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Flash Builder - A File Browser Application with License Key
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LCD Bitmap Converter 1.01 license number with

Lingobit Extractor 1.1 Serial number generator


Image to Array Generator for 0.96” 128×64 OLED Display Module. Support Windows Only.


Download | Zip | Exe | Rar

Byte to Array Generator for UTFT IPS LCD Screen 480×320 Shield. Support Windows Only.

Support on DM-TFT18-101, DM-TFT22-102, DM-TFT24-104, DM-TFT28-103, DM-TFT28-105, DM-TFT35-107, DM-TFT43-108


Download | Zip | Msi |

There are two reasons for converting the image to 16bit bmp flipped row order, first is the image is only 2/3 of the original size because most embedded display drivers support only 16bit color. Second is enhance the speed of instructions most embedded TFT uses the 16but 565 format support the top to bottom write order and enhancing the speed of interpretation.

Compared to raw image data there are several benefits, it has Meta data about the format and size and how it is stored, it is standard so it will be viewed directly in most viewer, it can create and edit the images in advance photo editing programs.

Application options:

  • Converting to C-Source Code 24Bit: it will generate a 24bit bitmap array C source code file. There is no need of modification of the source code.
  • Convert to C-Source Code (16Bit 565 Top-Bottom Bitmap): It will convert the image to 16bit and store it as a C code file.
  • Arduino C-Source Hack: This feature will replace some 0xFF with 0xFE address so that the C-Code can be downloaded to the Arduino flash. Otherwise this might get a download error because the AVRDude settings Arduino is using.

Other tools to convert Image to C code Array

  • Support on Most Embedded Display modules DM-TFT18-101, DM-TFT22-102, DM-TFT24-104, DM-TFT28-103, DM-TFT28-105, DM-TFT35-107, DM-TFT43-108


Download ImageConverter 565 v2.2 | Zip | RAR