no known cure. Until one is found, her mother grooms Sasuphan with baby shampoo, and trims back her face locks. [Lee Redmond]( Though no longer the current record holder, 75-year-old Redmond, from Utah, had nails measuring over 30” each for nearly 30 years. The great grandmother began growing them in 1978, and made regular rounds at Ripley’s and on daytime talk shows in her heyday. Unfortunately, Redmond was in a car accident in 2008, and lost her nails at the time. She says she has no intention of regrowing them (though they are 4” long), as the freedom to easily don winter coats and manage other practical chores is worth the sacrifice. [Jyoti Kisanji Amge]( This next record holder may appear familiar, especially to fans of "American Horror Story: Freak Show." Made famous in the role of “Ma Petite,” 22-year-old Amje is an Indian actress, and survivor of a growth abnormality known as achondroplasia. Standing 2’ tall, she weighs just 11lbs. She hasn’t grown since her first birthday. [Francisco Domingo Joaquim]( 26-year-old Joaquim won’t take offense if you call him a big mouth—in fact, he’s proud to hold the honor. He can hold a soda can sideways in his open gullet, with room to spare. His mouth stretches to roughly 7” wide, and the internet sensation makes his living by appearing on different talk shows and at events, stuffing his face with myriad objects. [Vivian Wheeler ]( 64-year-old Wheeler has had a tough life. Born as a hermaphrodite, her male sex organs were removed at birth, but that didn’t stop overly-active facial hair from forming. With a furry mug by the age of five, her father sold her to Ringling Bros. Circus. There she worked for 55 years as a sideshow attraction, sporting an 11” long beard. Wheeler gave birth to a son, who was kidnapped by his father and not seen or heard from in 30 years. But in a recent dramatic reunion, the two have found one another again. [Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez]( Feel as though you’re constantly buying new shoes to replace the ones your kids have outgrown? Cry a river to Mrs. Hernandez, who’s boy Jeison has had feet too big for commercially-sold footwear since the age of 14. Now a 21-year-old man, Hernandez wears a size 26. His footwear is custom-made by a specialist in Germany, and his feet are 16” long each. [Xie Qiuping]( Rapunzel has nothing on a 56-year-old woman in China. Qiuping holds the title of the person with the world’s longest hair, and it has been measured to be 18’6” long. She began growing out her locks at age 13, and hasn’t looked back since. Nowadays she requires the help of an assistant to wash it, and even walk with it, if it isn’t bundled atop her head in a heavy bun. (MORE)