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Cell Research (2009) 19:546–560. doi: 10.1038/cr.2009.11; published online 3 February 2009 Top of page Results For these investigations neurons were plated in compartmented cultures and maintained for 5-7 days with 10 ng/ml NGF supplied to the cell bodies and proximal axons (CB/PAx) and 50...
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Wicked Diving is not your ordinary dive center. We fiercely believe in making a positive impact each day…from the ecologically friendly products used on our boats shops to the community based training programs we undertake. We were the first dive center in both Thailand...
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Helping Sitka and Its Visitors Maintain a Healthy and Safe Lifestyle.

Sitka Medical Center Provides Professional Health Care for the Whole Family. Call Today!

  • Preventative Care

    Preventative Care

    Routine Physicals, Vaccinations, or Wellness Exams

  • Internal Medicine

    Internal Medicine

    Cardiology, General Surgery, Urgent Care, Geriatrics

  • Prenatal Care

    Prenatal Care

    Family Planning, Obstetrics, Gynecology

  • Pediatrics


    Scheduled Wellness Checkups, School Physicals, General Health Exams

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