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The EViews 5.1 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 5.1 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer not run unless you already have EViews 5.1 installed on your machine.

If you have not yet updated your EViews 5.0 to EViews 5.1, you may do so by downloading the EViews 5.1 Upgrade Installer.

Note that EViews 5.1 is no longer officially supported. There will be no additional updates to the program.

Current Update

Oct 8, 2007

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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Prior Updates

September, 2007

Fix for a bug that can occur when freezing certain views of a Model object. 

August, 2007

Fix lag handling for group descriptive statistics with individual samples in panel workfiles. Improve starting value determination in computation of quantiles of the gamma distribution for select parameter regions. The difference operator with a seasonal difference term and high order ordinary difference terms did not calculate properly.

July, 2007

 Fix problems with Makegroup, Maketable and Makegraph procedures of models when "Actuals" is the comparison scenario. Suppress invalid LR test statistics in panel estimation with EGLS weights iterated to convergence. Existing F-statistic values are unaffected.

May, 2007

Fix bug in "make residuals proc" in panel equations for two-way fixed effect models with unbalanced data. The estimation results are not affected by this change. Fix problems with R^2 calculations for some weighted panel and pool equations. Fix problem with samples being set incorrectly but reported correctly with irregular integer dated data. Fix for @CLOGNORM function. Fix error messaging for fixed effect tests in panel models with no fixed effect. Problem with workfile saved in single precision if original data contains number greater than allowable single precision value.

April, 2007

Fix periodic crashes while using mouse wheel in Terminal Server session.  Fix crash in "full sample asymmetric" band width filter. Enable scrolling in VAR impulse response dialog. Fix crash in panel unit root routines

March, 2007

Fix Breusch-Bodfrey serial correlation LM test for TSLS. Fix in reading fixed precision numeric data from ODBC database. Change in handling of Oracle Number format columns with no scale or precision to avoid truncation. Fix erroneous date return in @dateval when argument is empty . Fix issue with equation when copied between workfiles. Correction in setting of the TEMP path under Vista. 

Feb, 2007

Fix database storage of group containing alpha series. Recognize certain options in the COPY command. Change in handling of Oracle Number format columns with no scale or precision to avoid truncation. Change in handling of Haver databases to minimize locking of databases. Fix for occasional truncation of alpha series in data import.

Jan, 2007

Increase the number of allowable PDL terms in equation estimation.

Dec, 2006

Fix for inability to break out of state space estimation. Fix for crashes when manipulating symbolic expressions. Fix for inability to load non-ANSI fonts. 

Nov, 2006

Improvements to t, chi-squared, and F distribution functions for extreme degrees of freedom values. Fix for numeric control variables with values greater than 2^31. Fix for multiple workfiles containing sample with if condition based on linked series. Fix store bug introduced in post of 10/31/06. 

Oct, 2006

Speed improvements in the panel unit root calculations. Fix for opening FAME server databases from command line. Fix for fetching series from FAME server databases using wildcard name patterns. Fix cross correlogram inadvertently excludes observations. Fix for occasional corrupted columns when saving workfile in text format. Fix problems with initialization in equation with in MA orders larger than one with backcasting on. 

Sept, 2006

Improve error handling when trying to load non-existing workfile. Fix incorrect GARCH text representation for higher order TARCH models. Improve formula update during loading. Improve handling of the text paste function when copying from Word. Fix for crashes when using hfetch command.

Aug, 2006

Haver database library updated to remove crashes with long path names. Fix to improve compatibility with EcoWin browser control version 5.4 and later. Fix for writing of TSD files containing negative numbers. Fix for fitted value calculations when dependent variable has a lead or lag. Fix for problems when reading Excel files containing Unicode/Far East extended string character data. Adjust skewness and kurtosis in series stats by classification view to be consistent with other uses in EViews. The "N" (ignore coefficient uncertainty) option in forecast command was not being properly processed. Fix forecast initialization for smoothing in State Space models when performed using the forecast command.

July, 2006

Fix bug in generating cross tabs with lagged alpha series. Fix issues with formula update.

June, 2006

Fix incorrect application of 'NOEXINST' option in command 'GMM'.

May, 2006

Fix out of memory issues when workfile contains hundreds of thousands of small EViews objects. Correct incorrect returns of some VAR member functions. Modification to EViews registration system to allow access to XP Professional Workstations using Windows Remote Desktop. ARMA errors suppressed during model solve by Newton's method (first time after model compiled). Fix for crash during copy by match merge.

April, 2006

Fix workfile resizing issues of workfile that includes value maps. Stop the copying of C and RESID objects from workfile to workfile when using wildcard with the COPY command.

March, 2006

Fix instability when generating cointegration test with group containing no series. Increase error handling for correlogram in VAR due to lack of observations. Fix instability in correlogram of VAR when handling one variable VAR.  Fix bug in Breitung panel unit test. Fix problem in handling parenthesis input in Model's Exclude sample dialog. Fix formula updating issue with series which is a function of statistical function applied directly or indirectly to links.

February, 2006

Fix Tramo output display in Tramo/Seats procedure. Fix instability with subroutines. Fix for crashes within programs when passing groups to nested local subroutines. Fix order choice model panel estimation. Fix for occasional crashes during unstack operations.

January, 2006

Improve handling of groups/formulas that reference database data during workfile expansion. Fix isolated problems in formula updates that reference other formulas which point to links. Increase stability in handling updates of links and formulas. Modify NA handling for linked series. Fix bug for option SUMSQ in LINKTO command. Suppress error message in formula update in minor cases. Allow writing of irregular dated series into data banks. Fix instability with links. Add justification option in graph's ADDTEXT command. Modify FETCH to support reading of Haver databases with a higher accuracy.

December, 2005

Fix inability to store very large alpha series in databases. Allow scrolling for program path in run program dialog. Allow running of programs with path name longer than 128 characters.

November, 2005

Fix issue with White test for a weighted least squares estimation. Fix in MAKEFILTER command in State Space. Fix State Spce forecast instability under certain conditions. Modify error handling in Model when dividing by zero. Fixed failure to initiate state space estimation where the number of states is large relative to observation number. Add an "o" option for MAKESTATS for overriding default output series. Fix instability when overriding files already opened in Excel 2003. Improve support for stored procedures when reading from ODBC data sources. Modified the EC command so that by default error correction estimation has no coefficient restrictions .Extend @DATEDIFF to scalar operations. Fix boxplot saving issue.

October, 2005

Fix auto column width setting issue in series display. Fixed instability associated with copying of tables. Minor bug fixes.

September, 2005

Extend @UPPER and @LOWER functions to string control variables. Fixed issues with derivative output procedures in equations with nonlinear specification. Allow EXITLOOP to be applied in string for-loop. Modify default of STORE to merge from override. Enable merge option "M" for FETCH. In pool/panel, allow system GLS with number of periods exactly equal to number of cross sections. With warning message, allow estimation of unidentified models LogL. Fixed issue with saving of command window size when EViews window is maximized. Speed up the refresh of matrix window when column resizing. In ASCI import fixed width page, fixed incomplete application of user modified options when user finials from that page. 

July, 2005

Fix incorrect merge in COPY of alpha series.  Modify screen refresh of object when the object has been modified. Fixed crash when conducting page to page copy of completely empty alpha series. Expand the list of display type for series links  

June, 2005

Fix bug in state space forecasting for specification estimated with missing state regressor values at the beginning of the estimation sample  Fix in automatic analysis during reading of ASCII/text files using row options set to fixed number of characters per line  Enable set width proc for alpha series  Correct spurious error message in correlograms calculated with a single lag. Fixed recently introduced bug in make actual residuals in panel equations. Add error message for series filter in for panel data. Improve handling of lags in group graphic views. Improve handling of replacement variables in programs.

May, 2005

Fixed bug in make (standardized) residual routine for limited dependent models. Improved handling of group specifications in pool "ADD" routine. Fixed sample handling in empirical distribution test for selected distributions Improve automatic naming in pool "MAKEPERIOD" proc when specified with formula series. Fixed issues with gradient output procedures in equations with AR specification. Fixed crossing of seams when working with panel genr function.

April, 2005

Fixed inability to apply function to a link that's linked to a link. Modification in the FETCH command behavior to match the behavior of version 4. Allow GMM/TSLS estimation by implicit estimation equations. Fixed printing of matrix with large number of columns. Fixed LM serial correlation test bug introduced in a March update. Fixed possible instability when copying from database. Allow modification of control strings using @REPLACE.

March, 2005

New ev_dset.dll that improve reading of excel format files. Fixed issues on the loading formula during workfile open.  Modification in, some cases, the way standardized residuals are calculated and statistics calculated from the residuals. Fixed issues with workfile to workfile copy of group that contains reference to database series. Fixed inability to estimate an ARMA model in list form without an exogenous variable. Add option to allow connecting adjacent points for sample break in x-y graph. Fixed output size options in graphics file save.

February, 2005

Fixed copy and pasting of long commands in command window. Fixed copy of panel equations with fixed effects. Allow GMM/TSLS estimation by implicit estimation equations Improve error handling in Model objects. Fixed update of graph views of group data with with transformed series. Improvement in testing for quasi separation in binary models. Fixes for post estimation of gradient display in panel estimated models. Fixed mixed bar/line graph and spike/line graph with horizontal indentation in the frame. Fixed handling of conversion method options in LINK command.