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Panorama Tools was originally created by Professor Helmut Dersch of 360 Flash Pano Viewer 1.1 Full and Cracked the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen.

News 13th May 2013

Sourceforge have moved all the repositories! If you have libpano13 checked out via Mercurial, you need to switch to the new path since the old repository is now read-only.

The repositories for the other projects (Panotools::Script, GIMP plugin, Photoshop filters, and MPRemap) have now switched from Subversion to Mercurial, so you will need to check these out again.

News 2nd May 2011

libpano13-2.9.18 released. libpano13 is the PanoTools library, this release adds the Thoby projection and bugfixes.

News 11th February 2011

Switch to Mercurial. libpano13 sourcecode development has moved from SVN (Subversion) to HG (Mercurial), see below for instructions to fetch the current development code.

News 7th February 2011

libpano13-2.9.18_beta1 released. libpano13 is the PanoTools library, this release adds the Thoby projection and is required to test recent Hugin snapshots.

News 11th September 2010

Google Summer of Code 2010 completed. All students have completed successfully, Tomasz Meger has added a test suite to libpano13.

News 10th September 2010

libpano13-2.9.17 released. libpano13 is the PanoTools library, this release adds a new output projection, mosaic mode, cleanups and bugfixes.

News 24th May 2009

libpano13-2.9.14 released. libpano13 is the PanoTools library, this release adds a number of new input and output projections, a new command-line tool, documentation, cleanups and bugfixes.

News 19th March 2009

hugin/panotools has been accepted again as a mentoring organisation for the 2009 Summer of Code. If you are a full time student and would like to apply for a paid summer internship with Google and mentored by our team, then you need to get involved now, see: We want you and Summer of Code ideas.

News 20th March 2008

If you are a full time student and would like to apply for a paid summer internship with Google and mentored by our team, then you need to get involved now to develop the project brief before the application deadline: March 31 5:00 PM PDT. More details here: panotools/hugin Google Summer of Code 2008

News 12th April 2007

Five google Summer of Code students have been accepted. The following projects are scheduled for completion by August 31 2007:

  1. Pedro Alonso from Spain, mentored by Herbert Bay from Switzerland, will develop a new algorithm to identify better control points, so critical to the stitching process
  2. Ippei Ukai from Japan currently in Scotland, mentored by Yuval Levy from Israel currently in Canada, will produce a new user interface to make this versatile tools even easier to use on multiple platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix)
  3. Jing Jin from USA, mentored by Pablo d'Angelo from Germany, will develop a robust blending algorithm to eliminate ghosting in HDR panoramas to widen the range of applications for the HDR technique beyond the perfectly still scenes
  4. Mohammad Shahiduzzaman from Bangladesh, mentored by John Cupitt from UK, will look at the current bottleneck in panorama rendering to enable efficient processing of very large images
  5. Leon Monctezuma from Mexico, mentored by Aldo Hoeben from The Netherlands, will build on the community effort started last year to produce a modern, native, universal VR viewer to support the widest variety of panorama formats on multiple platforms

News 15th March 2007

Hugin and panotools are participating in google Summer of Code 2007, where students are paid by Google to work on hugin and/or panotools and mentored by experts in the field.

Some suitable projects are listed on the panotools wiki SoC 2007 projects page.

The deadline for student applications is 24th March 2007. Application details can be found on the Google SoC 2007 page on the wiki.

News 12th July 2006

Mailing lists

The old PanoTools User list has been abandoned by most of the regular contributors due to management issues. The recommended mailing list for support is now the PanoToolsNG yahoo list.

To clarify the situation, these are now the relevant lists for discussion of Panotools and related software:

PanoToolsNG Questions and answers about panorama photography and usage of the various tools. panotools-devel For questions and discussion regarding compiling the source and developing it further. Panotools-List For discussion of the management issues of the PanoToolsNG group and the wiki. Hugin PTX For discussion of the Hugin panorama stitcher and related tools.

Switch from CVS to Subversion to Mercurial

All the panotools projects have now switched to Mercurial (HG). Any CVS or Subversion (SVN) repositories you may have are out-of-date.

What's here?

The pano13 library This is the backend library used by many applications. Also included are:
  • PToptimizer, a utility for optimising control points.
  • panoinfo a utility for querying the library version.
  • PTmender a replacement for PTStitcher.
  • PTblender implements just the colour and brightness correction of PTmender.
  • PTtiff2psd Converts a set of TIFF files into a PSD file.
  • PTuncrop Converts 'cropped TIFF' files into 'normal' TIFF files.
Note for packagers: pano13 is the name of the library (like lotus123 or XFree86) not the version (which is currently 2.9.18). The Panorama Gimp plug-in The panorama-tools gimp plug-in has a separate Mercurial module. PTFilter photoshop plugins A fully 16bit colordepth compatible version of the Panorama Tools Photoshop plugins. Panotools::Script perl module A perl wrapper around the command-line tools, doesn't interface with the library directly.

Software using the Panorama Tools library

Note that most of these software packages come supplied with a pre-compiled version of the library and everything else needed to stitch photographs - You probably don't need to download anything from here.

  • Hugin is an Open Source cross-platform GUI for Panorama Tools. Supported platforms are Linux, Windows and OS X.
  • The original Panorama Tools contains a number of tools that use the pano12 library, notably ptpicker, pteditor, PTOptimizer and PTStitcher. Panorama Tools is available for Windows, Mac classic and Linux platforms.
  • PTGui is a graphical Panorama Tools front-end for Windows platforms.
  • PTAssembler is a Windows helper program for Panorama Tools.
  • PTMac is a front end for creating panoramas using Panorama Tools. PTMac is available for Mac OS X and OS 8.6 to 9.x.
  • ControlPoints is a Windows application that allows you to select control points.
  • PanoPoints is an Open Source graphical front-end control point picker for Linux systems.
  • PanoWizard is a freeware frontend for autopano and panorama-tools.

Important information

There may or may not be US patents covering stitching of fisheye photographs, consequently the sourcecode of this library has an artificial limit that prevents the use of fisheye images with a field of view greater than 160°.

All files available on this site are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Most front ends for Panorama Tools use the PTStitcher tool to do the actual stitching, this has no available source-code, so you may need to download PTStitcher separately or use the included PTmender replacement for PTStitcher which is still under development. Note that hugin contains a drop-in Open Source replacement for PTStitcher called nona.

Binary versions

Hugin, the GUI stitching front-end, usually ships with a recent version of the library and command-line tools. So just download hugin to get hold of panotools and start stitching.

A Windows installer containing a recent version of the library, the command-line tools and the Photoshop plugins is available at Jim Watters' site

An OS X bundle containing the library is available here.

There will be occasional binary versions available from Sourceforge file downloads. Though if you want the very latest version, you may have to compile from source.

Getting the code

If you are running Windows you need to install a Mecurial client before downloading the source code - Linux users will probably have Mercurial installed already.

Basic instructions for downloading the pano13 library source code are:

hg clone

Compiling the library

Instructions can be found in the source, these instructions may be out-of-date for your platform, feel free to contribute updated versions.

Mailing lists and support

Questions and answers about usage of the various tools and front-ends belong on the PanoToolsNG mailing-list, you might want to consult the PanoTools wiki before posting.

There is a panotools-devel mailing list for questions regarding compiling the source and developing it further.

Anyone subscribing to 'panotools-devel' should also subscribe to panotools-cvs to receive a copy of each 360 Flash Pano Viewer 1.1 Full and Cracked sourcecode SVN commit.

The PanoTools wiki aims to be the definitive reference for Panorama Tools. It contains a lot of usage documentation for the tools hosted here on sourceforge.

The Launchpad tracker has our bug tracking database. If you find a bug in libpano13, you can report it there.


IQTVRA have a comprehensive set of panoramic image related links

Last updated 13th May 2013 - Bruno Postle