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Yellow icon collection 1 and License keys

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Icon Collection: Glossy Menu Icons Transport Icon Set. Vehicle Icon Library with Truck, Train Toolbar Icon Set - Stock Icons. Download Icon Collections

An icon collection of more than 750 stylish pictograms with that "glossy" look used in Windows 7, Vista, and Mac OS X. Glossy Menu Icons are versatile and recognizable, blend easily with almost any style and work on any operating system. The collection of ready-made icons addresses the needs of a wide range of application developers from office work and file operations to social networking and gaming. If you are looking for a huge set of images covering the broadest range of topics that go easily with any modern platform, Glossy Menu Icons may be the perfect choice for you.

With numerous variations and four file formats (ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP) you're getting more than 22000 different images! Variations include three different states (Normal, Disabled, and Hot), five sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels), two color resolutions (32-bit True Color with alpha-channel and 256-color version), and four file formats. The semi-transparent True Color images will blend smoothly with any background.

Image states: normal, hot, disabled
File formats: PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO
Image sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16
Background: transparent
Icon quantity: 1282
Image quantity: 30768
File quantity: 57690
Price: .00 / 79.00 EUR
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Glossy Icons

Glossy Menu Icons - 1
Glossy Menu Icons - 2
Glossy Menu Icons - 3
Glossy Menu Icons - 4
Glossy Menu Icons - 5
Glossy Menu Icons - 6
Glossy Menu Icons - 7
Glossy Menu Icons - 8
Glossy Menu Icons - 9
Glossy Menu Icons - 10
Glossy Menu Icons - 11
Glossy Menu Icons - 12
Glossy Menu Icons - 13
Glossy Menu Icons - 14
Glossy Menu Icons - 15
Glossy Menu Icons - 16
Glossy Menu Icons - 17
Glossy Menu Icons - 18
Glossy Menu Icons - 19
Glossy Menu Icons - 20
Glossy Menu Icons - 21
Glossy Menu Icons - 22
Glossy Menu Icons - 23
Glossy Menu Icons - 24
Glossy Menu Icons - 25
Glossy Menu Icons - 26
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Glossy Menu Icons - Icon List

2d pie chart, 3d bar chart, 3d chart, 3d chart, 3d design, 3d diagram, 3d pie chart, Abacus, ABC, Abort, About, About table, Accept, Accept changes, Accept table, Accept user, Access, Access control, Access key, Account, Accounts, Actual size, Add, Add database, Add page, Add record, Add table, Add user, Add user group, Add users, Add users, Address book, Admin, Advertising, Agent, Air cargo, Air tickets, Airplane, Alarm, Alarm clock, Align center, Align left, Align page center, Align page left, Align page right, Align right, All reports, Ambulance car, Anchor, Android, Animal, Answering machine, Antifishing, Antispam, Antivirus, Apple PC, Apply, Apply database, Apply user, Appointment, Appointment calendar, Archive, Archive, ATM, Atomic, Attach, Attach table, Attribute, Auction, Audience, Audio converter, Audio converter, Auto insurance, Automatic, Automation, Automobile loan, Automobile loan interest payment, Autoreply, Baby carriage, Back, Backup, Backup data, Backup database, Bad mark, Baggage, Balloon, Bank, Bank account, Bank cards, Bank properties, Bank service, Bank service, Banner, Barcode, Barcode scanner, Barcode scanning, Barrel, Barrels, Batch move, Battery, Bed, Bell, Beverage, Bike, Binary file, Birthday, Black bus, Black car, Black list, Black pencil, Blank, Blanks, Blog, Blog message, Blogger, Blogging, Blogs, Blonde, Blue car, Blue pencil, Bluetooth, Boat, Bold, Bomb, Book, Book Library, Book of records, Book-keeper, Bookmark, Bookmark pin, Boss, Bottom, Box, Boy, Brick wall, Bricks, Brief case, Briefcase, British flag, Broken display, Brush, Building, Buildings, Bulldozer, Bundle, Buoy, Burn CD, Burn recycle bin, Burn Text, Burner, Bus, Busy, Buy, Buyer bag, Cable, Cable heating, Cabriolet, Calc stakes, Calculate table, Calculated field, Calculator, Calendar, Call, Call table, Call up, Camcoder, Camcorder, Camel, Camera, Cancel, Car, Car card index, Car crash, Car expenses, Car key, Car repair, Card, Card file, Card index, Card terminal, Cards, Cargo, Cargo ship, Cars, Case History, Cash register, Category, CCTV, CD, CD-disk, Ceiling fixture, Cellphone, Center, Certificate, Certification, Certification seal, Chart, Chat, Check boxes, Check file, Check options, Check out cart, Check table, Checking area, Cheque, Chief medical officer, Children, China, Chip, Choose table, City, Clear, Clear Document, Clear table, Client, Client group, Client list, Clients, Clients, Clip, Clipboard, Clock, Clone, Close, Close barrier, Close folder, Closed folder, Closed package, Clothes, Cloud computing, Cms, Coffee, Coffee break, Coin, Coins, Color, Color balance, Color layers, Color palette, Color profile, Comment, Company, Compare files, Compass, Component, Computer, Computer access, Computer doctor, Computers, Conference, Config, Configuration, Configuration1, Connect, Connect database, Construction, Contact, Contact1, Content, Contrast, Control panel, Conversion of currency, Convert sound, Converter, Copy, Copy database, Copy document, Copyright, Copyright table, Copywriter, Correct table, Cosmetics, Counter, Courier, Crane truck, Crawler crane, Create, Create table, Create user, Create user group, Create users, Credit, Credit card, Credit card table, Credit cards, Credit table, Curve points, Customers, Cut, Cut table, Danger, Dashboard, Data cube, Data filter, Data server, Data set, Data source, Data synchronization, Data transfer, Data transmission, Database, Database access, Database configuration, Database security, Database table, Dataset provider, Datasheet, Datasheets, Date and time, DB, DB events, Db relations, DB1, Death, Decorator, Delete, Delete database, Delete note, Delete record, Delete table, Delete user, Delivery, Demography, Design, Designer, Desk, Desk clock, Desk lamp, Desktop, Desktop computer, Destroy database, Diagram, Dial, Dialing, Diary, Digital clock, Digital signature, Digits, Diode, Directory, Disabled, Disaster, Disconnect, Disconnect database, Display, DLL, Doctor, Documents, Dollar, Donation, Done tasks, Door, Down, Download, Download image, Downward pointer, Draft, Driil, Driver, Dropdown list, Dropper, Drugs, Drum, DVD, Earnings, Earth, Ecology, Edit data, Edit document, Edit prices, Edit table, Edit text, Edit user, Editor, Einstein, Electric, Electric hazard, Electrical outlet, Electrical plug, Electronics, Element, Email, Email field, Emotion icons, Empty black button, Empty blue button, Empty dustbin, Empty green button, Empty red button, Empty silver button, Empty yellow button, Enabled, Encipher, Energy, Engineer, Enlarge size, Enter, Entire network, Envelope, Environment, Erase table, Eraser, Error, European flag, Event manager, Events, Excavator, Excel, Execute, Exit, Expert, Explore, Explosive, Export table, Export text, Express block, Extract, Eye, Facebook, Factory, Family, FAQ, Fast back, Fast forward, Fast table, Favourites, Favourites table, Fax, Fax1, Feather, Female, Female profile, Figures, File server, Filmclapper, Filter, Filter table, Filters, Final document, Finance, Find, Find data, Find in folder, Find on computer, Find table, Find text, Find user, Find users, Finger print, Fingerprint reader, Fire damage, Fire engine, Fireball, Firewall, First, First aid, First record, Flame, Flights, Flip, Flip horizontally, Flip vertically, Flood fill, Floppy, Flow Block, Flowchart, Flowchart builder, Flowers, Fluorescent lamp, Folder tree, Font style, Food, Forbidden, Forbidden table, Forklift truck, Form, Forms, Formula, Forum, Forward, Frame, Frames, Free, Freight car, Freight charges, Freight Container, Fruits, FTP, FTP account, Fuel, Full basket, Full dustbin, Full recycle bin, Function, Function x, Furniture, Gallery, Gamepad, Games, Gantt chart, Gantt charts, Gateway, Gauge, Gear, Genealogy, Generator, Get mail, Gift, Girl, Global table, Globe, Go, Go back, Go down, Go forward, Go up, Good mark, Goods, GPS, GPS navigator, Gradation, Graph, Graphic design, Graphic designer, Graphic tool, Graphic tools, Green flag, Green pencil, Green redo, Grid, Guy, Hacker, Hammer, Hand, Hand truck, Handshake, Hangar, Hangup, Hard drive, HDD, Head phones, Helicopter, Helmet, Help, Help book, Hide, Hierarchy, High temperature, Hiker, Hint, Hints, History, Hoisting crane, Holidays, Home, Home network, Home technics, Home v2, Homepage, Horse, Hospital nurse, Hosting, Hotel, Hourglass, House, How to, Html message, Hub, Hyperlink, Icon design, Image, Image file, Image1, Images, Import table, Import text, Income, Income table, Index, Info, Information, Infrastructure, Inquiry, Inspector, Install, Instrument, Insurance, Interior, Internet, Internet access, Internet Application, Internet bank, Internet Explorer, Intranet, Inventory, Invoice, IP address, IPad, IPhone, IPod, IRDA, Italic, Items, Japan, Java, Jeep, Journey, Justify, Key, Key copy, Key keeper, Keyboard, Keyboard1, Keypad, Keys, Kitchen, Knife, Knowledge, Korea, Lady, Lamps, Landscape, Languages, Large group, Laser printer, Last, Last record, Lecturer, Left-right, Letter, Letter table, Letters and digits, Light diode lamp, Link, List, List Page, Lists, Lists1, Loading, Local security policy, Location, Lock, Lock database, Lock table, Lock user, Lock users, Locked users, Locked users1, Login, Login form, Logistics, Logout, Look table, Lookup, Lorry, Loud speaker, Love, Low temperature, Macro, Mad scientist, Mail, Mailbox, Maintenance, Male, Map, Maps, Mark table, Market, Market report, Marketer, Matrix, Measure, Measure1, Mechanic, Medical, Medical insurance, Medical Store, Medical supplies, Meeting, Megaphone, Memory, Merge tables, Message, Messages, Metal shopping cart, Microphone, Microprocessor, Microsoft flag, Midi converter, Minus, Mobile Phone, Modules, Money, Money bag, Money table, Money turnover, Monitor, Monitor and phone, Monkey, Moon, Mortgage loan, Mouse, Move, Move diagonally, Movie, Multimedia file, Multiple problems, Music, Music converter, Music disk, Music notes, Music table, Music1, Musical instruments, My computer, My pictures, Navigator, Nested table, Network, Network computer, Network connection, Network group, Network traffic, New, New database, New file, New folder, New note, New table, News, News source, Newspaper, Next, Next note, Next record, Next table, Next user, No, No paper, No sound, No table, Note, Notebook, Notebook computer, Notepad, Notes, Number, Number list, Numbers, Object, Object manager, Objects, Office, Office chair, Office phone, OK, OK table, Online contacts, Online library, Online references, Online Store, Open, Open barrier, Open Book, Open card index, Open door, Open file, Open folder, Open lock, Open mail, Open references, Orange bus, Order, Order tracking, Out of service, Overpatching, Pack, Package, Page, Page break, Page structure, Paint, Painter, Palette, Pallet, Pallet 3d, Pan, Pan map, Panel Truck, Paper, Parental Control, Paste, Paste document, Pause, Payment, Payments, PC access, PCMCIA device, PC-PDA synchronization, PC-Web synchronization, PDA, PDF file, Pen, Pencil, People, People contact, People contacts, People Online, Percent, Percent value, Period end, Personal loan, Personal signature, Personal smartcard, Petroleum industry, Phone, Phone and monitor, Phone field, Phone Number, Phone receiver, Phone Support, Phone table, Phones, Photo, PHP, Physician, Pick, Pickup, Picture, Picture file, Pie chart, Pie chart grid, Pie chart table, Piggy bank, Pin, Pin table, Ping, Pipe line, Pirate, Play, Plus, Podcast, Point table, Pointer, Police car, Police officer, Portfolio, Portrait, Position, Postman, Prepare, Preview, Previous, Previous note, Previous record, Previous table, Previous user, Price List, Price List1, Print, Print Preview, Print table, Printer, Problem, Product, Product basket, Products, Professor, Properties, Protect, Protection, Protection2, Provider, Publicity agent, Publish, Publish folder, Publisher, Put, Put away, Query results, Query table, Question, Question mark, Questionnaire, Quote, Radio transmitter, Receive, Receptionist, Recycle, Recycle bin, Recycling, Red bus, Red car, Red flag, Red undo, Redo, Reduce size, Reference books, Reflex camera, Refresh, Refresh backup, Refresh document, Refresh key, Refresh table, Refresh user, Registered problem, Registration, Registry, Reject, Reject user, Remote access, Remote access1, Remote control, Remote database, Remove, Remove page, Remove record, Remove table, Remove user, Remove user group, Remove users, Rename document, Repair, Repair computer, Repair database, Repair table, Repeat, Replace, Report, Reports, Reports pages, Resize picture, Resolve IP range, Resources, Restart, Restore, Restore data, Restore database, Restrictions, Retort, Revert, Revert table, Road, Road roller, Robot, Rocket, Roll, Roller, Room, Rotate, Rotate CCW, Rotate CW, Rotate left, Rotate right, Rotation, Router, RSS, RSS button, RSS table, Rulers, Run, Run SQL, SAAS, Sad, Safe, Sale, Sales, Sandbag, Satellite, Satellite antenna, Save, Save all, Save as, Save Data, Save image, Save table, Scales, Scan fingerprint, Scanner, Scenario, Schedule, Scheduled, Screen settings, Screw, Screwdriver, Script, Script code, Scroll list, Search, Search data, Search next, Search previous, Secrecy, Secretary, Security control, Security guard, Select, Select font, Send, Send data, Send fax, Send mail, Send Table, SEO, Server, Server synchronization, Serviceman, Session, Settings, Shield, Ship, Shipping, Shopping cart, Shredder, Sign, Signature, Single problem, Site map, Size, Skull, Sleep, Smart phone, Smart tag, Smile, Smooth, Snail, Social network, Socket, Sockets, Sofa, Software designer, Soldier, Somebody, Sort 1-9, Sort 9-1, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Sound, Sound file, Sound regulator, Sound table, Spam, Special symbols, Spectacles, Spell checking, Sporting goods, Sports, Spy, SQL, SQL query, SSL, Staff, Stairs, Stake calculation, Stamp, Star, Start, Start flag, Start flags, Statistics, Steering wheel, Stickers, Stock, Stock down, Stock table, Stock up, Stop, Stop sign, Stop watch, Store, Stored proc, Storehouse, Storekeeper, Structure, Student, Subscript, Subway, Sum, Superscript, Support, Switch, Switch button, Symbol, Sync, Sync changes, Sync e-mail, Sync IP table, Synchronize, System, System file, System table, Table, Table 2x2, Table 3x3, Table 4x4, Table bomb, Table cell, Table comment, Table eraser, Table errort, Table events, Table exclamation, Table figures, Table font, Table glossary, Table hint, Table info, Table key, Table letter, Table meter, Table navigation, Table objects, Table options, Table phone, Table problem, Table query, Table question, Table settings, Table user, Table warning, Table wizard, Tables, Tag, Tank truck, Tape, Target, Task list, Task list1, Tasks, Tax, Taxi, Taxi-lorry, Tear-off calendar, Telephone, Telephone directory, Temperature, Terminate, Text, Text File, Text file error, Thermometer, Thesaurus, Thief, Tick, Time, Time machine, Time management, Time management1, Time zone, Timer, Timetable, Timetable1, Todo list, Todo table, Tooling, Tools, Top, Touch, Tow truck, Traceroute, Traffic protection, Trailer, Train, Transfer, Translation, Transparency, Transport, Trash, Trash can, Trash table, Travel, T-shirt, Tunnel, Turn off, Turn on, Turtle, TV, Twitter, Twitter bird, Umbrella, Uncle Sam, Under construction, Underlined, Undo, Unemployed, Uninstall, Units, Unloading, Unlock database, Unpack, Up, Up folder, Update, Update password, Update SQL, Update table, Up-down, Upload, Upload image, UPS, USA flag, USB, USB drive, USB symbol, User, User account, User comment, User error, User folder, User group, User info, User login, User logout, User message, User problem, User support, User table, User time, User warning, Users, Valid user, Video, Video cable, Video file, View, View file, View table, View user, Visual communicaton, VOIP, Volume, Volume down, Volume level, Volume up, Wake up, Wall fixture, Warehouse, Warning, Watch, Water drop, Water supply, Weather, Web, Web camera, Web design, Web designer, Web document, Web form, Web site, Web statistics, Web table, Webcam, Wedding, Week, Wheelbarrow, Wheeled tractor, Wide brush, Wi-Fi, Wind rose, Window, Windows PC, Wire, Wizard, Word sample, Worker, Workgroup, Working gloves, Workspace, World, Wrench, Write email, Writer, Www, XXX, Yacht, Yellow flag, Yes,, Zoom, Zoom In, Zoom out, Zoom place.

Blue Theme for Social Web Sites

Paint your forum in blue! Blue Web Buttons supply a number of navigation images for blogs, forums and chat rooms. The images are easy on the eye, and provide a uniform skin painted in blue. The set of Blue Web Buttons supplies 48 unique images, each coming in sizes of 48x48 and 64x64 pixels.

 Blue Web Buttons

Blue Web Icons
The collection of Blue Web Buttons provides designers and Web developers an easy way to design a blog site. Users of blogs, chat rooms and instant messengers can customize their browsing experience with one more clean, uniform theme. Blue Web Buttons integrate perfectly into blog themes and forum skins.

The collection of Blue Web Buttons provides icons typically used as navigation elements in blogs and social networks. Web buttons such as First and Last, Up and Down, Left and Right, as well as Favourites, Home, Lock and Unlock, Zoom In and Zoom Out, Rotate Left and Rotate Right, Playback, Time and Message among others. There are 48 unique images in two sizes (48x48 and 64x64 pixels), or 96 icons in total.

Toolbar Icons provide an archive of commands and images that can be used to activate, open, store and close files on a web page. There are thousands of these ranging from email to monetary images.

All Toolbar Icons come in an icon collection of vivid shades that can bring a brilliant graphical background to the desktop or a page. They also come in resolute dimensions, which can be magnified, composed of curved forms that can speak the object language. They are easy to operate because of the fact that they are meant to serve the command that they represent. For example, those for emails come in a set of letter boxes that can be activated every time one wants to read or send an electronic message without necessarily having to go to their accounts.

Another kind of Toolbar Icons includes monetary objects. These images are shaped like beautified coins and banknotes. They also come with other related tags such as payment options and coin counters for easier commands when involved in the e-commerce business. There are also images that are meant for navigating through pages. They come in form of conspicuous arrows in rich colors as well as roundabout signs for reloading web pages. There are others that are shaped like driving tiers meant for navigation purposes.

The web developer can also access multimedia icons. These are meant to integrate the functions of smart phones into their own pages for more personalized simultaneous applications without having to activate them externally. These signs include Sim Card look-alike shapes, magnifying glass for reading what is in the touch-screen and other communication signs.

In short, Toolbar Icons can be used for diverse purposes for designing a page that will be manageable through set commands. These can be bought cheaply at the site offering them in their active form.

Toolbar Icons site:

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