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Sony CD Architect 5.2d build 240 with activation
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Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Lotus Notes

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Our programmed every single software inherits the outstanding qualities of data recovery, which consists of solutions for email recovery, documents recovery, Exchange recovery, database recovery, password recovery, email migrations, monitoring tools, etc.

About Kernel Data Recovery Software

Kernel Data Recovery Software owns the full-fledged range of intuitive and reliable data recovery and email migration solutions that are highly productive for variety of users and offices. Kernel tools are smartly enhanced to simplify the graphical interface rendered at the user end. We have a large pool of solutions that targets the most complex IT scenarios where high-end real time Servers are involved. In addition to this, we have the skilled IT experts who are always on line to offer support for resolving the problems associated with products.

What million of people says about us

Kernel data recovery has the honor of being one of the most trusted names in data recovery software and solution industry.

Working for a research company, I was going furious over managing huge amount of data stored in MS Word files. One fine day, virus attack and the entire Word data got corrupted...

It was really annoying to see that a sudden power fluctuation corrupted MS Word. I was left with my entire collection of poems and short stories stored in Word files corrupted...

After a frantic search on the internet, I found a product called RecoveryFix for PST. This product offered a Fully Functional demo for download. I never used this type of software...

Being in the marketing industry, I work with different organizations at the same time. Sometimes, I need to access Lotus Notes emails in MS Outlook, but I couldn´t as MS Outlook doesn´t support the Lotus Notes NSF files...

The tool worked smoothly in repairing damaged access files. Easy handling and quick recovery are the two good points that I really liked about the tool...

Pretty useful software, when you work around large-size access files. Data recovery was simple and swift. Not much complexity involved in handling the tool...

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