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Jitbit Forum (formerly known as "Jitbit AspNetForum") is an ASP.NET forum/discussion board software. Download and add an forum to your ASP.NET-based site in seconds.

Our forum easily integrates into existing ASP.NET-based websites, optionally offering a "single-sign-on" functionality for your existing users.

Unlike other forum apps:

  • Lightning fast! This forum uses advanced caching techniques to render pages as fast as possible
  • Free evaluation version never expires Get a free fully functional version and test as long as you need. It just contains a "powered by Jitbit" label on top.
  • Cross-database Works with MS Access, MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008 and MySQL 5.x. This ASP.NET forum comes with a ready-to-use MS Access database file, MS SQL Express database file, and plain SQL-scripts for both MS SQL Server and MySQL that create all the required database tables. Theoretically, will work with any other database engine which has an ADO.NET driver (Oracle, for example).
  • Search Engine Friendly! forum topic URLs and page titles are optimized for SEO, containing your keywords
  • Rating system and Q&A-features User reputation system, "accepted answers" markers and optional filtering important answers only
  • Clean Neat, simplified and lightweight, but powerful
  • Fully customizable easily redesign the look and feel of your forum by using ASP.NET master pages or by editing the HTML-code and/or CSS.
  • iPhone-compatible/Android-compatible detects your mobile browser and shows the appropriate markup

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Even more cool forum features

  • Secure supports user activation by email, user-groups and group-based forum permissions, which allow forum administrators to control which forums are visible. Supports pre-moderated and free-for-all forums
  • Twitter, Facebook and OpenID Social login support - users can sign-in to the aspx-forum using their existing Twitter, Facebook or OpenID credentials.
  • Authentication integration Easily integrated into your existing websites. Can be configured to recognize your existing authenticated users - both Windows and Forms Authentication (using a membership provider, for instance) are supported (along with it's own authentication scheme),
  • Email notifications On new topics, posts and personal messages, user-controlled subscription to the latest forum updates
  • Private messaging & Polls
  • Full RSS feed support RSS for all recent messages, latest topics in a particular forum, messages in a topic etc.
  • Source codes ASP.NET forum source code available for web developers.
  • Fully ASP.NET MVC compatible

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Multilingual ASP.NET forum software

Our forum comes with English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Hebrew, Dutch, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Hindi and Chinese Traditional translations. Other languages can be easily added using ASP.NET resources.

System Requirements

  • Web Server: Windows 2000, Server 2003 or XP Professional, IIS v4 or higher, Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 (older ASP.NET 1.1/2.0 versions are available upon request)
  • Database Server: SQL Server (versions 7, 2000, 2005, 2008, MSDE or SQL Server Express), Microsoft Access, MySQL etc.
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Chrome, Opera