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... a component of LepideAuditor Suite protects your organization from unauthorized changes done to vital business data, files, ... the File Server network. LepideAuditor for File Server is available as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. Freeware ... two versions of LAFS. The free trial version is available for free but with some limitations in ... that you can purchase its Enterprise edition, which is fully functional with unlimited auditing of file servers. For details please visit: ...

Author Lepide Software
License Free To Try
Price 9.00
Released 2016-02-16
Downloads 401
Filesize 310.00 MB
Requirements Dual Core Processor or higher Processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB Disk Space, .NET Framework 4.0 or later, Apple Safari 4.0 or later, Internet Explorer 8 or later and Mozilla Firefox 20.0 or later.
Installation Install and Uninstall
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... a component of LepideAuditor Suite protects your organization from unauthorized changes done to vital business data, files, ... the File Server network. LepideAuditor for File Server is available as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. Freeware ...


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