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StockWizard Inventory Management Software 2.3.6 with serial

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StockWizard - stock control and inventory management software for Best Inventory Control Software 2016 Reviews of the Most Popular Serial Number Tracking Inventory Tracking Software ECOUNT ERP

A serial number manager is of great importance to manufacturers and distributors. Without a strong system in place, businesses cannot effectively manage production, distribution, and after-sales services. ECOUNT ERP comes with a serial number management feature to enable small and midsized businesses to manage serial numbers for increased traceability and efficiency.

Common Issues

  • Difficulty assigning serial numbers to raw materials, finished goods, and final products.
  • Experience difficulty differentiating between goods with different uses.
  • Difficulty managing serial number assignment during production to track product quality.
  • Difficulty following up on after-sales services, tracking defective products, and identifying defective materials.
  • Lack of system in place to create, assign, and track serial numbers from raw materials to after-sales services.

With ECOUNT ERP, users can assign items with a unique serial number, manage them separately, and can be applied to purchasing, sales, production, and after-sales service.


  • Assigning items unique serial numbers makes it easy to manage and track item history.
  • Generate serial numbers in less time through the program, batches, Excel, or Notepad.
  • Easily search inventory movement through sales, purchases, returns, manufacturing or after-sales service by serial number.
  • Integrated system reduces data entry associated with inventory movement.
  • Ability to search inventory books and track inventory movement solely through serial numbers.
  • Analyze inventory movement and sales based by serial number.
  • Use with after-sales management to track defective products, bad suppliers, and processes.

Key Functions

Register Serial No.Enlarge

[Register Serial No.]

When entering sales, select a serial numberEnlarge

[When entering sales, select a serial number]

Inventory book with Serial No.Enlarge

[Inventory book with Serial No.]