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ProTEST (Home Edition): Swimming Pool/Spa Test Kit

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ProTEST (Home Edition Swimming Pool/Spa Test Kit - Free)
Heroin test kits for tourists go on sale in Amsterdam after death of

Published: 08:10 GMT, 16 January 2016 | Updated: 11:56 GMT, 18 January 2016

The Revenant is already billed as one of the biggest films of 2016 and it is tipped as Leonardo DiCaprio's best chance yet at bagging an Oscar.

In the movie, DiCaprio plays the role of Hugh Glass, a real-life 1800s fur trapper and explorer of the Mid West who was left for dead by travelling companions after being mauled by a bear in the wilderness, but survived and went on to track down the men who had abandoned him. 

DiCaprio and the rest of the cast and crew endured weeks of brutal conditions in the harsh climate of mountainous Argentina to film the movie and a vegetarian Leonardo even forced himself to eat raw liver for one scene.

He has since said of the project that it was: 'Probably the hardest film, professional thing that I have ever done.' 

Most people would run a mile when presented with the chance to put their survival skills to the ultimate test, but for some, the idea of surviving on wits and a hunting knife alone is the ideal holiday.

For those who are interested in seeing if they've got what it takes, MailOnline has rounded up some of the best survival courses from across the globe, read on to find out more... 

Forage for wild food, skin large animals and navigate by the stars in the African bush with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Learn how to survive in the African bush with an intensive five-day survival skills course in Zimbabwe

Learn how to survive in the African bush with an intensive five-day survival skills course in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The course culminates in a 36-hour expedition, putting skills such as tracking, skinning and crossing the ultimate in difficult terrain to the test. 

The course is called Survival in Africa and it takes place at Nakavango Conservation Centre on The Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. 

Lessons include survival knife skills, tracking, stalking, navigating with and without a compass, finding, purifying and filtering rancid water, foraging for wild food and skinning larger animals.

Team members build survival shelters, learn the art of making and setting traps and making fires in order to find and prepare and evening meal

In the evenings team members build survival shelters, learn the art of making and setting traps and making fires in order to find and prepare an evening meal. 

At night time, guides will teach navigation by the stars.

After a final lesson in knots, rope work and making improvised harnesses and stretchers, the students are left alone in the bush for 36 hours to survive on their new skills. 

Grylls said of the course: 'So many people have asked me over the years where they can learn extreme, practical survival – the type that requires spirit, determination and the skills to self-rescue against the odds, in some of the harshest terrain around. 

'We are able to share some of these skills and what it really means to be able to look after yourself when the chips are down.'

Five days in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy costs £1,299 per person excluding flights. To find out more click here.  

Mountaineering skills, wilderness navigation and self-defence are put to use to survive and escape a remote island in the Scottish Highlands 

Fans of the Bear Grylls show The Island can see if they can survive in the Scottish Highlands

Fans of the Bear Grylls show The Island can see if they have what it takes to survive in a similar, somewhat colder, situation in the Scottish Highlands. 

Following two days of intensive survival training at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Sutherland, deep in the Scottish Highlands, participants are dropped off by speed boat on a remote island for 30 hours.

Here they put their new-found skills to the ultimate test by surviving and also rescuing themselves from the Island.

Students work together to try and find their way off the island 

Students are taught mountaineering skills, abseil techniques, commando crawls, river runs and river bank jumps

In the first few days they learn knife skills, self-defense, self-preservation and wilderness navigation training. 

They also learn to collect, filter and purify water, forage for wild food, make and put out fishing drop lines and various traps and snares to catch food. 

Shelter-building, fire-lighting, rescue signals, river crossings, stalking and a workshop on improvised harnesses and knots are also essential lessons ahead. 

In order to give them a fair chance of being able to escape the island, students are also taught mountaineering skills, abseil techniques, commando crawls, river runs and river bank jumps, before being dropped off at a remote location to fend for themselves. 

Five days in the Scottish Highlands with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy costs £1,499 per person. Click here to find out more.   

Spend two weeks in the Amazonian rainforest learning how to fish for piranha, stalk wild game and build hammocks

The Bushmasters two-week trip takes students to the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana, in South America 

According to Bushmasters, jungle survival is 90 per cent positive mindset and if you've got it, their two-week jungle survival course will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, it's claimed.

Its two-week trip takes students to the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana, in South America.

In the jungle, participants set up their own basha and hammock site and are taught all of the skills needed to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food.

In the jungle, participants set up their own basha and hammock site and are taught all of the skills needed to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food


Hugh Glass was a hunter who earned his heroic stature after surviving an attack by a grizzly bear during a fur trade expedition to the Rocky Mountains in 1823.

Glass had been hunting for game in Perkins County, South Dakota, when he came upon a female bear with her two cubs, who attacked him before he had the time to fire his weapon. 

The fur trader was left to die by his fellow trappers in the wilderness of the untamed mid-West.

According to one account, he had a broken leg, open and festering wounds, bites from the battle with the bear that had exposed bare ribs, and there were major cuts on his back.

He set his own leg, wrapped himself in the bear hide that had been left by the men who abandoned him and let maggots eat the dead flesh on his body as a way to prevent gangrene.

When he was up to it, although he had no weapon, no tools and no food, he set off on an epic quest over 200 miles to take revenge on the men who left him for dead

For food, students are taught how to find bugs, recognise water vines, fish for piranha and stalk wild game with bow & arrow. 

After the lessons are complete, they are then left alone in a new part of the jungle with no more than the clothes they're wearing, a machete, bow & arrow and belt kit to put their new found survival skills to the test. 

Bushmasters Jungle Survival costs £1,600. Click here to find out more. 

Survive the harsh desert lands made famous by the movie Lawrence of Arabia  

The Bushmasters Venture/Survival course takes you to the Arabian Deserts in the south of Jordan and north of the Red Sea that are made famous by the movie Lawrence Of Arabia.  

After travelling deep into the desert of Wadi Rum on Arab horses, students start to learn how to drive 4x4 vehicles, trek, navigate, rappel and live in the harsh environment.

After the training is completed, students are split into small groups and placed in a simulated survival and escape situation with just basic survival kit and little water or food. They are then tasked with navigating their way out of the desert, by night, to safety.

The distance is the same as a marathon and the survival is made extra hard by the difficulty of enduring the psychological difficulties of little water and lack of sleep. 

For safety reasons, staff constantly monitor participants in this particular course.

Bushmasters Desert Survival course costs £1600, click here to find out more.   

Learn how to build your own Canadian log cabin  

People learn how to build their own log cabin from scratch

This isn't strictly a survival course, but learning how to build a log cabin from scratch would certainly help if you found yourself stranded in the Canadian wilderness. 

In this course, participants join instructors at a ranch in the Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia for an intense one-week course on log cabin building. 

They are taught how to build it, hand pick each log, and custom fit each log into a personally designed cabin.

In just one week, students learn how to select trees in the forest, horse-log the trees to the site, cut the basic saddle notch, deal with challenging logs, choose from different roof options and install windows and doors. 

By the end of the course, participants have a solid base of combined knowledge and practical skills to build their own durable four-season cabin, build a solid foundation, incorporate bear-proof walls and build a roof that can handle the snow load. 

The Great Canadian Adventure Company's Log Cabin Building course costs ,644 (CAD) (£794).

Click here to find out more.   

Snowmobiling, cross country skiing and husky sledding in an Arctic-style survival challenge 

A student takes part in a seven-day Arctic survival challenge set in the wilderness of Northern Sweden, 150km south of the Arctic Circle 

This seven-day Arctic survival challenge is set in the wilderness of Northern Sweden, 150km south of the Arctic Circle.

The expedition combines snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and husky sledding along with your ability to adapt to the Arctic environment, all based in and around a remote, traditional log cabin. 

Three nights are spent in the cabin while students acclimatise to the cold before venturing onto the survival phase of the expedition where they build and live in a shelter and snow hole.  

In the survival phase of the expedition students build and live in a shelter and snow hole, as well as fish for food 

Activities include awareness of cold weather injuries, food hunting and preparation and first aid. 

Some lucky participants even get to see the Northern Lights. 

The Intrepid Expeditions Arctic-style survival challenge costs from £373.75 to £1,495.00. 

Click here to find out more. 

Learn shelter-building, wild plant identification, hunting and trapping in the Lake District 

On the Woodsmoke Woodlander Bushcraft & Advanced Survival Skills Course, students learn everything they would need to know to survive in the wilderness 

This six-day wilderness bushcraft course in the woodlands of the Lake District aims to teach students everything they would need to know to survive. 

Lessons include safe use of the bushcraft knife, collection, disinfection and transportation of water, fire-making techniques, fishing methods, hunting and trapping, shelter-building, star-lore navigation, wild-plant identification and use for food, and medicine and mountain safety. 

It attracts many serious independent adventure travellers who want to become self-reliant and also scout leaders, forest schools tutors, expedition leaders, military personnel and wildlife rangers. 

The Woodsmoke Woodlander Bushcraft & Advanced Survival Skills Course costs £595.00 per person

By the end of the course, students should be able to build a shelter without man-made fabrics, make fire by friction, feed themselves from the wild and find, filter and purify water without the aid of modern chemicals or containers. 

The Woodsmoke Woodlander Bushcraft & Advanced Survival Skills Course costs £595 per person. 

Click here to find out more. 

Learn venomous first-aid in the jungles of Colombia 

Adventure holiday specialist Adastra Adventures teaches guests survival skills in the stunning Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Park (pictured)

Adventure holiday specialist Adastra Adventures drops off guests who've signed up for either of its two new survival tours in the middle of the stunning Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Park to embark on 14-day treks.

Hiking through canyons, waterfalls and mountain terrain, the firm says that you’ll learn how to survive through wild cooking, how to find and build shelter, the delicate art of venomous first aid and being pushed physically and mentally to the limit. 

All thrill seekers interested in the survival courses will need to first pass the one day pre-training course in the Brecon Beacons in Wales to test fitness and mental strength. 

You will then be escorted by survival experts who know the local landscape. They will show you how to rustle up dinner from the jungle, and importantly, how to ensure you survive the next 14 days.

Sleeping in hammocks in the jungle, foraging for food in the cloud forest in the mountains and learning the basics of survival navigation, the two new courses will equip you with the skills to survive in the wilderness, it's claimed. And the adventure is all set to the backdrop of the stunning Colombian jungle.

The new ‘jungle and mountain tour’ starts in the heart of the Colombian jungle before trekking higher into the mountains to experience cloud forests and colder terrain. 

Highlights include learning to cook like the locals and watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea from the highest coastal mountain in the world.

The ‘jungle and coastal tour’ winds its way to the Caribbean coast where thrill seekers will learn about indigenous fishing and spend their nights sleeping under the stars on a Caribbean beach. 

Each course costs £3,000 per person. Visit here for more information.