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English Language Desktop Edition 1.08 crack

Team Developer .NET 6.0 Free activator icnluded

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AOMEI Backupper Professional 4.0.2 (FULL + Patch & Keygen)

Complete Windows Computer Backup Software for Laptop and Desktop PC

Professional Edition, complete software for Windows PCs and Laptops, which contains all features of AOMEI Backupper and supports system/disk/files/partition backup, restore and clone as well as provides schedule backup, merge images, dynamic volumes backup, UEFI boot and GPT disk backup.

  • Backup: easily and safely protect everything, including system, disk, individual files and partition.
  • Restore: fast and reliable disaster recovery, supporting universal restore and selective file restoration.
  • Clone: step-by-step transfer OS or upgrade hard drive without reinstalling Windows and applications.
  • Utilities: pxe boot tool, merge backup images, backup scheme, make bootable disc, command line, check, explore, etc.
  • Multi-Language: support English, Français, Deutsch, 日本語, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • [NEW] Added real-time file sync: monitor files for changes and synchronize new added, modified or deleted files from source to target path as soon as the change has occurred.

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AOMEI Backupper Server 4.0.2 (FULL + Patch & Keygen)

The Easiest Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for Windows Server Machines

AOMEI Backupper Server, especially designed for small and medium sized business, is not only data protection & disaster recovery solutions, but also disk partition cloning software. With simple and easy-to-use interface, anyone even non-technical users can protect all of critical business data in minutes without having to be an expert. Besides, our stable and robust server backup software is able to backup your physical and virtual server without interrupting or shutting down Windows and other running applications.

  • Ensure Business Continuity – back up everything automatically or manually before system fails.
  • Minimize Server Downtime – selective restoration and WINPE bootable recovery environment.
  • Disk Storage Management – automatically clean up, and incremental & differential backups.
  • Universal Restore – restore backup images to dissimilar hardware with ease.
  • All Windows OS Platform – support Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 (including R2), SBS 2003, 2008, 2011 and Windows PC systems.
  • [NEW] Added real-time file sync: monitor files for changes and synchronize new added, modified or deleted files from source to target path as soon as the change has occurred.

What does Backupper Server include?

  • Partition Backup: Backup specialized partitions that store your important information in case of disk failure.
  • Files Backup: Specify which files or folders to backup, supporting to customize folders backup with filters, and support to simultaneously choose multiple files on the network drive as the backup source.
  • File Sync: Synchronize files and folders in real-time or with a schedule to automatically keep data up-to-date among devices.
  • Incremental & Differential Backups: Only back up data that changes to save time and disk space.
  • Command Line Backup: Create backups from command prompt or batch scripts for unattended and multi-processing tasks.
  • Backup Disk Space Management: Automatically delete the old backup images based on specified value.
  • Hot Backup: A technology enables to take a backup without interrupting or shutting down Windows and other running applications.
  • Event-Triggered Scheduling Backups: automatically perform backup tasks in real-time based on user logon, user logoff, system startup and system shutdown.

Restore – guide you to get back everything you ever backed up in minutes

  • Partition Restore: Partition recovery helps you rebuild partitions crashed due to wrong operations, etc.
  • File Restore: Restore backed-up versions of files & folders which are lost, damaged, or changed accidentally.
  • Command Line Restore: Perform system restore, disk restore, universal restore and more from command prompt.
  • Selective File Restore: Just recover individual files that you need without restoring the entire image.
  • Automatic Partition Alignment Restore: Optimize the performance of storage, especially for SSD after restoration.
  • Bootable Recovery Environment: Recover servers whose system crash or damaged based on Windows PE.

Clone – create an exact duplication of your system, partition and hard disk

  • Command Line Clone: Perform system clone, disk clone, partition clone from command prompt.
  • Clone with Resizing: Adjust the size of partitions to fit the new destination location while cloning.
  • Automatic Partition Alignment Clone: Optimize the performance of storage, especially for SSD after clone.
  • Sector by Sector Clone: Clone all sectors (both used sectors and unused sectors) to destination disk.
  • Hot Clone: A technology enables to clone system/disk without interrupting or shutting down Windows and other running applications.

Utilities-for better data protection and disaster recovery management

  • PXE Boot Tool: Start up multiple client machines within LAN through the network booting.
  • Create Bootable Media: Make Windows PE & Linux bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  • Explore Image: Mount image as a virtual partition to browse the contents in Windows Explorer.
  • Compress Backup: Set compression level to increase backup efficiency or reduce storage space.
  • Encrypt Backup: Protect image file from unauthorized access with a password.
  • Split Backup: Divide a large image file into multiple smaller ones, or split to fit for fixed length media.
  • Check Image: Verify data integrity of image file to ensure it can be restored successfully.
  • Comment Backup: Add a comment for backup image so that it can be identified easily.
  • Merge Images: Combine full backup and its chained incremental backups into a single backup.
  • Notifications: Send backup completion status to your email with AOMEI or your own SMTP server.
  • Edit Backup: Edit task name and change the saved directory of backup images.
  • View Logs: View what operations the program has done and record the events that occur during a backup.
  • Export/Import Tasks: Export or import all backup tasks in an XML file.
  • Intelligent Sector: Choose to only backup used sector or backup all sector whether used or not.
  • VSS: Integrate with Microsoft Volume Snapshot Service to back up files that are in use.

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AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 (FULL + Keygen & Patch)

Cost-effective Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Toolkit

  • Provide charged technical service to clients with unlimited usage
  • Protect and recover unlimited computers within your company
  • NO Yearly Fee to enjoy the same features of competitors

AOMEI Backupper Technician Advantages

As the highest edition, AOMEI Backupper Technician contains all the features and utilities of others. Besides, you can get top priority yet lifetime free technical support. It supports to offer charged technical service to unlimited companies and individuals as well as supports to install on unlimited computers within one company even in multiple locations.

Complete Features
Cover all features of AOMEI Backupper Server, including backup, sync, restoration, universal restore, clone, PXE boot tool and all other utilities.

Image Deploy Tool
Quickly and easily deploy system image file on server-side computer to multiple client-side computers over network. Real-time monitor the process of deployment.

Portable Version
AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus can be directly used on another computer by only copy the installation directory to it from original machine. This is convenient for Backupper’s transfer.

Profitable Toolkit
Allow you to provide charged technical service to your clients, and one license code can be used to register the program on unlimited computers within one company.

Category: Backup Tool, Recovery Tool, Windows  Tags: AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Crack, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Full, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Key, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Keygen, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Patch, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Portable, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Preactivated, AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus 4.0.2 Serial, FULL, Keygen, Windows  One Comment

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