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Wav-2-Midi 1.0 Serial Key keygen and crack

The main reason why I jailbreak my iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is to make them stand out from the crowd! And to do this I use tweaks that are available from Cydia Installer. So if you are looking for a specific Cydia/jailbreak tweak, utility, application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad… then you have come to the right place! Here you will find a list of all the tweaks, utilities, applications and more that have been released in Cydia over the years.

Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS Firmware Versions

iJailbreak’s Other Tweak Compilations

  • The Top / Best Cydia Tweaks For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Siri Cydia Tweaks, Hacks And Mods For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Spire (Siri) Proxy Host List
  • Cydia Sources / Repositories For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Here’s All The Cydia Tweaks Saurik Has Installed On His iPhone

Siri (Spire) Tweaks How To’s

Create A Tweak Or Application

Downgrade A Tweak Or Package

Backup Tweaks And Applications

Fix Cydia And Applications/Tweak Errors

Can’t Find A Tweak?

Install Cracked Applications

Compatible Cydia Tweaks With iOS 7 List

3G Unrestrictor 5 – Perform WiFi Only Functions Over 3G Network
3DBoard – Glasses-Free 3D SpringBoard Icons
6Switcher – 6 Icons In App-Switcher


Activator – Brings Smart App Launching To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
AppAddict – Cracked iOS And Mac App Store Applications [How To Install]
Auxo 2
Auxo 3
Alphacon – Adjust SpringBoard Icon Transparency
ActionNotifier – Alerts You Of Various iOS Actions With Banner Notifications
Aloud – Add Voice Alerts To All Notifications
Androis – Get Android Lollipop Experience On iOS
AFVideo – Enable Video Autofocus
Anti Theft – Alarms For Motion Detector, Pocket/Bag Detector, And Power Detector
Auki – Cydia’s Best Quick Reply Tweak
Appfront – Combines Skype, WhatsApp And Viber Into One Application
AnyVoice – Brings Over 30 Different Accents To Siri For FREE
Accelerate – Speeds Up Animations On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Apex – Great Alternative To Folders In iOS
Apex 2 – Allows To Group Applications
Appellancy – Unlock Using Facial Recognition On iOS 7
AndroidLock – Android-Like Lockscreen
All iPhone Theme
All iPhone SBSettings
Auto Shutdown – A Shutdown Timer
aDownloader – Download Manager For iPhone, iPod Touch
AlarmDisplay Pro – Extend The Stock Alarm Clock Functionality
AlarmDisplay – Add A Badge To
Air Hockey Extreme!
All-In-1 Joke Box
ActionMenu –
Auto3G – Extend Your iPhone Battery Life
Auto3G SBSettings Toggle
App Switcher Volume – Display Volume Controls in the Now Playing Bar
AskToCall – Simple Tweak That Asks Before Calling Contact
AppSlide – Turns Your Apps Into Popups
AirPlaneIcon – Add A Homescreen Icon To Toggle On/Off Airplane Mode
Angry Poo Game – Angry Birds Clone [Game]
AppRadio Extensions – Add Push Notifications And Home Buttons To AppRadio Ready Apps
Attachment Saver
AskToSend – Confim Before Sending A Text Message/Email
App Switcher Rotator – Enhance Switcher Icons To Follow Orientation
AndroidLoader – View All Applications In One Place, Android style
App Switcher Brightness – Dynamically Adjust Screen Brightness
AssistantExtensions – Make Siri Almost Do Anything
AptBackup – Backup And Restore Cydia Apps And Tweaks
App Switcher Ringer – Volume Adjustment For iPhone
AnyLockApp – Change Lockscreen Camera Icon Shortcut To An App Of Your Choice
AlertScript – Alert-Based Terminal Window
AirMusic – Stream Tunes To PS3, Xbox And PC
AnyRing – Set Any Song As Ringtone/SMS Alert


Barrel – Add A Cube Transition Effect To SpringBoard Pages On iOS
BackBoard – Makes Switching Between Themes/Icon Layouts A Breeze!
BrightnessFix For iOS 6 – Fix Low Brightness Level After A Respring
BackLiter – Control Your iPhone Backlight Levels
BTC Mouse & Trackpad – Extend iOS’ Native Bluetooth Stack
Bridge – Ditch iTunes And Your PC
Badger – View Notifications Right From Your Homescreen [VIDEO]
BadgeRemover – Say Goodbye To SpringBoard Notification Badges
BatteryLogger – Log Battery Information On Every Charge
PhotoBuzz Free – FlickR & Picasa Public Web Album Explorer
BTstack Mouse – Control iPad Via Bluetooth Mouse
Baby Names Gen
BadgeClear – Clear Pesky Notification Badges
Black Keyboard – Gives You A Change Of Scenery
BeeKeyboard – Add Keyboard Shortcuts, Navigation, And More To The iPad
Boover – Direct Control Over SpringBoard Badge Positioning And Size
BadgeRemover – Say Goodbye To SpringBoard Notification Badges
Bridge – Ditch iTunes And Your PC
Bragi: Bring New Music Controls To CC And Reachability
Browser Changer: Change Your Default Browser
Beautifolders – Automatic Folder Themes Based On Folders Names


Covert – Allow Private Safari Browsing
Circuitous – iOS Backgrounder Switcher For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
CleverPin – Make iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Ask For A Passcode Intelligently
CallTell – Verbally Announce Who Is Calling
CallTell SBSettings Toggle
Cyntact – Display Profile Pictures In The Contacts Lists
ColorFlow – Colorize The Lockscreen And Music App
CustomLS – Customize Your iOS 7 Lock Screen
CloudLover – Access iCloud Tabs Quicker Than Ever
Cyntact – Display Profile Pictures In The Contact Lists
Crazy Call – Change Your Voice And Caller ID On iPhone
Camera Preview Disabler – Disable The Preview Box In Camera App
CategoriesSB – Put Apps In Folders
Covert – Allow Private Safari Browsing [With Toggle]
CyDelete – Delete Cydia Applications Straight From iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Homescreen
Conway’s Game Of Life
ChronicTV – FREE Popular TV Shows (How To)
Cicero – Customized Search For MobileSafari
Change Password Anywhere – Change Your Password With An Activator Gesture
Caffeine – Disables ‘AutoLock’ On iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Custom Lock – Replace Lockscreen Clock View Text And Colour
Charlie Sheen Winning Pong [Game]
Custom Double Space – Custom “Space Key” Text Upon Double Tap
ChatPic – Allow Contact Photos Next to SMS Messages
Compass For Maps – Display Compass In The
ChitChat – Talk To People Around The World For Free
Custom Siri Background – Customize Siri’s Background To Your Liking
Coordinates For Maps Shows GPS Coordinates On The iPhone’s Built-In Maps App
CustomBadges – Apply Custom Badges To iOS Device
CallLock – Lock iPhone Homescreen Upon An Incoming / Outgoing Call
CallTell – Verbally Announces Who’s Calling


Dashboard X –
DisplayOut – TV Display Out iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Doodle Message – Compose And Send Drawings Through The Messages App, BiteSMS And WhatsApp Messenger
Data Blocker – Disable GPRS/EDGE/3G Connection
Dashboard – Inspired By Apple’s Dashboard Application For Mac
Disable Multitasking – Disable Multitasking On iPhone Via WinterBoard Activation
Disable Voice Control iPhone 3GS 3.1.2
DreamBoard – Say Hello To WinterBoard Cydia App First Rival
Direct Control – Go Directly To iPod Controls In Multitasking Dock
Display Recorder – Record iPhone And iPod Touch Screen
Draw – Draw, Doodle, Sketch Images On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
DoubleTapToOpen – Open An App By Double Tapping On It [VIDEO]
DismissMyKeyboard – Hide Keyboard Gesture To iPhone, iPod Touch
divByZero – Destroy The World When You Divide By Zero On iPhone
DoubleTapToOpen – Open An App By Double Tapping On It
DeviceSpeed – Test The Speed Of Your iOS Device
Dialer Shield – Prevent Accidental Keypresses
Dlssid – Recover DLink Wireless Router Password


Eclair – Hide Open Apps When Locking iPhone
ExtremeWiFi – Instantly Find Free WiFi Hotspots In Your Area
Emoji Toggle
eWiFi – Scan For Free or Secured WiFi Access Points and Connect Instantly For Internet Access
EmailECID – Save The ECID (16 Digits) Of Device And Email
EnhancedTabs – Make Safari Tabs Better
Enable Usage IPT – Display Usage Statistics On iPod Touch iOS 4
Every Last Minute – Micromanage The Default Calendar App
Empty Folder Icons
EZDecline – Adds Accept/Decline Button When Locked


FaceBreak – Enable FaceTime Over 3G Network
FolderInFolders – Create Folders Inside Folders
Firewall IP – A Firewall App For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
FolderEnhancer – Enhance iOS 4 Folders
FakeLocation – Fake Location For A Specific App
FaceTime QuickPick – Quickly FaceTime Your Contacts
FavoriteTweaks – Save Your Favourite Tweaks On Cydia
FullDrop – Full Access To Dropbox Account
FakeLocation – Fake Your Location For A Specific App
Fake 3.1.3 – Fakes iTunes In To Thinking You’re iPhone Is Running Firmware 3.1.3
Fake About Screen – Fake Values For “About” iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Screen
FontSwap – Change iPhone And iPod Touch Default System Fonts
FakeCarrier – Fake Carrier Name And Time String On iPhone Status Bar [How To]
Firmware 3.1.3 App – Change Firmware 3.1.2 To 3.1.3
FullForce – Enable Full Screen Mode For iPhone Apps On iPad
Features – Enable Or Disable iOS 4 Features On iPhone 3G
Fake Restore
FaceTime Mod – Improves Video Quality By Increasing FPS
Five-Column SpringBoard – Install Five-Column SpringBoard [How To]
Five Icon Switcher
FolderCloser – Close Folders Automatically After You Launch
Fully Featured – Activate iOS 4 Features On All iPods
Flash SMS – Send Flash SMS Class 0 To Any Phone
Fast Copy – Makes Cut/Copy/Paste Feel Much Snappier
FWChanger – Fake iOS Firmware
Firmware Changer 4.0 – Change Your iDevices Firmware Version
FaceIt-3GS – Enable FaceTime Video Calling On iPhone 3GS [How To]
Fake Crash – Make Your Friends Think They Broke Your iPhone
FaceTime Surveillance: Auto Answer FaceTime Calls
Future SMS – Automatically Send SMS At A Chosen Date Or Time
ForwardSlashME – Replaces “/me TEXT” Inside Any SMS Application With “TEXT”
FlashCam – Quick Access To iPhone 4’s LED (Flashlight) And
FolderLock – Protect iOS Folders With Password Protection
Five Icon Folder – Extend Default iOS Folder Functionality
FunnyCaller – Customize An Incoming Callers Name
Fwssid – Recover FastWeb Wireless Router Password
Forcy – Add 3D Touch Quick Actions
FindFile – Fully-Featured File Manager And Viewer


Graviboard – Mimic Gravity On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
GridLock – Bring A Desktop-Like Feel To iOS Home Screen
GameBox – Control The GameBox Controller On iOS
Grafiti – Compose And Send Drawings Using iOS Messages App
GuestMode – Add Guest Mode To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Gossip! Celebrity News
GroupSMS – Send SMS To Multiple Groups or Contacts
GPower Pro – The Power Screen, Revamped
GlossRemover – Remove The Gloss From AppStore Apps
GravityBalls – Dodge Falling Balls On Your Skateboard [Game]
GrabKiller – Kills All Apps In Switcher
GStream – Turns FStream Recordings Into MP3


HarlemShake – Make iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Do The Harlem Shake (How To)
H1Siri – Bring Full Functional Siri Port To iPhone, iPod Touch (How To)
Hermes – Quickly Reply Tweak, Supports WhatsApp And Kik
Home Page In Safari – Set A New Page In Mobile Safari
HDREnabler – Enable HDR Photos On iPod Touch 4G
HideEmAll – Hide Text Messages And Images Alike
Here It Is – Share Exact Position Info With All Kinds Of Mobile
Haptic Pro – Customizable Haptic Feedback For Keyboard And More [How To]
HackCenter – Hack iOS GameCenter Scoring
HDR/Game Center Enabler For iPhone 3G, 3GS On iOS 4.1
HebrewContactFixer – Fix Hebrew Index Bar iOS Error
Hands-Free Control – Activate Siri By Voice Command


Infiniboard – Add Vertical Scrolling
InfiniFolders – Add unlimited Icons To Folders
Infinidock –
IntelliScreenX 6
IntelliScreenX 7
IconSpiral – Add A Spiral Effect
iNoRotate – Disable Auto-Rotate
iFacePad – Enable FaceTime on the Apple iPad [How To]
iSounds – Add Sound Effects/Sounds Themes
IconRotator – Rotates SpringBoard Icons
iGuías – Webapp Providing Guides For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
ILogManager Elite
iClassic – Bring iPod Click Wheel Interface
iVoiceChanger – Change Pitch Of Voice In Real Time During A Phone Call
iScheduler – Task Scheduling Tweak For iPhone And iPod Touch
iBlank For iPad – Create Unlimited Amount Of Black Transparent Icons On SpringBoard
Icon Harvester Theme
iPicoMovies – The Ultimate Move App!
iProxifyPad – Anonymous Web Browsing Experience
iSynergyClient – Share Single Keyboard And Mouse Between Multiple Computers With Different OS
I Haz Cash
Insomnia Pro – Keep WiFi Connection Alive
iPodMusic.Info App – Top 100 Songs From iTunes Categories
iTether – Tether iPhone To iPad, iPod Touch And iPhone
iMovicha – Mobile Video/Voice Calls Via 3G or WiFi [How To]
iOS4 Multitask Toggler – Disable/Enable Multitasking
iBluever SBSettings Toggle
iPShare – Share 3G Data Connection From iPhone/iPad Within Local WiFi Network
iControl – Manage Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, and 2G To Maximize Battery Life
iPicMyContacts – Display Contacts With Pictures
iStrings – Change System Text On iPhone And iPod Touch (Similar To MyStrings)
iDetector – Check iPhone 3G[S] For New Or Old Bootrom
iPlayApp – Stream Hundreds Of FREE Movies To iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Internalizer – Bring Custom Text To Your Lockscreen
iSendContact – Send Contact Information Via SMS On iPhone
iSlideText – Change The Slide To Unlock Text On Lockscreen
iWindows – Windows 7 Simulator For iPhone And iPod Touch
iSocialShare – Quickly Share Photos
igSpeedster – Use Multiple Instagram Accounts On iOS [How To]
iShakeLock – Shake To Lock And Unlock
Icon Renamer – Rename Icons On SpringBoard
iQuickCall Tweak – Call Favorite Contacts By Activator Gestures
iTransmission CLI – Command Line BitTorrent Client
Transmission RPC – Control Transmission Torrent Server
iTransmission 2 – Brings Back Original iPhone BitTorrent Client To iOS 5.x
iTransmission 3 – Download Torrents On iOS 6
iName – The Easy Way to Change Your Carrier Logo
iRemix – Enhance iPod Experience
iDiscrete JB – Securely Store Private Content (Videos and Images)


Just Mail – Either Send Mail Or Exit On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Jumpbot – Mini Game


KeysPlease – Displays The Virtual Keyboard On iPad
KillBackground – Kill All Running Background Apps With Just A Tap


LiveClock – Animated Clock Icon On SpringBoard
Luna – Easily Toggle Do Not Disturb Mode With A Gesture
LSRotator – Rotate iPhone, iPod Touch Touch Screen
LockInfo – Customize Your Lockscreen
Lockdown (Pro) – Password Protect Your iOS Applications
Lockdown (Pro) SBSettings Toggle
LyricForMusic – View Song Lyrics On Apple Music App
LandscapeVideos – Automatically Changes Screen Orientation When Watching Videos
Live Battery Indicator – Merges Battery Icon And Battery Percentage
LastApp – Conveniently And Quickly Switch Between Two Apps (A.K.A “Alt-Tab”)
Lockbar Extender – Expand The Size Of ‘Slide To Unlock’ On Lockscreen
Lock Seconds – Add “Seconds” To Lockscreen
Locktopus – Password-Protect Individual iPhone Apps
LinkShrink – Instantly Shorten Long URLs
Lock Calendar SBSettings Toggle
Lock Calendar – View Your Calendar Entries On The Lockscreen
LockMemos – Add A Reminder To Lockscreen
Level Select For Sonic 2 – Enable Level Select In Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Light Bright – Manage Screen Brightness [Save Battery Life]
LinkSpot – Custom Text Shortcuts For iOS Spotlight
Lingual – Translate A Word Or Phrase Using Siri Into 30 Languages
LSBattery – Battery Percentage Indicator On Lockscreen
LaunchConfirm – Confirm Before Launching An App
LSMusicGestures – Gesture Music Controls On Lockscreen
Lockdown Pro – Password Protect iOS Applications
Live Photos Enabler – Activate Live Photos Feature


MobileSubstrate (Cydia Substrate)
Multifl0w – Multitasking Switcher For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
MissionBoard –
MobileTerminal –
MakeItMine – Customize Carrier And Banner Name [How To]
MyWi – Turn iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Into A WiFi Hotspot
Movie Box – Download And Stream Movies And TV Shows For Free
Mark Read – Mark All Emails As Read
Mail Rules – Specify Configurable Rules For Your Mail
MuSwitch – Bring Music Controls To The App Switcher
MultiDelete – Delete Multiple Apps Simultaneously
MultiNoteDelete – Delete Multiple Notes At Once
Messages Customiser – Customize Stock Messaging App In iOS 7
Magic 8 Ball
MemoryTap – Free Memory On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
MewSeek / MewSeek Pro – Best Cydia Utility For Downloading Music
MXTube – The Ultimate Video Browser And Downloader
Music Bar Extended – Music Controller
mDataToggle For SBSettings – Disable Cellular Data
MultiCleaner – Customize The iOS Multitask Bar However You Like
Musicdog – New And Free Music Streaming App
MiddleWhat – Enable FaceTime For Region-Locked Phones [How To]
MarkThatMessage – Timestamp ALL messages
MultiMusicInfo – Show Music Information (Artist/Album) In The Multitasking Bar
MyStrings – Change System Default Strings On iPhone And iPod Touch
MobileNotifier – iOS Notifications Done Right
MusicCenter iOS 5 Notification Widget
MultiWall – Set Panoramic Or PerPage Wallpapers On SpringBoard
Media Controller Brightness – Add Brightness Slider, WiFi And Location Toggle To Media Controls On Lockscreen
Magic Fingers – Brings Gestures To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
MyOS – Liquid iOS Control Made Possible By Cydia
MyApps – Find Other Cydia Packages From Any Developer
MobileNanny – Record All SMS And Pictures Silently
Multitasking Disabler – Disable Multitasking through WinterBoard
Messages2PDF – Export SMS Messages Into A PDF Document


No More Folders – Remove Folder Icons
Notified (Notified Pro) – Push Notifications The Way Apple Should Have Made Them
NoBanners – Disable Banner Notifications While Watching Videos
NoPowerDown – Keep Your Friends From Turning Off A Tethered Jailbroken Phone
Nexus One Theme
NoAccessorySplash iOS4 – Prevents The “Accessory Connected” Splash Screen From Appearing
No Clicks For 3.X – Disable Annoying Keyboard Clicks And Locking/Unlocking Sounds
NoCyfresh i4 – Enable/Disable Cydia’s Refresh Of Packages On Load
No Folder Badges – Hides Folder Badges
No AppStore Bages
No Badges – Removes iPhone Apps Badges
NoSpot – Disable Spotlight Search Completely
No Bookmarks
NoLockScreen – Disable iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad LockScreen
NoVoiceMail – Disable Button From
NYC Flood Zones – New York City Hurricane Evacuation Zones
NyanSliders – Replace Default Sliders With Animated Nyan Cat
NCDismiss – Dismiss iOS 5 Notifications With A Single Swipe
No Cydia Bages
No Page Dots – Remove Page Dots
NoTweetKeyboard – Enable Normal Keyboard While In Tweet Mode
NoMute For iPad – Get Hardware Rotation-Lock Back
NewsOfTheWorld – Enable Apple News In Any Country
Nimbus: A New Browsing Experience For iOS


OneHandWizard – Use Your iPhone 6/6 Plus With One Hand
OSFaker – Cheat On iOS With Loader, Android And Windows Simulator
OmniStat – Notification Center Widget
OpenURL – Access Websites Using Terminal Commands
Open In ProTube – Open URLs In The ProTube App
OTA Begone


ProSwitcher – Multitasking Comes To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Power Tap – Adds Reboot, Respring And Safe Mode Toggles To Slide To Power Off Bar
PurgeSent – Removes Sent Items For POP Email Accounts
PkgBackup – Backup And Restore Cydia Applicaitons [How To]
PushTone – Change Notification Sounds For Apps
PasswordPilot – Automatically Inserts Your iPhone’s AppStore Password
Portrait Lock – Enables Automatic Rotation Lock For Required Apps
PocketMode – Make iPhone Ring Louder In Pocket Or Bag
Passcode Lock Preventer (video)
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
PanicRoom – Delete Private Data
Pirni – Sniff Wireless Passwords With Pirni (Man In The Middle Attack) [How To]
Pirni Pro – WiFi Network Connection Monitor For iPhone And iPod Touch [How To]
Pirni-Derv – Expanding Your Knowledge Of Network Hacking On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [How To]
PopMark – Mark All Email Messages Read On iPhone And iPod Touch
PagePreview – Preview iPhone And iPad Pages, Launch Apps
Portals – A Multi-Window Web Browser
PowerAlerter – 20% Battery Remaining? Not Anymore
Parallax – Panoramic/Scrolling Wallpapers
PlayAwake – Play iPod Music As Alarm Clock Sound
PDF Loading Warner – Displays A Warning Before Allowing The System To Load A PDF
PDF Printer For Safari – Converts Web Pages To PDF, For Free
PokerFace For Facebook Poke – Defuses Self-Destructing Messages, Saves Photos To Camera Roll
PreferenceLoader – Open-Source MobileSubstrate Based Utility
Photo Image Upload
Page2D – Bring Vertical And Horizontal Scrolling To iOS
Phone GV Extensions
PagePreview – Preview Pages And Launch Apps
PhoneCloser – Prevent iPhone From Opening After Receiving A Call
Plugication – Resume Music Playback Upon Plugging In Headphones
PDF Patch (PDF Patcher 2) – Permanently Fix The PDF Exploit
Prevent Sleep – Allow WiFi/3G While iPhone Is In Sleep Mode
PDANet For iPhone – Use iPhone As A Wireless Router For PC/Mac
PhotoEdit – Edit Photos Through The
PlaceTrack – Background Updater For Google Latitude
Puggles – FREE Doodle Jump Alternative
ProTube – Download Videos, Convert To MP3 And More


Quasar – Run Multiple Apps In Separate Windows Simultaneously
QuickIM – Bring Quick Reply And Compose Options To Facebook And Google Chat
QuickPowerDown – Turns Off iPhone When The Button Is Held, Bypasses Slide To Unlock Power Off
QuickPhoto – Adds Camera Roll To Keyboard
Quick Clock
qTweeter – Fastest Way To Manage Twitter And Facebook
QuickLock 2 – Lock You iDevice From SpringBoard
QuickGoogle – Search Google From Anywhere On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
QuickDo – Virtual “Home” And “Power” Buttons

Remove Background –  Kill Background Applications
Remove Background SBSettings – Toggle For SBSettings
Resupported – iPhone, iPod Touch Video Out With Unsupported Cords
Resupported4 SBSettings Toggle
Remote Messages – Access To iMessage And SMS Through A Desktop Browser
rTweet – Manage Twitter Social Network
Ripheus – Browse And Download Various Wallpapers
RemovedSound – Empty Trash Sound When Deleting An App, Email, Note On iPhone
Restore Logo Changer
Round Corners – Add Round Corners To App Icons
RecognizeMe – Facial Recognition Security For The iPhone
RingRing – Create Custom Ringtones
RevealMenu – Adds 3D Touch-Like Feature


SpringBoard Rotator – Allows Dynamic Rotation Of SpringBoard
Shrink – Downscale SpringBoard Icons On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
ScreenDimmer – Save Battery Life By Automatically Dimming Screen
SBSettings –
Springtomize –
Springtomize 2 –
Springtomize 3 –
SlideAway – Get A Little Extra Our Of Your LockScreen
Splash – Splash Screen Manager For WinterBoard
Slide2Dismiss – Easily Dismiss Banner Notifications On iOS
ShakeAnimation – Shake Up Your iPhone, iPod Touch
SecretSMS – Send Encrypted SMS Messages Via iPhone
ShareTweak – Share Cydia Tweak Information With Others
Smarttap – Double Tap To Wake Up iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Spire – Legal Port Of Siri (How To)
SearchWordHighlighter – Highlight Searched Words Through Mobile Safari
Software Update Killer – Remove iOS Software Update Notifications
StatusTint – Customize The Look Of Your Status Bar
SecuredContacts – Upload Contacts To A Secure Server, Export As A CSV File
SMusic – Multimedia Player
ScreenRecorderDemo – Record A Demo Or A Tutorial And Upload To PC
Smartpad – Record iPad User Activities
Search App – Search Any Site On Internet From An App
Speed Maze – Accelerometer Controlled Game
Shopping – Simple Shopping Todo List
Silent Fear Radio
SpringFlash – Activator Based iPhone LED Flashlight
Single-Use Clipboard – Whips Your iDevice’s Clipboard After Copy-Paste
Shortenr – Instantly Shorten A URL
ShortURL – Quickly Shorten URLs With A Tap On iPhone And iPod Touch
Snappy – The Fastest Camera App Without Any Doubt
Silent Charge (Silent Charge All) – Disable Annoying Charge Sound
ScrollingBoard – Add Scrolling Functionality To Dock And Folders [Unlimited Dock Addons]
ScrollingBoard SBSettings Toggle
SBFloatingIcons – Brings “3D” Action To Your SpringBoard
SBProfiles – Adds ‘Experimental Support’ For Triggering SBSettings Toggles Through GPS
SleepDepriver – Prevent iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad From Sleep And Screen Dimming
SnapTap – Enable iPhone 4 Volume Buttons To Take Photos And Videos
SBSettings –
– How To Install SBSettings
– How To Install And Use SBSettings Themes
StrangerChat – Chat With Random People Around The World
SIP Client
Signal / Signal 2 – Map Out Which Cell Towers Your iPhone Is Connected To
GridTab For Safari – Make Safari Tabs Much More Functional
Safari TabSwitcher
SMSmileys – Bring Emoji Smileys To
SwitcherPlus – Native Multitasking App Switcher On Lockscreen
Synchronicity – Keep Using iPhone While Syncing To iTunes
SiriToggles – Launch Apps, Perform System Operations And More
Sireet – Tweet Using Siri
Siri Mic Colours – Change Siri Mic Icon Color
Software Update Killer – Remove iOS Software Update Notifications
SB 2 Cloud – Auto-Upload Screenshots To CloudApp
SpringClean – Tidy Up Your SpringBoard
SwitchBoard – Customize The MultiTasking Switcher
ScreenDim – The Easiest Way To Dim Screen Brightness
Speed For Maps – Display Average Speed In
StyleUnlock – Unlock iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Using Gestures
SnoozeOrStop – Stop Alarm Directly From Notification
SwitcherLyrics – Display Song’s Lyrics Information From Multitasking Bar
SwirlyMessage – Send SMS And MMS On iPad 3G
SmartScreen –
SwitcherLoader – Custom App Switcher Bar Plugins Like Displaying Dock Icons
SBRotator 5 – Landscape Orientation On iPhone, iPod Touch


TouchPose – Brings Display Recorder-Like Finger Tracking Circles To iOS
TouchPose+ – Custom Finger Tracking Circles For iOS
TweaksRefresher – Pull To Refresh Comes To Cydia
TapToUnlock7 – A New Way To Unlock iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
TrackingCell – iPhone/Android Spyware And Monitoring Service
Tetherize – Get Rid Of That Annoying Blue Double Bar When Using Personal Hotspot
TetherStatus – Gets Rid Of Double Wide Bar While Using Personal Hotspot Without Hiding Connection
Tab+ – Enable More Than 9 Tabs On iPad
The Bat
Tapp – Launch Multiple Apps At Once
Tweak Tracker – Submit Your Ideas and Vote On Other Jailbreak Tweaks
Topography For Google Maps – Unlock Hidden View
Twizzler – Remove Trending Topics Bar From
TryGPSout – Share iPhone’s GPS Data With A Secondary iPad/iPod Touch
TCP Optimizer – Increase WiFi Dramatically!


USB Drive – Make iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad A Fully Functioning USB Drive
Universal Video Downloader – Download Videos From (Nearly) ANY Source
Unlimited Attachments – Send Any Number Of Files Via iOS Mail App
UC Browser – A WAP Browser (Non-Webkit Browser)
UniScribe – Universal Note Taking In A Whole New Way
Usefullcons – Add 12 Shortcuts To SpringBoard
UniversalForce – Add 3D Touch Peek And Pop
UntetheredHeySiri – Voice Activate Siri At Any Time


vWallpaper – Add Video / Dynamic Wallpapers (How To Install/Use vWallpaper)
Veency – Control iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad From Your PC [How To]
Veency And Mocha VNC Lite – Control iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With Another iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [How To]
Vox – Replacement For The Stock Battery Indicator
Velox – Interact With App Icons In A Radical New Way
Volume Button Extender – Volume Controls On iPhone And iPod Touch
vUnlock – Unlock Device Using Volume Keys
VerticalAppToApp – Vertical App-Switching
VolumeBooster – Significantly Boost / Increase iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Speaker Volume!
VoiceUtils – Restart SpringBoard, Reboot, Power Off With Siri
VolumePaging – Scroll SpringBoard Pages With Volume Buttons


WiFiSync –
WaCallConfirm – Prevent Accidental WhatsApp Calls
WiFiFoFum – Best WiFi Scanner For iPhone And iPod Touch
WiCarrier – Replace Status Bar Carrier Name
WiFi Analyzer – Detects All Wireless Networks Around You
weeTranslate – A Google Translator Widget For iOS 5 Notification Center
Where Is My iPhone – Send Your iPhone’s Position At A User-Defind Interval
WiFiSMS – Send And Receive SMS On PC Over WiFi
Walkie Talkie DX – Send Voice And Text Messages Over Bluetooth
WhatsPad – Install WhatsApp Messenger App On iPad / iPod Touch [How To]
WiBlaze – Homebrew Browser For iOS
WinterBoard – State-Of-The-Art Theming Utility For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
– How To Install WinterBoard


xBackup – Back Up Your APT/DPKG Sources And Installed Packages
xCon – Bypass iOS Apps Jailbreak Detection (How To)


YourTube – Download Videos On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Why The YourTube For iOS 6 Cydia Tweak Is Better Than ProTube [Comparison])
Yo Momma Weekly
yxflash – Media Player For Mobile Devices
YouTubeToMp3 – Download MP3 Files From Videos On
YFiSelect4 – Quickly Change Your WiFi-Network


Zephyr –
Zeppelin – Replace Carrier Name With Logos (How To Create Zeppelin Logos)
zToggle – iOS 4 Toggle For Multitasking And Wallpapers

NOTE: This list is being updated daily with new and old tweaks, so make sure you keep checking back!