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hiqqoii wrote:For Window System, there is Access Based Enumeration, and system hide the folder to unauthorized user. You can google for it.

Thanks, didn't know that existed.

hiqqoii wrote:Anyhow, you are correct, people cannot access the folder without password. But, they see the existence of the information they shouldn't. This will create problem when you have nosy users in company, and hacking technique is quite easy to find nowadays. So leaving private shared folders expose to all user is security bug!!!

No, it still isn't a security bug. If the domain admin knows what they're doing, having visible folders on the network is irrelevant. Proper security procedures and restrictive file/folder permissions should be enough. ABE is a relavitely new enhancement of these procedures, and after briefly reading up on it, should be more commonplace in a domain infrastructure I agree, but it's most definitely not a security hole if it isn't enabled. If you've got users on your network that you don't trust, why are they allowed network access? That's something your ITSO should be dealing with, or maybe you need to find more trustworthy staff.

hiqqoii wrote:Even the syno box has option "Hide this folder in My Network Places", but this hide the folder to authorize user as well.

As I mentioned in my earlier post.

hiqqoii wrote:This is not good solution when you have to run Corporate Data Center with hundred of folders and thoundsand of users. Different users have different levels to different folders. And now Private Folders are hide to authorize user, and user need to remember folder's name (50+ private folder) and manually type in folder location in address bar. This is not good idea.

Seems like you need to do some housekeeping on your network if you've got folders splattered all over the place. Networking should be fairly transparent to the user. They shouldn't have to remember the 50+ folders you're talking about, and if they are, the admins aren't doing their job very well. Just MHO