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KeepNI and Activator

Wallpaper DLL - Roach

This is a simple DLL that can set the wallpaper of the desktop as centered, stretched, or tiled. It can also get the current wallpaper image file.

Flood Fill DLL - Daniel-Dane

The DLL flood fills a file at a coordinate with a color. The speed is instant -- that is the same as in, for example, Paint -- even though the sprite has to be saved, flood filled, and then loaded again.

GMFI: FreeImage Wrapper - Adventus

This DLL wraps 60 odd functions from the awesome opensource FreeImage DLL.

Flash Creation DLL - h0bbel

This DLL allows you to create .SWF Shockwave Flash movies with Game Maker.

Colorscan - h0bbel

This DLL scans on the screen for a certain color between a certain area. It gets the number of found pixels and the coordinates of each.

Resize And Convert Images DLL - tsg1zzn

With this DLL you can resize images and convert them to different formats.

PDF DLL - Matt13

This DLL allows you to create PDF files.

Screencolour DLL - tsg1zzn

This DLL can get the colour of the screen at a certain position.

Nview Extension DLL - localmotion34

This DLL is an interface to NView LIB, and allows the programmer to access the loading functions of NView which include graphic format conversion.

GM BMP2AVI - CyberTwister

Allows you to create an AVI file from bitmaps.

GMMagick - TGMG

Allows you to do many effects with images including blurs and image conversion.

Screencapture - Frawley

This DLL allows the programmer to take snapshots of the screen.

Pixel Color - remoladen

Pixel Color 1.0 is a DLL that allows you to get the color of any pixel anywhere.

Fundraw - coolsmile

A DLL that enables you to draw outside the GM window.

Png DLL - petersvp

This DLL is for GM6.x users like you that love PNGs. It loads and saves PNG files with alpha channels.

Image Conversion DLL - uuf6429

This DLL converts a file image format to another (it does not rely on image libraries at all!). There is only one DLL call.

Terrain DLL (Destructible Terrain) - 39ster

This DLL can be used to create games that require destructible terrain.

Photon - GFX engine - PsichiX

Photon is simple to use and light-weight graphics library based on high technology of rendering which allow to make efficient rendering process. Support: VBO (vertex buffers), FBO (textures as frame buffers), GLSL shaders (graphics effects for advanced graphics rendering), matrix operations, multitexturing, float textures.

GmEffect - sdx

With this DLL you are able to apply over 30 different effects to backgrounds.

Visual Library DLL (OpenCV) - robogame

The Visual Library DLL is based on OpenCV and allows Game Maker developers to access and analyze webcam images.

Color Grabber - Revel

This is the same as the draw_getpixel() function but it can grab a pixel color from anywhere on the screen (and not just the GM window). It is also slightly faster.

GMOgre3D - Houdini

GMOgre3D is a GM port of the extremely popular open source OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) 3D engine.

Perlin Noise - Skarik

Generates Perlin noise. Possible uses include textures, clouds, detail maps, bump maps, rocks, planet generation, etc.

Xenon Playgate - PsichiX

What is XenoN? It is a powerful engine for games and applications, in the current version uses 3 modules: Photon (graphics), Chaos (physics) and Echo (sounds).

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