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Over 525,000

KING customers
passed their FAA exams
since 1974

"Excellent presentation, very easy to follow with material organized in informative manner - so much for such a great price."

Bart Lamb
Bull Valley, IL

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What others are saying...

  • I was very pleased with how well the KING course prepared me for the FAA exam!Kristen B., IA
  • ...extremely impressed...excellent organization and presentation...outstanding feature of the DVD is its ability to track a student´s study progress...rounding out (KING´s) award-winning line of CD-ROMs and videosJennifer Baker—Executive Editor, Private Pilot Magazine
  • Wonderfully helpful. A great way to put it all together to prepare for the Big Day!William W., IL
  • I found the courses incredibly helpful in my preparation for the flight test and I felt very well prepared, which was apparent to the examiner.Charles A., NM
  • The KING course really prepared me well for my Checkride (Practical). It really helped knowing what to expect.Todd B., MI
  • I could almost hear John and Martha explaining the answers as I took the test.Scott W., MD
  • The course provided me with a complete understanding of the fundamental principles of powered flight...mixed with humor.Ned G., ID
  • After reviewing local ground school prep materials, I conclude the KING courses are vastly superior. The grade of 90% is proof of that fact.Larry B., GA
  • Thanks for creating a product that delivers what was advertised. Well done!Dennis M., MO
  • Thanks for the great CD-ROM course! The random practice tests and video/text explanations made the actual FAA Exam a breeze to pass!Adam T., HI
  • I am originally from Denmark so I have had a language barrier. Your splendid and well-explained course made it possible to pass the test on my first try.Claus W., KS
  • You folks made a very intimidating subject fun to learn! Thanks.James R., CA
  • Having John and Martha available on my DVD at anytime is very helpful and has proven to be invaluable in my ground training.David K., WA
  • Every question on written test was covered under your course.David R., TN
  • It was so easy taking the test. When every question popped on the screen, I said to myself, ´I know this´. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Dirk H., MI
  • Such a great tool!! John and Martha make it so easy! I´m 16 and all my dreams are coming true!Sean B., TX
  • The Private Pilot course prepared me for my written exam. It went into detail where ground school missed the mark.Milton T., FL
  • With the King´s Private Pilot Exam course, I received a 100%! The examiner said she hasn´t seen a perfect score in a long time. I´m very pleased! thank you!!Gary G., KS
  • I´m age 70. I was really concerned about being able to learn some of the material. I´m very thankful to say, your presentation did it for me.Arthur Z., WI
  • The enthusiastic and humorous way the Kings teach was instrumental to my success. ThanksRick K., NY
  • The examiner remarked that I ´flew through the questions´—test time: 45 min.Michael B., WI
  • The features available with the DVD course—ability to search, do practice tests, review wrong answers—are far superior to trying to read a book.Richard D., CA
  • Your program enabled me to pass my test without having to sit in a classroom—I did it from the comfort of my couch!Kirk B., MN
  • Your course filled in all the gaps and allowed me to absorb the material quite nicely. It also saved me a bunch of cash in ground school fees!Garry W., IL
  • Your program is excellent for the older students who need visual, aural and tactile input to retain information.Richard A., MS
  • Outstanding! I came away knowing the subject, not just the answers. A good mix of fun and facts.Gary V., CA
  • So much easier to understand than a 1000+ page book.Tim C., FL
  • I took flying lessons 20 years ago and did not finish. I ordered your course and finished in 30 days.Chris B., MN
  • Martha and John are a riot!Norman T., MO
  • All it took was 2 weekends! Thank you.Dr. Ernie S., FL
  • Because my job keeps me on the road, this was a great way to study on airplanes, in hotels... where ever.William M., AL
  • 100% score in a couple of weeks of evening study. Wow!Henry E., NC
  • I can learn at my own pace and review the areas that I am weak in. For a working father of three this is ´perfect.´Jim W., CA
  • It was so easy my 11 and 12 year old ´future pilot´ boys would watch the lessons and answer the questions.Hank S., AK
  • I have zero science or technical knowledge—your course was great!Timothy V., NC
  • The information in this course is taught so that it is learned, not just memorized.Nicholas B., MT
  • It´s like being in a class with one-on-one teaching.Greg S., MN
  • John and Martha King are by far the best teachers I have ever had— informative, interesting, organized and fun.Joseph S., OR
  • I retain the information much better than when I study from a book.Douglas B., AL
  • Just like having your own private instructors that work for you on your own schedule.Devin P., CA
  • I should have ordered this sooner!Brittanic W., TX
  • Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Your course prepared me so well I completed the written exam with over an hour and a half to spare!Marie E., NY
  • This is the best self-study training program that I have ever experienced.Dr. Larry P., MI
  • 95% says it all!Eric H., OR
  • The KING DVD course was a great aid to my ground school. I´m so happy with my score!Brad B., AL
  • I had only 3 days to study with zero ground school and passed. KING really helps you understand the questions.Michael G., IL
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