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State of Alaska

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

You are here: ADF&G Home ยป Species

Biology 101

  • Animal Classification
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystems in Alaska
  • Endangered Species

Find Species Information

  • Animals
    Life history, range, habitat, uses, and more.
  • Invasive
    Which ones to look for, how to report, negative impacts, prevention & more.
  • Pets & Livestock
    What you need to know about bringing any kind of animal into Alaska, or keeping a wild animal as a pet.
  • Special Status
    Endangered, threatened, extinct and other species of concern.
  • Living With Wildlife
    Safety around wildlife; attracting and deterring animals; wildlife and pets; contacts and more.
  • Diseases and Parasites
    Learn about diseases common or important to Alaska's wildlife.
  • Wildlife Action Plan
    Alaska's species conservation plan and how to become a partner.
Photo of a North Pacific Right Whale

Did You Know?

Whalers gave the North Pacific right whale its name based on it being the "right whale" to hunt: it was large, slow and floated at the surface when killed.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
P.O. Box 115526
1255 W. 8th Street
Juneau, AK 99811-5526
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