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Corrina Hodgson


Corrie Headshot for Imago


A recent arrival in Montréal, by way of Toronto, New York and Vancouver, Corrina Hodgson is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced across Canada and in the States, as well as on CBC Radio One. She has been published in numerous anthologies, including Lesbian Plays: Coming of Age in Canada (Rosalind Kerr, editor), the first collection of lesbian plays published in Canada. Corrina holds an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC, and has been on playwrighting units at Nightwood Theatre and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. She has been playwright in residence at The University of Lethbridge and the now-defunct Norcroft. Occasionally, she teaches a course that examines how traditional three-act structure further marginalizes oppressed voices called, Subverting the Canon: Writing Plays as though Sex, Class and Gender Really Mattered.

Marie Barlizo

Barlizo photo. Imago

Marie Leofeli R. Barlizo is the Artist-in-Residence at Black Theatre Workshop in dramaturgy for the 2015-2016 season. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Optional-Residency Creative Writing MFA Program and holds a BFA in Theatre from Concordia University. She is the first visible minority to graduate from the National Theatre School’s Playwriting Program. Marie was the Associate Dramaturg at Nightswimming Theatre courtesy of the Metcalf Foundation Grant for Professional Development (2009) where she assisted Brian Quirt on all of Nightswimming’s projects. Her plays have been showcased at Playwrights Theatre Centre’s New Play Festival in Vancouver, fu-Gen Asian-Canadian Company’s Annual Potluck Festival in Toronto and at Factory Theatre‘s CrossCurrent Festival. She directed and produced her play Stroke at the 2015 Montreal Fringe Festival. She works as a freelance dramaturg and editor in Montreal. Currently, she is developing the plays YAYA (The Nanny), an adaptation of the myth of Orpheus, and Lucky.


Ann Lambert

Ann LambertAnn Lambert has written or co-written 23 stage and radio plays in the past 30 years. Her first play, The Wall, won first prize in the Ottawa Little Theatre National Playwriting Competition, and was produced at The Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa. Self Offense won seven awards at the Quebec Drama Festival, then went on to production in New York. She has written several dramas for CBC radio, including Force of Circumstance, which was broadcast in Australia in 1997. Her stage play, Parallel Lines, was featured at The 4th International Women Playwrights Conference in Galway, Ireland in 1997, and was produced at The University of Oklahoma that year as well.

Very Heaven was first produced at The Centaur Theatre in 1999, and received its European premiere at Focus Theatre in Dublin in 2004.  Very Heaven and The Mary Project, (co-written with Laura Mitchell), were featured at the Fifth International Women Playwrights Conference in Athens, Greece, in 2000, at infinitheatre in Montreal in 2001. The Mary Project then went on to open at LA MAMA in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 and was sold out for its entire run.

Two Short Women (which she also directed) was produced by Right Now ! in Montreal in 2007. It was featured in a double-bill with her very first play, The Wall, and enjoyed critical and popular success. The Assumption of Empire had a very successful workshop production in Montreal in 2009 at Mainline Theatre. Jocasta’s Noose, also directed by Ann, was named a Best Bet at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2012, and Two Short Women was featured at the Women International Playwrights Conference in Stockholm, as well as at the Wildside Festival (Centaur Theatre) in 2013.

She has been teaching at Dawson College since 1991, where she also writes, directs and produces shows with The Dawson Theatre Collective which consistently play to sold out audiences. Their most recent show, HomoSimian, opened this week, and once again featured a cast of over 30 students. Ann is the former head of The Playwriting Program at the National Theatre School of Canada. (2002-2004)

Ann is the vice-president of The Theresa Foundation (, dedicated to supporting AIDS-orphaned children and their grandmothers in several villages in Malawi.


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